Montreal is jam-packed with history, culture, incredible architecture and vibrant street art, that makes this Canadian city an unreal place to visit especially if you love photography.

With so much choice, It can be really hard to decide where to go and what to see in the space of time you have. Therefore, we have handpicked our 16 most Instagrammable places in Montreal that will blow your mind and light up your Instagram feed.

Let’s get started…

Saint-Louis Square

Surrounded by houses that were built more than a century ago, here at Saint-Louise Square you will witness stunning French architecture and colorful mansard roofs. This row of beautiful Victorian homes will light up your Instagram feed. You will find a tranquil escape from the hectic nature of Montreal, there are also many restaurants, cafes, and bars surrounding the park.

Vieux-Montréal / Old Montreal

The historic Old Montreal will blow your mind with its stunning buildings, streets, and architecture. Many of the buildings date back to the new era of France! On your adventures around Old Montreal, you will encounter many cultural landmarks, museums, quaint cafes, and restaurants. With so many picture opportunities at every turn, you best make sure your memory card has plenty of space left!

Frederic Back Park

Believe it or not, this beautiful hidden gem of a park is actually built on the former quarry and the city dump. This ambitious project is to make it the Central Park of Montreal. You will find newly-installed strange pods positioned throughout the park which cover wells of biogas which make for an awesome picture opportunity. Overall, a very nice park with lots of green space, baseball fields, soccer fields and parks for the kids.


The English neighborhood of Montreal provides its own unique identity and some of the most beautiful, most expensive Victorian houses and building around. Take a relaxing stroll and get some amazing snaps of these huge stunning mansions or have a picnic at one of the equally spectacular parks. There’s plenty of lovely shops and places to eat too.

Montreal Clock Tower

The Clock Tower was built shortly after World War 1 as a tribute to the sailors that served their country. Take a leisurely stroll down the side of St Lawrence River till you reach the tower. Once there you can take the 200 step workout to the top of the tower, where you will get some impressive views. It’s open to the public and free, so it makes a great trip out if you’re on a budget.

Mount Royal Park

One of the most Iinstagrammable places in Montreal is Mount Royal Park, where you will be greeted with stunning skyline city views from above. This winter wonderland is especially beautiful when it snows, you’ll think you’re in Narnia and will get some incredible pictures. Here you will also find an array of wildlife, birds, plants, monuments, and statues that will also set your Instagram feed on fire!

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

If you’re after something a bit different or quirky for your Instagram page then head down to the Museum of Fine Arts. There are plenty of Instagrammable exhibits which are varied, diverse and interesting, so there’s something for everyone here. It’s no coincidence that it’s the most visited museum in Canada and the eighth-most visited in North America.

Bref Mtl

At Bref you will find some awesome street art on the walls outside the shop making for a great Instagram shot. It’s quiet around here so you’ll have as much time as you need to get the perfect picture. Take a look in Bref too, it’s a boutique art and design gallery that offers its customers unique shopping experience, definitely worth checking out.

Jacques Cartier Bridge 

This isn’t your ordinary bridge, Jacques Cartier Bridge comes to life at night with beautiful luminous colors that adapt to the seasons and the city’s energy. Impressive in the day as it is at night, I would recommend getting here around sunset for the perfect picture as you’ll get to capture it both in the day and night.


This iconic structure is in-fact a museum which serves as a museum dedicated to the environment. The structure has stood the test of time since the Expo 67 World Fair and makes the perfect spot for a photoshoot with its impressive architecture and serves as something different from the traditional Victorian buildings you see around Montreal.

Mono Sourcilone Street Art

If you’re looking for some more fantastic street art to light up your Instagram feed then you should check out this piece from Mono Sourcilone. You will find lots of creative masterpieces dotted around Montreal, however, this one will certainly something a little different.

Observatoire Place Ville Marie

Observe stunning 360-degree city views of Montreal from the top of this observatory. It’s most certainly worth the 2 elevator trips to the 46th floor where you’ll be greeted with panoramic views. There are handy guides dotted around so you will know exactly what you’re looking at and all the points of interest.

There is a beautiful rooftop terrace the holds live events and cultural festivals. This is the place to go if you want to see all Montreal has to offer from a bird’s eye view.

Our Lady of Grace Public Art

At the corner of Madison and Sherbrooke Street West, you will find a breathtaking mural painted by Montreal’s A’Shop crew. This masterpiece is absolutely stunning and will no doubt give your Instagram feed that WOW and OMG factor. This work of art has been turning heads in Montreal even since its completion.

Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal

If you’re looking for magnificent views of the entire city then look no further than Saint Joseph’s Oratory. Exploring the beautiful gardens and grounds will leave you equally impressed. This really is a hidden gem of Montreal and is not overrun by tourists. You will get some impressive shots of the architecture, gardens, and city all in the same place, a must see!

Galerie Blanc

Here lies an awesome free outdoor art gallery, no matter the weather Galerie Blanc is open to the public all year long, albeit summer, winter, rain or snow. The exhibits are from local artist and change frequently, and is extremely quiet considering it’s on the main road. Allowing you to get that perfect Instagram shot.

Bota Bota, Spa-Sur-L’Eau

What better way to round up your vacation with a nice relaxing trip to the Spa, with the magical Old Montreal serving as the backdrop! This innovative floating spa is comprised of five decks where you will find various spa treatments, consisting of saunas, a eucalyptus steam bath, whirlpool baths, cold showers, relaxation areas and a swimming pool with an incredible view to behold. You can even jump in the river, all in all, this is a must-do, especially after all that sightseeing!

Engagement & Hashtag tips

If you’re looking to increase engagement on your Instagram photo, then here are a few quick tips that might help you get a few more likes and interaction:

  • Make sure you stand out from the crowd with gorgeous edits of all your pictures, using Lightroom presets!
  • Ask for a feature from a hotel you’re staying at, tag them in or message them
  • Tag in the Canadian / Montreal tourist boards or check that the attraction has their own page
  • Add a location to your post – check what’s most popular
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I trust this Montreal travel guide has helped you decide where to go and provide you with some travel inspiration.

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