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There comes a time when toddlers want their own sense of responsibility. So why not give them their own backpack for your next holiday. It is important when finding the best bag for travelling with toddlers that you look for something fun, lightweight and it fits in the planes overhead compartment.

Best bag for traveling with toddlers

When travelling with toddlers one of the biggest challenges is packing efficiently making sure they can fit all their toys, books and gadgets in. Toddlers will also love a travel bag that is colourful and has a character theme. Trunki have an awesome suitcase that toddlers can ride on keeping them entertained in the airport. Anyway, we will review all these in a second.

There are so many choices out there when trying to find the best bag for travelling with toddlers. Luckily, we have put together a list of the best kids backpacks for you.

Top 10 travel bags for toddlers

If you want to find out the best bag for traveling with toddlers, simply click on the product for more information and to check prices. We have hand picked out top 10 travel bags for toddlers below:

Product detailsImage

Fjallraven - Kanken Classic Pack

  • Made from dirt & water resistant vinylon-f
  • 6L volume capacity
  • Rain flip
  • Lightweight
  • Should strap and handle

Beatrix new york Little Kid Backpack

  • Selection of cute characters & designs
  • Machine washable
  • Extra padding for comfort
  • Lots of space inside
  • Added zipped compartments

Skip Hop Zoo Toddlers Bag

  • Perfect size for toddlers
  • Padded, adjustable comfy straps
  • Write on me nametag
  • Huge selection of characters and designs
  • High quality

Trunki Ride on suitcase

  • Hard wearing & light plastic
  • Ride-on, tow-along, carry-on suitcase
  • Great for the aiport
  • Various colours and characters

Kids travel tray bag

  • Perfect for flights and road trips
  • Hook over seat to watch films
  • Also have use of a travel tray
  • Lots of compartments for toys & crayons

Back seat organiser

  • Can fit a 17 inch screen
  • Great quality
  • Ideal for road trips and long haul flights
  • Also has lots of compartments

YISIBO 3D Cartoon Backpack

  • So many colourful character to choose from
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Large capacity for all their toys
  • Waterproof

Yodo Insulated Backpack

  • Backpack comes with toddlers safety harness
  • Insulated to keep snacks at the right temperature
  • Lightweight
  • Cool characters to choose form

Kids E-Z Travel Lap Tray

  • Turns into a travel tray
  • Includes larger surface area
  • Zipper-protected pocket
  • Holds notebooks, crayons, snacks, or even a tablet.

Skip Hop Kids luggage Owl

  • Used as a suitcase or travel bag
  • Lots of pockets and compartments
  • Great Owl design kids will love
  • Sturdy poly-canvas fabric

Best travel bags for toddlers reviews

Whether you are going on a long haul flight or a road trip it’s important that you choose the best bag for traveling with toddlers. We have done all the hard work for you and selected our top 10 travel bags for toddlers, so whatever the occasion there’s sure to be the right travel bag for you below.

Fjallraven – Kanken Classic Pack

The Fjallraven Kanken bag is an iconic Scandinavian school bag that has been in style since 1978. Made from dirt and water resistant Vinylon F the Fjallraven Kanken travel bag is perfect for every adventure, especially with kids, we all know how dirty they get things. The Kanken is a comfortable bag and has a ver generous 16L capacity to fit all your toddlers toys in. If you want to stand out from the crowd this fashionable designer travel bag is a great choice. For more information you can check out the full specification here.

Beatrix new york Little Kid Backpack

The Beatrix New York Little Backpack is well designed and made of durable nylon that is easy to clean. The large interior fits all your toddlers toys, crayons books and more. The padded back panel and padded shoulder straps make the bag super comfortable. The bags come with a beautiful selection of forest creatures to choose from capturing your child’s imagination. For more information and to see the full range click here.

Skip Hop Zoo Toddlers Bag

This friendly faced backpack is where fun meets function. Its main compartment is roomy and features insulated pouches for keeping your toddlers snacks at the right temperature. Skip Hop Toddlers bag comes is a selection of friendly characters for both boys and girls. The bag is also easy cleaning and includes a write-on nametag inside. Overall the Skip Hop toddlers bag is comfortable, lightweight and a great choice for your toddlers travel bag, you can read more here.

Trunki Ride on suitcase

Trunki ride on suitcases are a life saver in the airport and keep toddlers entertained until you’re ready to board your flight. With Trunki cases you can ride on, tow along or even double as a toy trunk or a seat. They are hard wearing, lightweight and you can choose from various characters and colours, making them a great for flying or road trips.

Kids travel tray bag

This awesome high quality travel bag collapses down into travel tray, perfect for keeping toddlers entertained on long haul flights and road trips. You can also hook it over the seat in font to you and use it to watch your tablet and. Also comes with shoulder strap has plenty of storage room on the inside to bring along their favourite colouring books, toys, or snacks! Also has 1 zipper pocket and 3 additional pockets to store crayons, markers, pencils, and more. Check it out here.

Back seat organiser

This back seat organiser is specifically designed for toddlers. Features a luxurious iPad pocket, elasticated cup holders & large zippered compartments for extra clothes and books. There is a place for everything with this back seat organiser, so travel in peace on your next road trip.

YISIBO 3D Cartoon Backpack

All kids will love the YISIBO cartoon backpack due to the sheer number of different characters you can choose from, such a colourful lions, monkey’s, dinosaurs and more. When looking for the best travel bag for toddlers its important that they are lightweight, durable, waterproof and have a large capacity. Well, the YISIBO bag ticks all the boxes as well as looking awesome! Check out all the different characters here!

Yodo Insulated Backpack

The Yodo travel bag is an all-in-one backpack, safety harness and lunch bag in one making it a great choice for traveling. The insulated bag will keep all your toddlers snacks at the right temperature (warm or cool) for up to 3 hours. The bag has a great design that toddlers will love making it an excellent choice for your toddlers first travel bag.

Kids E-Z Travel Lap Tray

This travel tray is great for families on the go, you can take this portable tray anywhere, from road tips, in the stroller or on a long haul flight. This travel tray can be carried as a messenger bag or backpack. It has a large surface area and lots of extra storage pockets to hold, notebooks, crayons, snacks and even tablets. For more information click here.

Skip Hop Kids luggage Owl

If you are looking for a travel bag / case with a larger capacity then this is the case for you. It features a retractable 13-inch handle for easy carry on and removable, adjustable parent strap if you want to use it as a backpack. The front zip pocket with mesh divider makes it easy to reach smaller items like snacks or books. Click here to find out more.

What to look for when buying a toddlers bag

If you are looking for the best bag for traveling with toddlers then check out these handy tips of what to look for to make your next journey a breeze!

1. Get a character theme

It’s always a good idea when looking for travel bags for toddlers that you get something colourful or something they can relate to. Their favourite characters or animal themed bags are always a popular choice.

2. Lots of compartments

Some of the best bags for traveling with toddlers come with lots of different compartments for all their toys, books, snacks and spare clothes. This is always very handy if you need to find something quick.

3. Lightweight

Due to the amount of things toddlers want to travel with it’s important to get a lightweight travel bag so it doesn’t weigh them up. Just make sure that your chosen bag is good quality though!

4. Fits in overhead on plane

The best travel bag for traveling with toddlers must fit in the overhead, so don’t buy anything too big. The last thing you want is to be charged extra or for it to be put in the planes hold with your cases.

5. Ride along

Trunki have a ride on suitcase for toddlers and come in a range of colours and characters. Our son loves his Trunki, he flies around the airport on it, keeping him entertained for hours.

6. Back seat organiser

Back seat organizers is perfect for flying long haul or adventuring on a big road trip. You simply strap it around the seat in front of you and it has lots of compartments which can hold tablets, phones, food, books crayons and toys. Great if your plans doesn’t have in-flight entertainment.

7. Bag with a tray

Great for families on the go, perfect for long haul flights and road trips. This handy backpack collapses down into an activity tray for toddlers.

8. Waterproof

As we all know toddlers can have accidents and lots of them, so getting a waterproof travel bag is never a bad idea.

9. Versatility

Versatility when traveling ­is essential, so you may want to consider getting a 2 in 1 suitcase that can also be used as a backpack.

Thanks for reading our guide on the best bag for traveling with toddlers, we hope the information helps you choose the perfect bag for your little one. Rest assured that your next flight or road trip will be a peaceful one.

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