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If you’re looking for the best towable tube for adults and kids, then you have come to the right place. With so much choice on the market it can be hard to choose, luckily we have made it really simple and put together a list of the best towable tubes, catering for beginners, advanced users and daredevils ensuring there’s a tube to suit everyones taste!

Inflatable tubing is now a sport that everyone in the family can enjoy, both adults and kids. There is no athletic ability required when tubing other than hanging on for your life. There are tubes to suit everyones needs and they can cater for one, two and even four or more riders at a time making them perfect for the lake or beach with friends and family.

Top 5 towable tubes

With so many awesome and different towable tubes to choose from, here are our top 5 picks first, then you can view the rest. Simply click on the links below for more details and latest prices:

  • Weight: 20lbs
  • Dimensions: 75 in. x 73 in
  • Number of riders: 1-3

The SportsStuff SUPER MABLE Towable Tube has been redesigned and is better than ever, it’s one of SportStuff’s best products of the year. For a wild ride you can utilise the comfortable padded backrest or tow in the opposite direction for a chariot style thrill you’ll never forget. The great thing about the Super Mable is you’re not restricted to sitting down, you can kneel too and face backwards making it a thrilling ride in a variety of positions. This tube features dual towing points, padded walls and back rest, EVA foam seating and double webbing foam handles with knuckle guards for a safe comfortable ride. The bladder is made from heavy-duty K80 PVC material that features welded seams, so you know it’s a high quality towable that will last you a long time. You will be on the water in no time as this towable has a speed safety value for fast inflation and deflation. Overall this is the best towable tube for adults, kids and thrill seekers alike, you will have a great time on the water with the Super Mable towable.

  • Weight: 16.64 lbs
  • Dimensions: 15” x 7” x 21”
  • Number of riders: 2

The Airhead MACH 2 Towable Tube is the best budget towable ideal for kids and families as well as adults. Tested for its durability, this towable is made to last and uses only the highest quality materials. The 2 rider cockpit makes riders feel safe and secure inside, this is a great towable for beginners, however it does have a wild side to it. Complete with four deluxe handles with neoprene knuckle guards make for a comfortable yet thrilling ride as you soar though the waters. It features a heavy gauge PVC bladder and durable double-stitched nylon cover ensures this towable will provide many years of excitement. Equipped with a Speed Safety value allows for fast inflation and deflation. Overall this is a great all round towable suitable for all ages especially beginners and will still provide you with an amazing rush.

  • Weight: 34.25 lbs
  • Dimensions: 150″ x 44″
  • Number of riders: 1-5

The Airhead JUMBO DOG Towable Tube is designed to cater for between 1 and 5 riders, however there are smaller versions of the Jumbo hot dog to cater for 3 and 4 riders. This towable provides unlimited fun for everyone, take large groups of friends and family out for a ride at the same time. This towable features premium designed knuckle pads to protect your hands, they consist of heavy-duty, foam filled, nylon-wrapped with a neoprene base for the ultimate comfort and durability.  The Jumbo dog makes it so easy to connect to your boat with thanks to heavy-duty Kwik-Connect. Three 30-gauge vinyl air chambers are fully encased by a double stitched 1,680-denier nylon cover and is equipped with a Boston valve for the ultimate in inflating and deflating convenience. So if you’re looking for an exciting ride for everyone involved this is the towable for you.

  • Weight: 59 lbs
  • Dimensions: 118″ x 70″
  • Number of riders: 1-4

The SPORTSSTUFF BANDWAGON 2+2 Towable Tube has the most innovative seating arrangement of any towable, it gives you the flexibility to sit down, lie down and kneel for the ride of your life. The dragless nose design makes for effortless towing  that eliminates nose diving at start up. This towable features state of the art high back mesh seating, EVA foam floor pads and foam seat bumpers to keep you comfortable and in place. The heavy-duty full nylon cover is equipped with double webbing foam handles with knuckle guards. You won’t be waiting around to get on the water either with thanks to the speed safety valves, making inflation and deflation a piece of cake. The SportsStuff Bandwagon is a great towable for groups that gives you the flexibility to ride how you want. Fun, thrilling and overall a reliable, high quality towable that will last you for many years.

  • Weight: 55lbs
  • Dimensions: 77″ x 80″
  • Number of riders: 1-3

The SPORTSSTUFF POPARAZZI Towable Tube has a unique, high winged shape with a rocker bottom that allows you to carve into the wake and glide across the water with little to no drag. This towable features a high rise tower equipped with multiple webbing foam handles with knuckle guards allowing riders to stand, kneel, sit or lie down on the back deck. The multiple EVA foam body pads allow riders to perform every riding position imaginable. This towable offers a fast, thrilling ride for adults, so prepare to take off with the Poparazzi towable and have the ride of your life.

10 More awesome tubes

That was our top 5 best towable tubes for adults and kids, however we can’t leave it there, so here are 10 more awesome towable tubes to choose from.

  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Dimensions: 72″ x 62″
  • Number of riders: 1-3

The AIRHEAD G-Force Towable will have riders screaming for more, that’s why it’s one of the top rated towable tubes on the market for all ages and skill levels. You are guaranteed to have a wild ride for up to 3 thrill-seeking riders. It features six deluxe nylon-wrapped handles with knuckle guards ensuring a comfortable and safe ride as you hold on tight as you fly across the water. The G-FORCE tube has a durable 30-gauge PVC bladder and is fully covered with a tough 840-denier double stitched nylon cover, in a nutshell this is one high quality, tough towable that is made with the highest quality materials and made to last. The Boston valve provides easy and quick inflation and deflation for your convenience, combined with the Kwik-Connect feature allowing easy and secure hook-ups, so you can spend more time out on the water.

  • Weight: 13.76 lbs
  • Dimensions: 90″ x 56″
  • Number of riders: 2

The Airhead TURBO BLAST Towable Tube is a fast flying, head turner of a tube which is double stitched with a durable 840 denier nylon cover with two self draining floor vents. This v-shaped towable accommodates two riders and has four deluxe handles with neoprene knuckle guards to ensure you have a comfortable firm grip as you speed across the water. The 30-gauge PVC bladder is equipped with a speed safety valve for quick setup. This tube is ideal for couples, adults, kids and anyone looking for an affordable, top quality, two seater adrenaline rush.

  • Weight: 45.1lbs
  • Dimensions: 89″ x 89″
  • Number of riders: 1-4

The Airhead TREMOR Towable Tube is shaking up the tubing world with this unique horseshoe shape featuring circular riding for up to 4 adults or kids. You can kneel, sit or stand in this towable giving you the versatility you need to have a great ride whatever your position. The TREMOR has a tough 30-gauge PVC bladder with a 840-denier double stitched nylon cover offering the ultimate durability and protection. This towable tube also features Kwik-Connect for easy and secure hook-ups, eight foam handles with knuckle guards and two speed safety valves for fast convenient inflation and deflation.

  • Weight: 6.88 lbs
  • Dimensions: 70″
  • Number of riders: 1-3

The Airhead Super Slice is made from the highest quality materials and the 840 denier nylon offers double the protection of most of their competitors and the 30 gauge PVC bladder has been wrapped with a durable nylon cover making it more or less indestructible. This towable has been designed thick in the front and thinner at the back offering a more comfortable riding position, easy mounting from the water and better towing. High performance and a thrilling ride is guaranteed with SUPER SLICE’s topside neoprene panel, six handles with neoprene knuckle guards. Other great features include Kwik-Connect and the speed safety valves. Overall this a high quality towable which stands you out from the crowd with its cool camo graphics and it offers an amazing ride.

  • Weight: unknown
  • Dimensions: 122″ x 62″
  • Number of riders: 3

The WOW Sports 3 Person Dragon Boat offers a unique twist to the traditional style banana boat, which is probably the most popular towable of all time. However nothing has been done to improve their performance until now. WOW Sports gives each rider their own cockpit with a backrest to separate each rider holding them conformably in the tube. The wide pontoons give the riders stability and easy boarding, these features dramatically improve the stability, safety and style of this tube. The Dragon Boat is the perfect tube for a fun, safe ride for people of all ages. It also features six double webbing foam handles with knuckle guards, heavy duty PVC bladder, speed valves, zippered covers and also includes an 11 inch 4K tow connector. So if you loved riding the banana boat then you’re in for a treat with this improvement!

  • Weight: 44lbs
  • Dimensions: 104″ x 104″ x 27″
  • Number of riders: 4

The WOW Trinity 4 Person Ski Tube is a diamond shaped ski tube perfect for the entire family to ride on a hot summers day. Sitting, kneeling, riding forwards or backwards this 4 person towable is a pulse racing thrill for both adults and kids. The S-shaped riser pad design allows riders to sit chariot or deck style, allowing for multiple riding positions. It features heavy-duty nylon cover, a heavy-duty PVC bladder, double-webbed foam handles with knuckle guards and comes with an 11 inch 4K aluminum EZ tow connector. WOW has developed a whole generation of towables that are unique, exciting, safe and affordable, they are committed to quality construction and innovative ideas, so you can’t go wrong choosing a towable from WOW.

  • Weight: 43.13 lbs
  • Dimensions: 82″ x 78″
  • Number of riders: 1-6

The Airhead MEGA ROCK STAR Towable Tube is a fast flying blast for one to six riders and the unique u-shape design offers a thrilling rocking sensation of a ride. You can ride this towable in so many different positions, such as; 2 lying down and 4 kneeling or 2 riders in the center, its totally up to you how your ride it. That’s what makes this tube so awesome, use your imagination and have the ride of your life. This tube features oversized neoprene pads that are perfectly placed to protect your knees and elbows and the 14 nylon handles with knuckle guards ensure a great grip for all riders, as you’re going to need it! It is made from the highest quality durable double stitched 840 denier nylon cover and rugged 30 gauge K80 PVC bladder. You will also be on the water in no time thanks to the Boston valve which offers easy inflation and deflation. The towable tube is ideal for a group adults looking for a fast, thrilling and rocking ride!

  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • Dimensions: 67″
  • Number of riders: 1-4

The SPORTSSTUFF Big Bertha Towable is packed with state of the art features such as cushioned floor, nonslip cushioned handles, padded knuckle guards and with the patented Quick Connect tow system you’ll be off tubing in no time. Big Bertha comes fully loaded and is built extra tough featuring a double stitched nylon cover and a heavy-duty K80 PVC bladder. So if you’re after a fast ride lying down for a group of adults then this is a great choice, it has great reviews on Amazon and the cool design will have you standing out from the crowd.

  • Weight: 20.4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 70″ x 60″
  • Number of riders: 2

The O’Brien Dart 2 Inflatable Towable Tube is an awesome 2 seater sit inside tube for 2 riders, this is one of the best budget towable tubes out there. This tube will keep having your coming back for more, offering you a fast thrilling ride time and time again. You can lay against the comfortable backrests or sit up on your knees to add to the excitement and spice things up. This tube features EVA padded handles that allow riders to hold on tight, made from 28 gauge PVC and the 840 denier nylon cover offers the highest quality materials ensuring long-lasting performance. So if you’re looking for something a little cheaper but don’t want to sacrifice on the quality then the The O’Brien Dart 2 Tube is an excellent choice and will serve you well for years to come.

  • Weight: unknown
  • Dimensions: 72″ x 91″
  • Number of riders: 3

The Rave Sports Warrior Towable Ski Tube takes thrills and spills to a whole new level. Whether you want to board for a mild ride or extreme thrills the Warrior has got you covered, perfect for adults but also kids too! So sit back, but don’t relax and enjoy the adrenaline rush you have been waiting for, this tube is all about the thrills. The heavy-duty PVC is covered in polyester with Stay-Brite technology ensuring that the colours remain bright and vibrant but also keeps the dirt away. This tube is made from the highest quality materials featuring a heavy-duty PVC cover, grip handles, quick-connect tow points and has a maximum weight capacity of 510 lbs. RAVE Sports are firmly committed to providing safe and responsible towables and only use the highest quality materials so what ever tube you choose, it will be a good one that will last.

What is a towable tube?

Tubing is a recreational activity where you ride on top of an inner tube, either on water, snow or through the air. Tubing is also referred to as inner tubing, bumper tubing or even toobing. A towable tube is where your tube is attached to a boat via rope and you are ‘towed’ along at speed. The tubes themselves come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and loads of awesome designs, such as a hotdog, doughnut and discs.

Different types of towable tubes

There are different types of towable tubes which can be defined by the numbers of riders, material or their shape. There are lots of towable tubes that cater for a number of different riders, from 1 person, 2 persons to 4 persons.

Towable tubes can also be defined by the material used, such as:

  • Nylon: Tubes made with Nylon material come in different thickness and weight, the weight is measured in deniers and usually sits within a range of 420-840 deniers for a towable tube. So if you’re looking for a strong towable tube, the higher the denier value the stronger your tube. However the higher the value the more you tend to pay.
  • Polyester: Towable tubes made from polyester are more popular than nylon, as the colours are less likely to fade. They are as just as durable than the nylon alternative tubes measuring in at 840 deniers, they are also generally cheaper too.
  • Neoprene: This material can be also used to making towable tubes, the material is softer and skin friendly preventing chaffing when you’re out tubing on the water or snow.

Towable tubes can also be defined by their shape, such as:

  • Deck Tubes: Deck tubes are round tubes that have a hole in the middle, allowing you to sit or lie down and hold the handles as you speed over the waves. They tend to have a larger surface area allowing you to easily flip over the waves.
  • Ride-on: Ride-on tubes allow you to sit down on a narrow torpedo-shaped inflatable and can hold as many as 6 riders at one time. You may have seen them on holiday, referred to as banana boats over in Europe.
  • Concept: If you’re a daredevil and want something more hair raising then you should opt for a concept towable tube. Concept tubes are designed specfically to thill for extreme riders, they can fly, roll and perform unique tubing experiences that can’t be matched with other towable’s.
  • Ride-in: The term ‘ride-in’ means exactly that, the rider sits down inside the towable. Ride-in tubes are ideal for young children and anyone that wants a comfortable ride while still experiencing an exciting ride. They come in variety of different shapes and sizes and cater for one or multiple riders.
  • Rocker: The rocker design is available in two types, the first being the U-shape design and the second is the 3-stage rocker which has wings on each side and a flat area which the riders lay or sit on. The rocker is very stable and is ideal for riders of any age or ability.
  • Round Donut: The round donut is the most well known and traditional towable and it’s also the most affordable. They can cater for one or multiple riders at a time. Due to its small size and high center of gravity, this shape rolls over often making it an uncomfortable ride for children and has a high risk of tipping. However it’s a popular choice due to how affordable they are in comparison to the other shapes.
best towable tube for adults, kids, children and toddlers

How to choose the best towable tube?

When purchasing a towable tube there are lots of things you should take into consideration and various features you should look for in your towable. Going for the cheapest one on offer is not always a wise idea and could make for an unpleasant experience on the water, but also be dangerous. You should buy a towable that is made to last and also meets your needs, here are things to look out for:

1. How many people can it tow

Think about how many riders there will be at one time, it might be worth considering getting a towable tube that holds 3-4 people if you are out on the water with friends or large groups. The larger tubes however are more expensive than the 1 or 2 seaters. If there’s only ever going to be two of you using it, I would consider getting a 1 or 2 seater, it will save you some money and it will be easier to pack, carry and quicker to inflate. Don’t overload you towable with more riders than recommended, this will results in injury and is dangerous.

2. Build quality

Please ensure that your towable is built to a high standard and uses quality materials, this is probably the most important thing you should be looking out for. A cheap alternative simply isn’t worth the risk, the cheap materials could deteriorate on the water and could potentially leave you or someone else injured. Pay the little bit extra and get one built to a high standard, it will last for years saving you buying another poorly built towable every year.

As a minimum you should be looking for a covering of 420 denier nylon material, however if you can get one at 840 denier this is the highest standard and will serve you well. The bladder will usually be one chamber 26 gauge chamber with welded seams, which will be quick to inflate and have you tubing on the water in no time.

3. Inflation / setup time

The last thing you want is to be sat there waiting forever for your towable to inflate, so be sure to check the inflation time and if it comes with a hand or foot pump. Once inflated make sure it’s inflated correctly, if it’s not your ride will be slow, sluggish and could potentially damage your inflatable.

4. Knuckle guards

Be sure to check that you towable tube has knuckle guards. They provide padding on the inside of the handles that protects your knuckles from getting scraped, scratched and blisters. This is a simple but effective feature that will allow you to side comfortably for hours on the water.

5. The shape

As mentioned earlier there are many different shapes available to choose from, if all depends what type of ride you’re looking for and who’s riding it. If your beginners or riding with small children you would want to consider getting a more comfortable, safe ride like the ‘ride in’ towable tubes. However if you want something more challenging and you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie you could consider the ‘concept’ shape.

6. The Price

Try to find a happy medium between quality and price. You wouldn’t want to get something ‘too good to be true’ in terms of price, because it usually is and more often than not it will be poorly made with cheap materials. Which can be very dangerous and your towable won’t last long at all. The higher the quality, generally the more you will pay, however it will last you a long time.

Additional gear for your towable tube

In order to have the best and safest experience on your towable tube you might want to consider getting the following:

How to look after your towable tube

A good towable isn’t cheap, so it’s important that you look after it. Here are some handy tips to help extend the life of your inflatable towable tube:

  • Don’t overload the towable with more riders than it recommends.
  • Don’t leave it in the sun too long, the air will expand and stretch the plastic welds
  • Store your towable in a safe and dry place away from sharp objects
  • Always clean your tube with friendly cleaning spary
  • Consider buying a cover for your inflatable
  • Have a repair kit handy and fix any rips before they get bigger.

How to use your towable correctly

If you want to use your towable correctly and safely then follow these simple tips for the best experience on the water:

  • The more air you have in the bladder the stronger it will be
  • Ensure your tube is fully inflated
  • Keep your tube out of the sun as long as possible
  • If you’re not using your tube keep it in the shade
  • Tow your tube from the correct point on your boat
  • Don’t pull your tube with more riders than recommended
  • Ensure your rope is at least 40 feet long

Here is a great video which explains, how to use your towable correctly, from inflating, riding and attaching to your boat correctly:

Where to buy towable tubes

The best place to buy your towable tube is from Amazon, they have a wide selection of different sizes, designs and shapes to meet the needs of everyone, from  adrenaline junkies, families, adults and kids.

You can shop with confidence at Amazon, they have great customer service and returns policy. The majority of manufacturers offer warranties and money back guarantees if you are not 100% happy. You can see the full range of towable tube on Amazon here.

So there you have it, I hope that guide has helped you choose your perfect towable tube for adults, kids and daredevils alike. Have fun out on the water and remember to look after your tube but most importantly ride safe! Have a thrilling time! 😉

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