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best lightweight rain jacket for Hawaii
The weather in Hawaii can be unpredictable, especially in Kauai where it receives more than 460 inches of rain a year!

Although it rains daily in Hawaii, it usually only lasts within 30-minutes or so and the average high temperature is between 27 and 32 degrees celsius.

Therefore, with the mixed weather conditions of bursts of rain and hot temperatures, you’re going to need a good lightweight and breathable rain jacket while exploring Hawaii. Such as the No products found. or the Columbia II (Amazon).

With so much choice in the market today, it can be a daunting task to find the best rain jacket.

However, luckily for you, we’ve hand-picked the best lightweight jackets for men, women, and kids for your Hawaiian adventure.

Let’s get started…

Featured Recommendations

At a glance…

Columbia Boys' Glennaker Rain Jacket
Columbia Glennaker
Waterproof & windproof
100% hydroplus nylon
Ideal for
Variety of colors & styles
Columbia Boys' Glennaker Rain Jacket
Columbia Glennaker
Waterproof & windproof
100% hydroplus nylon
Ideal for
Variety of colors & styles

Mens best rated rain jackets for Hawaii

That was our top men’s, women’s and kids rain jackets, now let’s take a look at the men’s in more detail.

1 Eddie Bauer Cloud Cap

No products found.No products found.

Best Overall:
Eddie has dedicated his life to making high-quality gear for getting people outside and the No products found. is no exception!

All products are built and tested by their world-class team of athletes and guides to ensure products are of the highest quality and performance.

The Cloud Cap jacket is extremely lightweight and breathable making it perfect for hiking and exploring Hawaii. It will endure storms no problem and keep you nice and dry.

It’s fully seam-sealed for complete weather protection and provides full movability thanks to its stretch polyester fabric, making it the perfect jacket for trails on the rainier island such as Kauai.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Breathable / waterproof
  • StormRepel finish
  • 100% polysester
  • Stretch material

What I Love

I love the athletic fit of this lightweight rain jacket and all the secure-zip pockets it has, perfect for storing your phone and not worrying about it getting wet. Another amazing thing I love is how this jacket will withstand the harshest of weather conditions, from storms to trekking in the heat this jacket will be up for the job.


  • Complete weather protection
  • Anti-crinkle material
  • Stretch material
  • StormRepel and waterproof
  • Adjustable hood


  • Slightly more expensive than others


Overall, this lightweight rain jacket is ideal for hiking the Kauai trails and will even keep you dry in the rainy season. It also looks great too, with its fashionable design. This jacket offers not only complete weather protection but also complete freedom of movement too.

No products found.

Mens runners up…

2 Columbia II Waterproof Jacket

Best rated:
If you;re traveling to Hawaii in rainy season or there’s thunderstorms in the forecast, don’t worry, just put on the lightweight Columbia II (Amazon) and you’ll be right as rain.

With over 7,300 reviews you can guarantee you’re getting great quality and a highly trusted rain jacket that will serve you well in Hawaii. It features Omni-Tech waterproof and breathable nylon shell is fully seam-sealed keeping moisture out!

There’s no need to worry about getting the right fit either as this rain jacket comes with an adjustable cord, allowing it to fit snuggly and comfortably.

Overall, for the price you won’t find a better lightweight rain jacket than the Colombia Watertight II, no matter what weather you encounter, this jacket will keep you dry and comfortable.

3 North Face Venture 2

No products found.No products found.

Best for style:
This lightweight, waterproof and windproof rain jacket features a durable yet breathable rip-stop exterior, ensuing the highest quality.

I love how much variety of styles and colors there are too, so there’s a rain jacket to match everyone’s taste and style.

The No products found. is 100% windproof and is made to last. It also packs into its own pocket, making it easy to carry.

Overall, the Venture 2 rain jacket is designed to last and withstand harsh weather conditions, so it’s a great choice of jacket for traveling around Hawaii, especially if you’re hiking.

Womens best rated rain jackets for Hawaii

Now let’s take a look at the women’s lightweight rain jackets in more detail.

1 Eddie Bauer Cloud Cap

No products found.No products found.

Best value for money:
The No products found. for women is a fashionable rain coat that comes in a wide selection of colors from black, pink to white and more.

It is made from 100% nylon and features a StormRepel finish keeping you dry in heavy rainfall or storms. The Cloud Cap jacket is built with a waterproof and breathable nylon shell so it’s ready for any adventure Hawaii has to throw at you.

Other features include an adjustable hood, pit zips for quick venting to prevent you from overheating while active and the waterproof front zip doesn’t even require a storm flap saving even more weight.

This lightweight and a breathable rain jacket is easy packing and stuffs compactly straight into the right-sided zip pocket, making this jacket extremely portable and convenient.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • 100% nylon
  • StormRepel
  • Ultra-light nylon shell

What I Love

I love the fact that no matter the weather conditions in Hawaii, this rain jacket will withstand the downpour. Its stylish design and a wide selection of different colors makes this jacket fashionable but also functional.


  • Lots of color choices
  • Ultra-lightweight & breathable
  • Can withstand harsh conditions
  • Waterproof
  • Foldable and portable


  • Little more expensive than others


Overall, this jacket is ultra-lightweight and breathable ready for any conditions the weather may throw at you. It’s made from high-quality materials that are made to last. It has lots of great features and specifications, and although it’s a little more expensive than others, it certainly is worth the money!

No products found.

Womens runners up…

2 Charles River Apparel

Best for style:
Block out the elements with the Charles River Apparel (Amazon) rain jacket for women. This lightweight jacket is lined with mesh for air-flow circulation making it breathable in the hot humid weather.

It’s both wind and waterproof making it ideal for hiking in Hawaii or strolling around Honolulu. Other features include heat-sealed seams, a two-way front zipper, and a wind flap.

Its price range is definitely affordable and offers great value for money. A great choice of rain jacket if your hiking or generally exploring Hawaii.

Overall, this rain jacket is most certainly lightweight and you’ll be able to wear it in both wet and humid conditions while remaining total comfort.

3 Columbia Arcadia Ii

Best rated:
Colombia’s superior fabric and technology ensure that you get the highest quality products on the market and the Columbia Arcadia II (Amazon) is no exception!

Crafted from 100% nylon you’re guaranteed that this jacket is totally waterproof, and its seam-sealed construction keeps you dry while sealing out the cold air.

This rain jacket is available in a whole selection of sizes and colors to accommodate everyone’s style and taste.

Overall, this is a top-notch lightweight rain jacket and with over 4,400 reviews on Amazon you know you’re getting a top of the range jacket, as it’s trusted by other adventure-seeking travelers.

Kids best rated rain jackets for Hawaii

Now let’s take a look at the kids rain jackets in more detail.

1 Columbia Glennaker

Best overall:
Available in a great selection of colors and styles the Columbia Glennaker (Amazon) is the ideal rain jacket for kids wanting to explore Hawaii.

You’re guaranteed quality with Colombia, their reputation is up there with the best around, as is their Glennaker rain jacket too.

Using only the best materials, this jacket will ensure your kids stay dry when it rains and keeps them cool when it’s hot. The Glennaker rain jacket will last your kids for many years, so you’ll get your money’s worth.

Its features include ultimate protection from rain and wind, elastic cuffs and a reflective strip to keep your little one visible at night.


  • 100% hydroplus nylon
  • Waterproof & windproof
  • Breathable

What I Love

I love how there are so many choices of colors and styles to choose from, ensuring there’s a style your child will like. This rain jacket will serve your child well in all different weather situations in Hawai. It’s lightweight, breathable and is also rain and windproof.


  • Lots of colors and styles
  • Lightweight
  • Windproof and rainproof
  • High-quality materials


  • Double check the sizes when ordering


For its low price, you’re certainly getting a high-quality rain jacket for your money. Whether you’re hiking, biking or strolling along the beach you’ve certainly got a great rain jacket that will last, not only for Hawaii but many more trips after it.

Kids runners up…

2 Columbia Arcadia

Best waterproof:
The Columbia Arcadia (Amazon) is waterproof and breathable. When the rain stops you can simply stow away into the corner of your bag without taking up hardly any room, making this a great portable rain jacket.

It features an Omni-tech membrane that combines full seam sealing and a soft breathable mesh lining keeping you dry and comfortable inside and out.

Overall, this jacket has lots of color choices to choose from, giving your child the freedom to match their style and taste. This jacket will protect you from the rain keeping you nice and dry.

3 North Face Zipline

No products found.No products found.

Best for light trails:
The No products found. has all the features from the adults outerwear ensuring your child gets all the benefits too.

It features 100% nylon waterproof and breathable membrane which will protect your child from harsh wind and rain. Other features include a mesh and taffeta lining and chin zip guard.

Overall, this rain jacket is made for active children, whether that’s hiking, training, climbing or even snowboarding. So, no matter the activity this durable rain jacket will cater to anything Hawaii throws at you.

Criteria for Evaluation

Here are the different factors you should consider in finding the best lightweight jackets for your trip to Hawaii:

Water and windproof

As I’ve mentioned throughout this guide the weather in Hawaii can be unpredictable and downpours of heavy rain are very common, even though they don’t last that long.

With that in mind, you need to ensure that your rain jacket is not only lightweight but waterproof and breathable. If you get a good quality rain jacket they should be waterproof as standard, but double-check this.

Some are water-resistant and others only certain areas of the jacket are waterproof. If you’re hiking in Kauai then you’ll definitely need to make sure your rain jacket is waterproof.


Having a lightweight jacket is very important no matter what activity you’re doing in Hawaii. If there’s a heavy downpour of rain the last thing you want to be wearing is a heavy and bulky jacket.

All these jackets reviewed here are lightweight, breathable and will protect you from getting wet. Not only are they lightweight, but you’ll also have full movement in them too, especially when doing strenuous activities.


When the rain stops, you’ll more than likely want to take your rain jacket off and get down to a t-shirt. With that in mind, you want to get a jacket that can easily be folded down and stowed away in its pocket or in your backpack.


Getting a lightweight jacket that is lined with mesh will aid air-flow circulation making it breathable in the hot humid weather. There’s nothing worse than being hot and sweating in a sticky rain jacket.

Style and design

Colombia and North Face have a wide selection of colors and styles to meet most people’s taste. So, whatever your preference is there will be something to match your look. Not everyone wants the same run of the mill black rain jacket, so it’s great that these companies give you many different style choices to choose from.

Quality and materials

Ensure your rain jacket is made from high-quality materials such as rip-stop exterior and 100% nylon. By doing this, your coat will withstand the harshest conditions Hawaii can throw at you.

Value for money

This kind of relates to the quality and materials point above. Everyone wants a bargain, but don’t sacrifice the quality of the rain jacket for the sake of saving a few dollars.

As that old saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’, however, that said, you can pick up some great deals. Just always check the specifications and read the reviews.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, you never know when the weather can turn for the worst in Hawaii, one minute it will be pure sunshine, then all of a sudden there can be a 30-minute downpour without any warning.

With this in mind, you need to be prepared for when this might happen. Having a lightweight rain jacket at the ready will ensure you keep dry when this happens.

From trekking through tropical rainforests to doing long-distance hiking across rough terrain, the rain jackets reviewed here will more than stand up to the job. They are windproof and waterproof and are all made to last.

Here’s a recap of some key things to look for: –

  • Ensure your jacket is windproof and waterproof
  • Ensure it’s breathable
  • Check the quality, look for rip-stop and 100% nylon materials
  • Finally, get a jacket that’s lightweight and one which you can fold away easily.

One last thing I’d recommend is to try not to look for cheap offers or deals when looking for a rain jacket. Always check the quality of the materials, I can’t emphasize this enough, because if you pick wrong your jacket won’t last you many trips.

Spending that little bit more, and getting a reliable high-quality rain jacket will ensure it last you for many years and you’ll be able to take it on other types of trips such as snowboarding!

I hope you have enjoyed this post on our best lightweight rain jackets for Hawaii. If you have please share it with your friends and family, have a safe trip!

Kelly Bullock