In this post, we’ll check out all the Instagram worthy places in Makati. When you hear “Makati” you normally associate this place with lots of traffic, finance and business districts.

However, there is so much more and we’re going to show you just how much fun you can really have here.

There is something for everyone in Makati, both young and old and we have 15 incredible Instagrammable places to check out on your next trip here. From ball pits, 3D paintings, street art to incredible skyline views from roof deck bars.

Let’s get started…

Art In Island Museum

The Art-In Museum is pretty awesome, especially if you have kids. Why not get creative with all the incredible 3D pictures from trying to escape the clutches of a giant crab, flying on Santa’s reindeers to pretending to be a mermaid. The impressive picture opportunities are endless, and you’ll wow everyone on your Instagram feed.

Make sure you get here early to avoid the crowds and being hurried into getting your pictures. The staff will also help you get your perfect picture for you, there is also a 5-10 minute light show at the end which is not to be missed. The only downside is your battery may run out! Hats off to the creators of this masterpiece of a museum.

The Dessert Museum

Enjoy eight mouth-watering rooms filled with colorful sugary delights at the Desert Museum Manila. This museum is great for the kids and adults alike, from playing with candy canes, giant gummy bears, trees of cotton candy and swinging doughnuts.

Plus, you get to enjoy the yummy treats in each room too. Overall this is an Instagram worthy place which is perfect to give your feed the wow factor!

The Ball Pit

The Ball Pit Manila is one of the coolest places around to get great Insta shots, and it’s for adults only! Combining coffee and play this truly is a place to bring out your inner child.

It boasts the first and biggest ball pit in the Philippines, with over 80,000 balls, it’s like being a kid all over again. You can even bring in your own props or hire them at the ball bit to get the perfect Instagram pictures!

BGC Street Art

If it’s your first time in Manila, why not take a walk down Bonifacio High Street for an hour or so and check out some free funky street art. You can also take a guided walking tour and go to the Alveo Showroom where you will be shown the best spots and finest street art to spice up your Instagram feed adding something a little bit different for your followers.

Yuchengco Museum

Here at the Yuchengco Museum, you will find some interesting displays and sculptures which are most certainly Instagram worthy. The upper floor holds a collection of Yuchengco family artifacts which the other floors host Filipino arts. Be sure to check out the People Power sculpture outside the museum and also admire the building itself.

Z Hostel Roofdeck

This is probably the best roof deck bar is you’re looking for stunning views of the city, especially lit up at night time. Kick back relax and enjoy some food or a cocktail in a nice relaxed atmosphere. The roof deck offering modern and comfortable seating with great views and affordable prices. No Instagram profile is complete without a city skyline view!

Nuestra Señora de Gracia Church

Situated on top of a hill, this is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in the whole of the Philippines. Not only does this make a great Instagram shot, but it is also worth visiting to immerse yourself in the culture and its history. Some tourists think that its abandoned, but we can assure you it’s very much active and hosts lots of weddings and has a devote following.

Manila Polo Club

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea and yes it’s an elitist place, where I think you even have to get invited to go. However, if you do get the chance to go then go for it. It feels like an escape from the city life with luxury offerings featuring, large open spaces, horses running around, two large pools, spa, and sports facilities. There’s plenty of opportunities here for some great Insta pictures if you’re lucky enough to go.

Resorts World Manila

Resorts World is a great place to have a day out with family and friends. Here they have everything all in one place, from great restaurants, a cinema and a wide array of shops to choose from. You will find lots of picture opportunities at Resorts World from beautiful tunnels covered is colorful lights to a selfie on the slot machines at the family-friendly casino.

Eastwood Citywalk

The Eastwood City Walk of Fame is patterned after the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame in America. It features a host of bars, shops, restaurants and lots of neon-lit building perfect for photo opportunities and brightening up your Instagram feed.

Ayala Museum

The Ayala Museum is a six-story house which features archaeological exhibits on Filipino culture and history. There’s plenty to see here and the gold artifacts are truly beautiful. It’s very quiet and not over touristy at all, so grab an audio guide and enjoy the tour.

Manila Central Post Office

The Manila Central Post Office was built over 100 years ago and is a well-known landmark in Manila. So, if you appreciate beautiful old architecture then you’ll love its huge pillar design. Outside there is a statue of Andreas Bonifacio and water fountains which will also enhance your shot if you take it from afar.

Venice Canal Manila

If you can’ get to Italy, then fear not, allow me to introduce the Venice Canal in Manila. The Rialto Bridge is a very popular spot for taking photographs or even better take a gondola ride for the ultimate selfie. The rides are around $15 and well worth it, your skipper will even take all the photographs for you.

Ayala Triangle Gardens

The Ayala Triangle Gardens is a 2-hectare urban park located in Makati. The landscaped triangular gardens are located in the business district offering an escape from the rush of city life.

There is free WiFi throughout the park so you can upload all your pictures in a flash. The park is great for kids and features water fountains for them to play in. The park is also beautifully lit at night making it a must-see.

National Museum of National History

I would encourage everyone to visit the Museum of National History. It offers a huge four floors of amazing displays and well-organized collections, everything from animal bones, fossils, paintings to rare documents.

There is a fountain of knowledge to be absorbed here for young and old. You can get some amazing pictures too featuring a 20-foot skeleton of a crocodile! Best of all you can access all this for free, making it a great attraction to visit in Manila.

Engagement & Hashtag tips

If you’re looking to increase engagement on your Instagram photo, then here are a few quick tips that might help you get a few more likes and interaction:

  • Make sure you stand out from the crowd with gorgeous edits of all your pictures, using Lightroom presets!
  • Ask for a feature from a hotel you’re staying at, tag them in or message them
  • Tag in the Manila / Makati tourist board or check that the attraction has their own page
  • Add a location to your post – check what’s most popular
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Try these hashtags:

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I hope our top 15 Instagram worthy places in Makati has provided you with some photograph inspiration. As you can see there’s truly more to Makati than meets the eye, so please don’t be put off by ‘it’s all business and finance’ comments. Makati is certainly worth a few days stop off on your visit to the Philipines.

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Kelly Bullock