Boston is a charming and vibrant city bursting with beautiful architecture, dazzling city skylines, and picture-perfect relaxing parks. You won’t go short on things to do in Boston, there’s something for everyone here.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be forever researching for the best places to visit for that perfect Instagram shot. Well, luckily for you, if you’re traveling to Boston on your next vacation, we’ve done all that hard work for you.

So, get ready for the likes to roll on in with our 20 most Instagrammable places in Boston.

Let’s get started…

Acorn Street

Located near Massachusetts State House you will find the picturesque Acorn Street. This beautiful cobblestone street is reminiscent of colonial times offering an escape from city life, it’s like you’ve stepped back in time.

Acorn Street is one of the most photographed streets in the US, so although this picture might not be so unique on your Instagram feed, it will still surely be a treat for your followers. A nice time to visit is dust when the street lights are on.

Boston Public Gardens

In the heart of Boston lies the Boston Public Gardens, a beautiful park with Instagrammable treasures with every turn. Boston Public Gardens is famous for its Swan Boats which makes a great photo, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

There’s so much to do and see at these gardens, such as; the George Washington statue, the city views, and not to mention the beautiful gardens featuring over 600 varieties of trees. Oh, and don’t forget to take a photo of the famous brass ducklings too.

Fenway Park

If you’re visiting Boston, then why not try and plan it around a Boston Red Sox baseball game at the famous Fenway Park? This old iconic stadium oozes history and character. You will get some incredible pictures inside the stadium, especially if you get tickets up in the higher tier.

Also, make sure you explore outside the stadium too, you can walk to different food and beverage stalls to experience game day in style. There’s also great memorabilia on offer for that token souvenir.

Rose Kennedy Greenway

Rose Kennedy Greenway is a peaceful oasis to relax, catch your breath or go for a picnic. The park is creatively designed with great Instagrammable shots at every turn. There’s plenty of things to do and see for the kids and there’s plenty of mouth-watering food trucks nearby. Don’t forget to check out the adult’s double swing, there’s everything from, lush landscaped gardens, water fountains, art and more, so check it out!

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

This gorgeous Venetian Palace situated in the heart of Boston is an Instagrammers dream. If you head to the courtyard you will find the Medusa Mosaic, which is best viewed from the balconies up above. The garden is enclosed like a greenhouse which allows you to enjoy your time here regardless of the weather.

Take a free tour around the museum and you will find art collections by many of the greats such as Rembrandt. You will also see the empty frames hanging on the wall where famous paintings were stolen and never recovered.

Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market are must-see hot spots for any Boston itinerary. Situated in the heart of Boston this bustling area is jam-packed with culture, history, shops, street performers, food stores and restaurants. Making it a perfect meeting place for friends and loved ones. Not only that, with so much going on here you’re going to need a bigger memory card. You will get some real authentic pictures here that capture the true Boston.

Monument Square / Bunker Hill

Take the scenic Freedom Trail walk to get to Bunker Hill, where you will be greeted with the Bunker Hill Monument. It was erected to commemorate the Battle of Bunker Hill in the American Revolutionary War in 1775.

You will need to climb the 294 stairs to get to the top, don’t let this put you off though as the Bunker Hill Monument is worth the climb. You will get great views of the city, plenty of photo opportunities to be had here. There’s also a small museum opposite which tells you all about the history of the battle.

Boston Harbor Islands

This picturesque National Park consists of approximately 34 small islands just off the shore of Boston Harbor. The most popular island being that of Georges Island which is home to Fort Warren, you can take the ferry or a private boat around the islands where you will can kayak, hike, swim, see lighthouses and go whale watching. All the islands are beautiful in their own different way, so I’d recommend doing some island hopping.

Copley Square

Here at Copley Square, you will find Instagrammable photo opportunities at every turn. There’s plenty of restaurants serving great food around Copley Square, so you won’t go hungry. I would certainly look out for John Singleton Copley statue, Trinity church, Back Bay, Old South Church and the John Hancock Tower. You will get some great pictures for your Instagram feed at all of these hot spots!

Commonwealth Avenue Mall

Take a walk though Commonwealth Avenue if you want to experience some of the less touristy places to visit in Boston. The homes down this street are gorgeous, there’s plenty of places to sit and people watch. A lovely quiet place to chill and get some great pictures without all the tourists in the way. I’d also recommend taking a leisurely stroll through Back Bay on your visit here.

Boston Public Library

The craftsmanship and stunning architecture is a sight to behold making the Boston Public Library a great attraction for all to see. Take your time to wander around this magnificent building and truly appreciate it. The detailed ceilings, the artwork, sculptures will bring your Instagram account to life. Not only is this place a photographers dream but it’s a great educations trip out for all the family.

Charles River Esplanade

You will find amazing city views as you walk through this picturesque park. Once here you can get a selfie on one of the famous duck boats as you take a relaxing ride on the river or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous you can even try your hand at paddle boarding. If you’re not feeling so active then simply chill out and watch the world go by. There’s plenty of great places to do a photoshoot too, especially for the city skyline views and the duck boats.

The Reflecting Pool

Located at the Christian Science Plaza, the reflecting pool is a great place to visit for tourists who like to add some creativity to their photos. The surrounding buildings serve as a perfect backdrop for any picture here. In summer it’s an especially great place to visit for the families, as kids will love running in the water and through the public fountains.

Harvard and Harvard Square

Harvard Square is filled with diversity, creativity and academics, over 8 million people visit Harvard Square each year, and with good reason. There’s everything from beautiful historic buildings, bookstores, coffee houses, old theatres, street performers and more. There’s something for everyone here, so come and see the famous Harvard Square and University that you see and hear about on all the Hollywood films.

Skywalk Observatory

For the best view in Boston you must get down to the Skywalk Observatory. This sky-high vantage point offers sweeping 360-degree views of Boston and beyond. Although the price may seem a little steep at $16-18, it is well worth it, you also get an audio tour included. As well as the audio tour there is a small theatre with 4 films on loop, interactive displays, games, informative timeline and a great gift shop.

Louisburg Square

Louisburg Square is a beautiful scenic residential area in Boston’s Beach Hill neighborhood, which boasts some of the most expensive homes in the United States. This quiet square is well maintained an is littered with colorful flowers, trees, and green space to relax. Overall, a must visit for any Instagrammer.

Top of the Hub

Head to Top of the Hub if you’re thinking of going for a romantic meal or simply for a cocktail. You will be blown away by the view, there is simply no better setting and you’ll be the envy of all your Instagram followers. Great views, great food, and great drinks.

Longfellow Bridge

Not much to do here really, however, if you’re after an incredible shot for your Instagram then head to Longfellow Bridge at night. The huge steel rib arches light up with the city skyline in the background making an impressive picture.

Blackbird Doughnuts

If you have too many pictures of parks, monuments, and rivers, then why not mix up your Instagram feed and add something different to your profile. Let me introduce Blackbird doughnuts, these are the best doughnuts in town and have rave reviews, so don’t miss out on these yummy treats.

Christian Science Center

You’ll enjoy magnificent architecture around the 14.5-acre Christian Science Center. Enjoy the reflective pool or take a tour around the First Church of Christ where you will get some great pictures. If you love historical buildings and incredible architecture, then you don’t want to miss the Christian Science Center.

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So, that’s a wrap. That was our 20 most Instagrammable places to visit in Boston. Hopefully, this selection of places we’ve hand-picked will light up your Instagram feed and have those likes and new followers rolling in!

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Kelly Bullock