most instagrammable places in Mauritius

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From its lush green landscapes, crystal clear waters to its stunning waterfalls and colorful temples, Mauritius has some of the best Instagrammable sights around.

With so many amazing locations to choose from, Mauritius is a photographers paradise and you’ll capture so many incredible shots here.

Whether you’re hiking the Le Morne mountain trail, swimming with dolphins or visiting one of the many pristine irresistible beaches on offer, there’s something for everyone on this beautiful island! So make sure you have a big memory card, you’re going to need it.

So without further ado, here are our most Instagrammable places in Mauritius that will drive your followers wild.

Let’s get started…

Chamarel Seven Colored Earth

most instagrammable places in Mauritius - seven coloured earth Chamarel

Seven coloured earth is one of Mauritius’ greatest natural wonders, this incredible Geopark looks like something you’d expect to see on Mars.

This natural phenomenon is one of the main tourist attractions in Mauritius and it’s no wonder. These incredible dunes are made up of seven different colors (consisting of red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow).

This place can get busy, the best to to see the dunes light up is sunrise, not only will you get the best pictures, it won’t be over-crowded.

There are various observation decks and viewpoints to get pictures from all angles. You’ll also find a children’s playground, toilets, gift shops and a place to eat.

La Vanille Nature Park

most instagrammable places in Mauritius - La Vanille Nature Park

This place is a must-do on anyone’s Mauritius itinerary. You’ll find so many Instagram opportunities here especially when you get to feed the giant tortoises.

We spent hours feeding them, we kept going back for more food from the ranger and the kids loved it. Don’t worry about crowds, it was pretty empty when we were there and the place is very big too so you’ll get plenty of amazing pictures.

As you wander around the picturesque park you’ll also encounter giant bamboo and palm trees, there’s also over 2000 crocodiles, colorful fish, exotic birds and much more.

Worth the trip alone just for the tortoise experience.

Chamarel Waterfall

most instagrammable places in Mauritius - Charmarel Waterfall

Chamarel waterfall is probably the most visited and Instagrammed waterfall in Mauritius and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.

Surrounded by lush tropical rainforest Chamarel waterfall has a lower and upper viewing area. Both of them get very busy, so be prepared for people’s photobombing” you and walking in front of your perfect picture.

Although it is very crowded, it’s worth the visit as it’s a gorgeous sight to behold and you’ll eventually get some amazing pictures. I’d recommend getting here early or later on in the day when it’s a bit quieter.

Tamarina Golf Course

most instagrammable places in Mauritius - Tamarina Golf Course

I’m not a huge golf fan if I’m honest, however, for the views you get at the Heritage Golf Club, I would certainly make an exception.

So, if you’re a golf lover then this is most certainly not to be missed. As you walk around this stunning 18-hole championship course you’ll take in the jaw-dropping landscape of the huge jagged mountain peaks in the backdrop.

The course is open all year round and will be a memorable experience for any golf enthusiast, especially ones who want to get some incredible pictures for their Instagram.

Hike Le Morne Mountain

instagrammable places in Mauritius - Le Morne mountain trail

The Le Morne hike is 7km long and takes about 4 hours to get to the summit. Don’t let this put you off though, yes, it’s a tough hike, but once you’re at the top the views are out of this world and totally worth the trek.

On your way to the summit you will face some steep jagged inclines, so be careful. That said, the scenery throughout the hike is gorgeous so it’s worth blood, sweat, and tears! (it’s not that bad).

At the summit, you’ll be blessed with panoramic views of the beautiful blue ocean and its coral reefs, which makes for unreal Instagram pictures or stories for your feed.

Le Morne Beach

instagrammable places in Mauritius - Le Morne beach

Stretching for more than 3km, Le Morne beach provides one of the nicest backdrops you’re likely to witness.

The sea is very shallow, so take your camera out until the sea is chest high then turn around and you’ll have the towering Le Morne mountain in your picture. We also rented a pedalo and took the camera out with us and we got some brilliant pictures.

We stayed in the St Regis Le Morne (read our review), however a little further down there is a public beach. That said I’m pretty sure you could just walk along the beach though.

The beach does have lots of broken coral, which is sharp and does cut the feet… trust me. So, get some good water shoes like the SIMARI water shoes (view on Amazon) or check this post out on the best water shoes for rocky beaches.

Chateau De Labourdonnais

instagrammable places in Mauritius - chateau de labourdonnais

If you’re a fan of exploring old colonial houses then this is the perfect place for you. Situated in the northern part of Mauritius you’ll find beauty merged with architecture at this picture-perfect mansion.

Make sure you take the walk down the long driveway, where the huge trees create a tunnel-like roof, it makes for a truly beautiful picture. You can see our pictures in our North Island tour itinerary.

Don’t worry about tourists here as it’s very quiet. Our driver even said to us, in all the years he’s been doing ours we were the first family to ask to visit Chateau De Labourdonnais.

Underwater Waterfall

instagrammable places in Mauritius - Underwater waterfall

At the southwest corner of Mauritius, just off Le Morne beach lies a break-taking natural phenomenon known as the “underwater waterfall”.

Obviously, it’s not actually an underwater waterfall, but a mere optical illusion with the coral reefs, different shades of blue and the movement of sand and silt sediments from the strong currents.

If you want to witness this fascinating spectacle then you can either get a private helicopter tour or hire a boat. If you opt for the boat option you’ll need to buy a drone so you can get the aerial photograph, the best drone to get would be the DJI Phantom (View on Amazon).

Eureka House

instagrammable places in Mauritius - eureka house

This beautiful mansion was built in 1830 and was owned by British and French families.

There’s plenty of amazing picture opportunities here. If you walk to the grounds at the back and face the house you’ll capture the mansion in all its glory with the stunning mountain range in the background.

Also, at the back of the house, you’ll find a trail that will lead you down to a series of stunning waterfalls, it takes about 10 minutes to get there. Don’t forget to bring your swimming gear if you want to cool down.

You’ll be blessed with so many amazing pictures at Eureka House, from the lush grounds, waterfalls, and both inside and outside the house.

SSR Botanical Gardens

instagrammable places in Mauritius - SSR Botanical Gardens

Located near Port-Louis in the district of Pamplemousse, SSR Botanical Gardens is one of the most visited attractions in Mauritius.

Covering over 62,000 acres and consisting of more than 650 varieties of plants, you’ll have so much to see here. I’d recommend 2 hours exploring these stunning gardens.

There are many attractions to see such as giant tortoises, giant water lilies, a beautiful colonial house and so much more.
Be sure to get a guide as this place is big and it can be hard to find all the Instagrammable spots.

Sockalingum Meenatchee Ammen Kovil

instagrammable places in Mauritius - indian hindu temple

If you look closely you’ll be amazed by the detailed carvings on this stunning temple. It truly is a sight to behold and your pictures won’t do it justice.

The vibrant bright colors will light up your Instagram feed, and you’ll be the envy of all your followers. Make sure your camera is fully charged for this visit.

If you’re lucky you’ll get to watch the statues being carved and painted. I’d recommend an hour here, as you can go inside the temple and pray. Make sure you dress accordingly and take your shoes off before entering inside.

Le Pouce Hiking Trail

instagrammable places in Mauritius - Le Pouce hiking trail

Le Pouce mountain is the third highest mountain in Mauritius and stands an impressive 812 meters tall. It is known as “the thumb” due to its thumb-shaped peak.

On this hike, you’ll have panoramic views of the Moka Range and you’ll get to see amazing views of the highest mountain in Mauritius.

The hike takes around 3 hours, and although there are some challenging parts, generally speaking, it’s an easy hike to complete.

At the summit, you’ll be able to get some incredible pictures of the jagged mountain ranges and vast green landscapes.

Île aux Cerfs

instagrammable places in Mauritius - ile aux cerfs

This privately owned island is the largest lagoon in Mauritius and offers 87 hectares of white sandy beaches and lush green vegetation and it’s only a 20-minute boat ride away.

On the island, you’ll find breathtaking untouched beaches, picturesque walking trails, waterfalls, an adventure park, an array of watersports and even an 18 hole golf course.

There’s so much to do here and so many amazing picture opportunities, you’ll have a great time here, I’d recommend a full day so you can fully appreciate it and chill.

Make sure you get here early to avoid crowds for that perfect picture!

Crystal Rock

instagrammable places in Mauritius - Crystal Rock

Approximately 200 meters from the shore of the southwest coast of Mauritius lies crystal rock, dropped in the middle of the Indian ocean.

There are plenty of boat trips that visit crystal rock from Le Morne beach, if you’re staying at one of the hotels on the shore then you’ll have no problems getting a trip out here.

Along with amazing pictures, you’ll also be able to snorkel in the lagoon, and some operators provide dolphin swim excursions early in the morning then you can chill out on Ile Aux Benitiers and have lunch.

Swim with Dolphins

instagrammable places in Mauritius - Swim with Dolphins

In Mauritius, you’ll have the unique opportunity to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat in the middle of the ocean.

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mauritius, so I’d recommend booking a tour in advance so you don’t miss out.

The pictures you’ll get here will be the envy of everyone and you’ll get to tick off most of the most sort after bucket list items around.

Go Whale Watching

instagrammable places in Mauritius - Whale watching

If you fancy swimming with dolphins, then why not do a spot of whale watching? Another bucket list item you can tick off, all on the same vacation!

Watch in awe as these magnificent creatures grace the turquoise sea, if you’re lucky enough one might jump out of the water for you, so have your camera at the ready!

This is another excursion I would recommend booking in advance, just to be on the safe side, as this is not to be missed.

Cap Malheureux Church

instagrammable places in Mauritius - Cap Malheureux red church

This beautiful church is located near Grand Bay beside a small fishing village called Cap Malhereux.

Located in front of crystal clear waters with Its twin red steeples and red roof make for a perfect setting for any photoshoot.

Head out to the walkway to the ocean where you’ll get the perfect location for your picture. I’d also head to the large grass area at the back for another great angle.

You’ll also find locals with little stalls selling gifts, food, and drink.

Essential hiking gear for Mauritius

Quality Camera

Canon EOS 4000D DSLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 III + Professional Accessory Bundle

It goes without saying, you should get a good camera for any vacation, the last thing you want is blurry or pixelated images. We recommend a mid-range level SLR camera like the Canon EOS 4000D (View on Amazon), we’re not professional photographers so we don’t need to spend thousands on a camera alone.


DJI Mavic 2 Pro - Drone Quadcopter UAV with Hasselblad Camera 3-Axis Gimbal HDR 4K Video Adjustable Aperture 20MP 1' CMOS Sensor, up to 48mph, Gray

If you’re planning on seeing the “underwater waterfall” then a drone is a must, you’ll get some incredible shots. Dones are amazing for capturing stunning high quality video and images of beaches and mountain views, which are plenty in Mauritius. We recommend the DJI Phantom (View on Amazon) as it’s the best on the market.


GoPro HERO8 Black Waterproof Action Camera w/Touch Screen 4K HD Video 12MP Photos +Sandisk Extreme 128GB Micro Memory Card + Hard Case + Head Strap + Chest Strap + Gopro Hero 8 - Top Value Accessories

If you’re adventurous and are planning on biking, hiking and diving in Mauritius then you have to get a GoPro (View on Amazon). They’re easy to carry, high quality and you can take them underwater, hiking and through waterfalls without any worry of damage. Perfect bit of gear if you’re planning on swimming with dolphins on your vacation.


UBeesize 60-inch Portable Lightweight Travel Tripod (5kg/11lb Load), Carry Bag, and Smartphone Bluetooth Remote

Tripods are perfect for getting that family picture with you actually in it! We used to come back off vacation and there would be no pictures of us together. They are also great for night shots and getting the perfect sunset picture. You can check out the best Tripods on Amazon.

Underwater case

JOTO Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch Cellphone Dry Bag Case Cruise Beach Essentials for iPhone 15 14 13 12 11 Pro Max 8 7, Galaxy S23 S22 S21, Pixel up to 7' -Black

If you don’t fancy getting a GoPro the cheaper alternative is to buy a handy waterproof phone case, like this universal phone pouch on Amazon. You’ll be able to take this underwater and get equally amazing pictures and footage of you with the dolphins. Whatever you do, don’t drop it!

Selfie stick

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Where would we all be without the good old selfie stick. Very cheap to buy but extremely effective. Capture your memories together at some of the most beautiful locations in Mauritius, from the top of Le Morne mountain, to selfies with gain tortoises to swimming with dolphins. You can get them really cheap on Amazon, like this universal selfie stick.

Final Thoughts

So, whether your planning on swimming with dolphins, hiking Le Morne mountain or visiting the array of Hindu temples, Mauritius is an incredibly beautiful island and you’ll get so many amazing pictures.

There’s so much to do and see, just make sure you plan your itinerary so you can fit it all in and you can take the time to fully appreciate the true beauty Mauritius has to offer.

My personal favorites are La Vanille nature park as you can feed the giant tortoises which was an amazing experience.

Next, I loved the Charmel Seven colored earth and waterfalls, it was something you’d expect to see on Mars and the waterfalls were incredible.

Finally, I would recommend Le Morne beach as the backdrop it just wow! Overall, Mauritius is a beautiful country and you’ll have a great time, if you liked this post please share with your friends and family.

Kelly Bullock