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Choosing the best products for your baby is every mother’s prerogative, we want the absolute utmost best for them. So, when choosing nappies wouldn’t we all prefer them to be chemical free with as little toxins as possible on that super soft baby skin?

It can be mind-boggling when it comes to choosing nappies and baby products for your baby, there are just so many out there but if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and make sure your little one is exposed to as little toxins as possible then, I think Eco by Naty might just be for you.

Who are Eco by Naty?

Eco by Naty is a Swedish brand founded by CEO Marlene Sandburg in the mid-90s. Working as a corporate lawyer with two boys, Marlene felt an overwhelming concern for environmental issues. With one child making over half a ton of waste each year and the fact that most disposable diapers were made of plastic, Marlene decided to embark on a new career and Eco by Naty was born.

What’s different about Naty?

Eco by Naty uses bio-based materials that cost 5 times more than what standard nappies use. Naty is the first eco diaper to receive OK biobased certificate by Vincotte, one of the worlds most demanding independent non-profit organizations.

Naty goes after the best certificates that aren’t easy to get (see below for the list) they are the leading diaper in the eco-friendly segment with nappies being free from chlorine, latex, TBT Paraben, HAP, and fragrance.

Parents can still use disposable diapers knowing they are helping, not hindering the environment.


We decided to try out Eco by Natys diapers and wipes. They are the closest thing to cloth nappies but without the mountain of dirty washing. They are cute comfortable and chemical free, everything that baby and mummy wants in a nappy. If you want to do your bit for the environment, then using these nappies will do exactly that.

Here is what we thought.


The first thing I noticed about these nappies was the feel of them, very different to your supermarket nappies. The outer layer is made out of two types of natural material that creates a soft feeling nappy. The inner layer is super soft to touch, and my son seemed very content wearing them, we never had a problem.

My son suffered with terrible nappy rash whilst wearing normal nappies so we were interested to see if these nappies would help as they claim to prevent nappy rash by keeping them dry using natural materials, and we found that within a few days along with Naty rash cream we saw a great improvement! Big thumbs up from us!


We use size 4 which is for 15-40lbs and my son is 9 months old. They are true to their size and fit snug. I also love how they go up the back quite a bit. My sister’s son who is the same age is forever leaking as his nappies are quite short compared to Naty. To me, it’s important to make sure nappies have enough material up the back.

They fit lovely around his chunky little legs and he is always able to move freely, whether it be trying to crawl, running around in his walker or bouncing in his jumperoo.


This is the most important for me, we want our baby to be dry at all times to prevent nappy rash and sore bums. We want them to be comfortable and sleep through the night, so we need them to be completely absorbent. I’ve had many issues with leaking nappies in the past and with my son sleeping in a sleepyhead a leakage is a big problem and something we need to avoid.

I have been very impressed with how little leakages we have had with Naty, I could count on one hand how many we have had over the past 6 months. We put a fresh nappy on before bed at 8pm and it lasts the whole night until 7am with no leakages, pretty impressive. Natys leakage barrier is made from 80% bio-based material and I have to say it works extremely well.


I have to say I love the design of the Naty nappies, they are crisp white with a little green design on the front with the words “respect nature” in an italic font. There are lots of little leaves all over the nappy in a pale green. Each size nappy will have different patterns. I love how they are not bold and full of colour as we travel a lot and I like to put my sons in cute white shirts which in the past has been a problem as bright coloured nappies would always show through, to most this is ridicules but to me Natys simple white nappies are a welcome addition to our suitcase.

The sticky tabs stick down well, and we have never had a problem with them coming undone. One thing these nappies do not have is the wetness indicator but we survived this long without it so we didn’t find it a problem, it’s pretty easy to see when a child’s nappy is wet.

Nappy Subscription

One of my favorite things about Naty is their “nappy subscription” Basically you choose the size nappy you need and in what intervals, 3,4 or 5 weeks and save 15 % on the retail price. If the cost is over £49 shipping is free, if not its £3.99 and will be delivered within 3-7 business days. Naty also offer 100 day returns policy but I’m pretty sure you won’t need it. I love that the nappies are delivered straight to my front door without the hassle of having to go out shopping for them, its just so convenient.

Baby wipes

My son has been very unfortunate with allergies and intolerances in his 9 months, so we only wanted the best on his skin. Natys baby wipes come in packs of 56 wipes and are perfume free and contain 98.5% water. They are also Chlorine Free and enriched with chamomile and aloe so prevent nappy rash.

We found the wipes fantastic, they are soothing and gentle on my sons’ skin and very thick meaning we didn’t use as many wipes as with previous brands.

The wipes come in lightly scented flushable, aloe and travel packs.

Final thoughts

Overall, I have been very impressed with Eco by Natys Nappy and baby wipes. I love that I am helping the environment by using something that I like and is best for my baby’s health. The nappies are comfortable and super absorbent and the wipes are kind and gentle on my babies’ skin. I would highly recommend Eco by Naty to anyone looking to improve their carbon footprint and give their baby the best.

As a thank you for taking the time to read my review use the code “tinker25” to get 25% off your first order

Even though Naty sent me the nappies and wipes every opinion is my own and completely honest!

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