Instagram Worthy Places in Jakarta

If you’re traveling to Jakarta for your next vacation, then you will not want to miss our top 15 Instagram worthy places to visit in Jakarta. These places will transform your Instagram feed and you’ll be the envy of all your followers.

Not only are these places Insta-friendly, but they’re great places to visit ensuring you’ve got the ultimate itinerary for your stay in the stunning city of Jakarta.

There’s something for everyone here, from crystal clear waters, exploring mangroves, panoramic rooftop bars with city views to theme parks, coffee shops and quirky places to eat.

So, let’s get started…

Taman Wisata Alam Mangrove

In the middle of the metropolitan city of Jakarta lies a tranquil hideaway where you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life. This beautiful wildlife sanctuary features mangroves, monkeys, paddle boarding and a large variety of birds if you fancy a pot of bird watching. This is a great place to come and get a rest from it all and is easily accessible with public transport from the city center.

There are so many amazing pictures to take here however, there are some very strange rules, such as visitors are only allowed to take pictures on their smartphones and not DSLR, which is not good for your Instagram game! However, do check again before your travels, things may have changed. Also, apparently international tourists get charged a double entrance fee!

Jimbaran Lonuge

The Jimbaran Lounge feels like you have stumbled upon a hidden tropical oasis in the middle of the Sahara Desert. There is a really nice relaxed, chilled atmosphere here, perfect to take a break from the city and unwind with a refreshing cocktail.

The private outdoor lounge features various different leveled seating areas offering stunning views of the city skyline complete with waterfalls, lovely lighting, and comfortable private seating areas. You are guaranteed to get some stunning pictures here.

Thousand islands

Visiting the Thousand Islands is one day trip you cannot afford to miss. There are many tour operators in the city which offer various island-hopping tours at a great price. So why not make your dreams come true and take a break from the city and visit some of the best beaches you will ever see.

You can hire a private boat for around $300 for 10 people complete with buffet lunch and have the pick of the islands you want to see for the day. There are cheaper ways by using local passenger boats which have regular schedules. If you’re looking for the best island to visit then check out this blog post.

Museum MACAN

The museum MACAN is an art museum situated in the AKR Tower West Java. You will get plenty of instagrammable pictures here, there are so many amazing different displays, however, they do change the theme of the art every 5 months or so.

There is a Starbucks at the main entrance and a 1-15 coffee shop up on the ticketing level. You will also find a gift shop and toilets. I would recommend getting there early to avoid the queues, which can get long, which will give you enough time to get that perfect picture or selfie.

Rumah Akar

This is Jakarta’s version of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat and who would have thought that something so unique and interesting was right in Jakarta. The Old City Root House is a photographer’s dream and it’s not as scary as it looks. You will find huge tree roots covering doors and windows giving the building a haunted look.

You do however need permission from the owner to take pictures here, so there is a rental fee that must be paid per hour. Don’t let that put you off though as your Instagram feed will be the envy of everyone.

Artotel Thamrin

The Artotel is a great little hotel located in the center of Jakarta conveniently near key sightseeing spots, the shopping mall, and restaurants. This hotel features awesome artwork on the ceilings, windows and there are regular art/photography shows, which do change at intervals to showcase different artists.

The bedrooms are modern, quirky and also feature lots of artwork ensuring you can get some great Instagram snaps even in your room. There are so many great Instagram opportunities at this hotel whether it’s in your room, from the rooftop bar, in or outside the hotel, this is one not to be missed.


This Japanse Sumibiyaki and bar is going to be one of the hottest instagrammable spots in town! Upon entering you will be greeted with bright neon lights from the ceiling, walls, and stairway, with red artwork and quirky ornaments it’s sure to be an Instagram favorite. Not only will you get some stunning pictures, but the food here is also gorgeous serving a variety of Japanese dishes from sushi, donburi, noodles, skewer dishes, teppanyaki and much more.

Miss Unicorn

Calling all Unicorn lovers, you have to check this ultra instagrammable place out. Despite only opening in early July 2018, Miss Unicorn has been successful in attracting a large number of visitors, probably due to how unique it is! However, due to its popularity, it is best visiting on weekdays and get there when it opens, the queues soon build up and before you know it, you’re on a waiting list or it’s fully booked up.

Skye 56

If you’re thinking about going for a romantic meal with loved ones, then look no further than Skye 56 offering stunning city views and great food. The view from the rooftop open space bar is particularly stunning at night, there is also an incredible infinity pool at the top too, which is the perfect opportunity to take some snaps, relax and enjoy the whole experience Skye 56 has to offer.

Monas tower

Standing 132 meters tall in the center of Merdeka Square the Monas Tower symbolises the fight for Indonesia and the struggle for independence. This is a must visit if you are visiting Jakarta, however make sure you get here early as the queues can get pretty long and there’s only one lift to the top. At night time you can expect to see a stunning laser and light show. All in all, a great place to come day or night to get some great pictures.

There’s a huge public park close by and there’s also plenty of refreshments, close to the shops, restaurants and easily accessible public transport.

National Museum

The National Museum encapsulates the history of Indonesia and is popularly known as the Elephant Building due to the impressive Elephant statue outside. There’s so much cool stuff to see here especially the huge collection of Indonesian Buddha statues and artifacts. Overall a lovely setting, nice gardens, educational and lots of impressive sculptures outside ensuring you get some great pictures.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Known as “Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park” is a cultural-based park showcasing the different Indonesian cultures, architecture, and islands. It has a whopping 250 acres to explore making it a great attraction for kids, the cable cars are especially worth a visit. A full day is recommended here to see all the sights and attractions.

Fatahillah square

Fatahillah Square is known as “Dutch Colonial” and is the historical center surrounded with museums, coffee shops, restaurants as well we street food. You will also find a lot of tourist attractions such as the History Museum, Wayang Museum, and the fine art museum. There’s always something interesting going on here and well worth the visit, while you’re there why not rent out a neon bicycle, this would make an epic Instagram shot.

Cacaote Patisserie, Brasserie and Bar

This French-style café is perfect for grabbing afternoon tea or if you have a sweet tooth like me lots of gorgeous deserts. You will get some great pictures of the café and all the deserts on offer too. There’s no wonder it’s so popular and has great reviews, great food, amazing deserts, and a lovely atmosphere, make sure you check it out.

ANCOL Dreamland

Time to take a break from all the sight-seeing and have some fun. Ancol Dreamland is considered to be the best theme park in the country. So if you’re after an adrenaline rush or fun-filled day with the kids then this is the place for you. There’s a golf course, theme park bowling area, Atlantis water park, Fantasy world and much more, there is something for everyone here! Also, there’s plenty of opportunities for a variety of different types of awesome pictures for your Instagram.

Engagement & Hashtag tips

If you’re looking to increase engagement on your Instagram photo, then here are a few quick tips that might help you get a few more likes and interaction:

  • Make sure you stand out from the crowd with gorgeous edits of all your pictures, using Lightroom presets!
  • Ask for a feature from a hotel you’re staying at, tag them in or message them
  • Tag in the Jakarta tourist board or check that the attraction has their own page
  • Add a location to your post – check what’s most popular
  • Use a series of Jakarta related hashtags
  • Use generic popular hashtags like #jakarta #travel #wanderlust etc
  • Share your picture on Facebook Instagram groups

Try these hashtags:

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Also, try tagging in these accounts:

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So, there you have it, that’s our top 15 places to visit in Jakarta for the perfect vacation, we hope you get some awesome shots for your Instagram and you enjoy exploring some or all of these great places. Our favorites include the stunning thousand islands, any of the museums as my son loves them, and its great to learn about the different cultures and lastly who doesn’t love a good city skyline view at night time!

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Kelly Bullock