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Having struggled with my diaper bag ( going to take some getting used to writing that as we call them “nappy bags” here in the UK) for months due to my bad back, I decided a diaper backpack was the way forward for me! My Miss Fong diaper backpack has been a little lifesaver for me, such a simple thing changing to a backpack has seriously helped me to manage my back pain.

Having back and hip problems mean I can’t carry a lot of weight without pain so carrying a seriously heavy diaper bag on one shoulder and a baby on the other was agony for me!

All my beautiful handbags are stuffed in draws as I can’t use them anymore and I have replaced them with stylish backpack style bags so the weight is evenly distributed across my back! So why not try a diaper backpack!

Miss Fong is your everyday Mum who has been desperately seeking a diaper bag with style that doesn’t actually look like a diaper bag. She has a 4-year-old son and wanted to make the bag fashionable but affordable for every mum.


This bag is extremely versatile as it can actually be worn 4 different ways. The obvious backpack for when you need both hands free, crossed over the body, attached to the pram or with a handle strap for carrying. I love the backpack look, it’s very classy and stylish to look at and is made of faux leather meaning its soft and durable. As soon as my friends saw the bag they were all very intrigued by it. Backpack diaper bags aren’t really something you see a lot in the UK but I can see it being a trend to come as they really are a lot handier (excuse the pun!!)


Miss Fong has a variety of colors to choose from in this style of bag. I chose the Grey/cream as that’s the color of my pram and like most girls, I love things to match! As you can see from the pictures, it matched perfectly!!

The bag is also available in Brown (looks like a tan color to me), vibrant Red & a pretty Peach. Perfect for any occasion!

Bag Specifics

There are actually 7 inner compartments making life that bit easier. I don’t know about you but I have always found there aren’t quite enough separate compartments with diaper bags and mine is usually overflowing meaning I have to leave the zip unzipped!. So when I packed this bag up for our day out I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t use all the compartments and still had room in the bag!

There are two insulated pockets to keep baby bottles warm, something I always find very handy! 3 mesh pockets, 1 wipes pocket, and 1 zipper pocket. The zipper pocket is actually big enough to fit your purse in for added security.

On the outside of the bag, there are 3 large pockets with 3 small zip pockets. The zips are gold and add that extra bit of style to the bag.

The bag also comes with a small baby changing mat with a clasp to keep it closed in the bag.

The bag opens from the top meaning you get a bird’s eye view so you can see all the compartments easily and aren’t rummaging around trying to find things.

Accessories & Guarentee

The bag comes with one adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, 1 handle strap, 2 pram hooks so you can securely attach the bag to your pram, 1 waterproof changing mat and one key ring hoop to attach keys inside the bag. I’m forever losing my car keys in my bag so the key ring loop is a great feature form me.

Miss Fong offers a 1-year guarantee for the zipper, strap and any other quality issue that may affect the use of the bag.

My Favourite Features

I love the fact the inside of the bag is waterproof! I have had many a spillage of milk and juice in my eldest sons diaper bag. It took a long time to get the bag dry and I was left using a carrier bag for a few days so big thumbs up for being waterproof!

The size of the compartment for the parent’s possessions is a great size, my purse is pretty big and there’s still room inside.

The color is a beautiful shade of light grey/beige when I read that it was light grey/ beige I wasn’t sure what color it would be but it’s such a gorgeous shade!

What I love the most is that I’m able to have a bag for my baby that is not only stylish and elegant but completely practical for the everyday mum! I can wear it knowing I’ll have both hands free to put the kids in the car, get the pram out and do other things without worrying about caring a heavy bag in one shoulder!

In a nutshell:

  • Waterproof interior
  • Plenty of room
  • Multiple compartments
  • Beautiful color
  • Stylish & elegant for any occasion

Thank you, Miss Fong! This truly is a great bag that I will be recommending to all my mummy friends!

Where can I get mine?

Even though this was gifted to me every opinion is my own and completely honest!

If your looking for a baby diaper backpack id highly recommend his one. Its a great price for the quality and style you receive. Check it out on Amazon.

Kelly Bullock