One of the most vibrant and attractive places in Switzerland is none other than Zurich. This picturesque city has some of the best spas, rivers, and tourist attractions that you’ll find anywhere around Europe.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to make sure you see all the best places so you can dazzle your Instagram followers, friends and family.

So, if you’re thinking of visiting Zurich, let me show you some of the most stunning places that you can visit while you’re there.

Let’s get started…

View from Grossmünster Church

Grossmunster Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches in Zurich. In fact, it’s one of the oldest to exist in the town. It’s definitely a tourist attraction that you’d love to visit if you love history.

Aside from that, the town surrounding the cathedral is a quiet and beautiful place wherein you can really feel the relaxing ambiance of an old village. The town is also situated along a river stream with clear water.

There’s also a bridge separating the two sides of the town right over the river, just in case you want to take a walk after your visit.

Thermalbad & Spa Zürich

One of the most interesting spas and thermal baths you’ll find is located in Zurich. This is the Thermalbad & Spa Zurich. This spa was made from a former brewery and has a row of thermal baths.

There’s also a rooftop bistro and pool so that you can relax after soaking in your thermal bath. Another thing you’ll love about this place is the view. The view from the rooftop pool is breathtaking, allowing you to have a panoramic view of the town in all its natural glory.

Freitag Tower

This is a pretty unique attraction that can only be found in Zurich. It’s this big freight tower made out of big sized freight containers connected to a small house at the bottom. At the back of the tower, you’ll also find that there’s a set of stairs leading you upward.

This tower was created by the Freitag Brothers and eventually became a landmark in this town. It’s a pretty interesting sight to behold if you like looking at unique landmarks that you won’t be able to see anywhere else.

Bibliothek RWI

The Bibliothek RWI is one of the most creative wonders of modern architecture that you’ll be able to find in the country. The interior is marvelous and extremely creative. When you look up, you’ll feel like you’re actually in a wooden ribcage.

One of the most interesting things about the interior is that the structure hangs in the room. Most people would wonder how the whole structure keeps itself together with that kind of built. But that’s what actually makes it even more amazing. If you appreciate good architecture, pay a visit here.

Zurich Old Town

The thing about Zurich Old Town is that it’s one of the most untouched parts of Zurich. When you visit this old town, it will be just like stepping back in time and experiencing what it’s like in the past.

You’ll find a lot of medieval structures, guild halls, narrow lanes, back alleys, and very old towers. It’s also here that you’ll find the famed Peter’s Church which happens to have Europe’s largest clock face. Taking a stroll down the street is already enough to get you immersed in the rich history of Zurich.

Take a tram ride

Thinking about how to get around town? Why not take the tram? There are three main modes of public transport in Zurich and the tram is definitely the most convenient. The tram is pretty similar to the usual city train only its much smaller and also runs through the city.

It’s a great way to get around because it runs short distances, unlike trains that go rather long distances from one station to another. If you’ve never taken a tram before, we definitely recommend that you try in Zurich.

Office Building in Schlieren

Who says that office buildings have to be plain and boring? The Iris, which is situated in Schlieren, is a wonder of modern architecture because it adds a dimension of art at the same time. The windows are actually colored with various colors – sort of like a rainbow.

The design was made by famous Swiss artist Kerim Seiler and the implementation was done by SLIK Architects. The colors that you’ll see include red, violet, blue, green, orange and more. It’s definitely something that’s pretty different from what we usually see in the typical office building.

Lake Zurich

If you’d like to spend some quiet and relaxing time, then you’d probably want to head over to Lake Zurich. Lake Zurich is the best place to go for water excursions, boat rides, and overall relaxation retreats.

Take a boat and ride around the river while eating some great food and delicious beverages. The best part of it all is that there are no noises to disturb you. All you’ll hear are the gentle rocking of the waves and maybe some musical numbers played during the special holiday tours.

Gerold Chuchi

One of the most interesting and unique sights to see in Zurich is the Gerold Chuchi. You’ve probably never seen a bunch of umbrellas tied in several rows to form an umbrella roof if you haven’t been to Gerold Chuchi yet.

When you walk into that street, you’ll be greeted with a whole row of very colorful umbrellas that can literally brighten your day. This site is definitely an attention catcher and is a favorite among a lot of tourists and locals alike.

Seebad Enge

If you think the Seebad Enge is just a square deck with a swimming pool in the middle, then you’re in for a pretty big surprise. The Seebad Enge does not only offer swimming but also other forms of entertainment as well.

There are swimming lessons in the pool, yoga lessons on deck, and a sauna as well. They even offer some concerts from time to time as well. Other than that, it’s also a pretty good place to mingle and meet new friends. If that’s something that interests you, then you better pay this place a visit.

Hunziker Areal

If you’re thinking about buying property in Zurich, then you’ll want a nice space in Hunziker Areal where you can get a nice apartment with a lot of greenery. You can really see the beauty of urban green spaces in this apartment complex.

The architecture of the apartment complex is rather unique in a sense that it follows the design of most modern apartments but with a touch of greens like the shrubs and tall bushes. The atmosphere in itself is enough to relax you while you stay there.

Lindenhof Hill

Another place that has a spectacular interior design would be the Lindenhof Hill. What makes it special is that it actually looks like the interior of a futuristic spaceship with its circular built, bright white color, and a layer of floors.

When you enter the place, you’re sure to stop in your tracks just to stare at the layers of floors. It’s definitely a great place to catch up on your reading and to take a few photos to show your friends who love beautiful interior.

Zürich Airport Observation Decks

Whether you’ve just arrived at the Zurich airport or you’re on the way back home, you need to drop by the Zurich Airport Observation Deck. This is a balcony area in the airport where you can get some fresh air before your flight.

The deck can be found in three airplane runways and can give you a nice view of the airplanes. If you’ve always wanted to see an airplane almost up close, you can do it on the observation deck.

You’ll be able to see an airplane depart, airport staff hauling luggage, and personnel maintaining the planes. There are also telescopes present so that you can take an even closer look at the view.

Sihl River in Wiedikon

If you’re into nature and beautiful scenery, then you should definitely pay a visit to the Sihl river in Wiedikon. Down by the river, you’ll see a walkway that is filled with a ceiling of trees and branches. Going there will be just like stepping into a magical forest in a fantasy world.

It gets even better when the fall season comes around. When it’s autumn, you’ll be surrounded by a flurry of beautiful orange leaves as you walk through the mystic path. It’s definitely the place to go if you want to transport yourself to a mystical land.

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I hope this post has convinced you to visit Zurich on your next vacation. If so, then be sure to drop by some of these Instagrammable things to do. Not only are these locations a sight to behold, but some of them have really old history behind them.  Zurich is the perfect place to go on a soul searching trip or a vacation with the family.

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Kelly Bullock