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Babyzen Yoyo Buggy Board Review

People always asked us if it was hard traveling with a baby and we always said no, we found it pretty easy as our son loved to sit in his stroller and nosy at everything going on, all the new noises, smells, skyscrapers, beaches, parks he loved it all. However, when we got to the age where he no longer needed a stroller this is when we found it harder. Babyzen Yoyo+ Board (Amazon)

He only has little legs and you can’t expect a little 4-year-old to walk the streets of a city without getting tired quickly, it’s just not fair. So, we adapted the way we traveled when he was at that age and found things took a lot longer and we didn’t really get to see everything we hoped but this all comes with traveling with kids, you can’t always stick to a schedule and we accept this completely.

When Riley came along the lovely people at Babyzen kindly send us the Babyzen Yoyo and board. We had thought about getting a stroller with a board so were beyond excited when they got in touch.

Here we will tell you how we got on with the board, what my son really thought and let you know if we would recommend it. Although the stroller and board were gifted to us this review is 100% my honest opinion.

About the Board

The board is designed to exclusively fit onto the back of the yoyo+ stroller with just one click. It has the impressive feature of not only space for your child to stand but a seat so they can sit and relax, I loved this idea as tired little legs will want to sit and rest. The board is suitable for ages 2-5 years old, up to 44lbs/20kg. My son is 5 years old and fits quite comfortably on the back. He was extremely excited to try the seat out and I now have to take it on the school run so he can show off to all his friends!


I remember the first time I used the board my youngest son was having a huge screaming fit so I was trying to put it together as fast as I could and I’m not joking when I say it literally took me 20 seconds! All you have to do is pinch the two white loops together and slot into place then let go and that is it, it simply clicks into place, you only need one hand.

To remove is just as easy, again pinch the loops, pull together and its off. The seat is also removable for easier storage or simply if your child just wants to stand. My conclusion for the installation is that anyone can do it, it’s extremely easy to put together and take apart.


The board comes with a removable seat and an anti-slip system so their little feet don’t slide off. We used the board around town and through a muddy forest and we had no incidents of slipping off. The board has an inbuilt suspension to make the ride as smooth as possible for your child.  The path was very uneven on our trip to the forest and the board didn’t tip or become unstable once, we were very impressed.

Ease of Use

To be completely honest it took me a moment to figure out how I was going to push the stroller with my son on the board as there isn’t much room for your own feet once the board is attached on. I’m 5’5 so I found walking to the side of the stroller and pushing it with one hand was definitely the easiest way of doing it.

I know what you’re probably thinking “how is it possible to push a baby in a stroller with a 5-year-old on the back with one hand?” Let me tell you it’s completely possible and this is from someone who suffers from a very bad back. This is the one thing I was so impressed with was that I could push both my boys easily and I didn’t get the usual back pain from pushing just a pram.

I’m not saying this will be the same for everyone else with back pain, but it sure helps me. My husband who is 5’11 said he too found it easier to push the stroller with one hand to the side.


The board comes with a strap so you can pull up the board if your child no longer needs to use the board. Another option is to take off the seat and store in the spacious basket under the stroller.

Either way, it is more than possible to put the board away whilst you are out. You do need to detach the board before you fold down the stroller, but both can be easily stored in the protective bag that comes along with the Babyzen yoyo+. I love this bag, it’s so easy to put the stroller into in so it doesn’t get damaged.

Value for Money

The Babyzen + board retails at around £100 and I think it’s worth every penny! When we traveled to Italy my son constantly complained of being tired and we carried him a lot so I’m extremely excited to use the board on our big trip this summer to Asia.

It’s seriously going to make our life so much easier, it already has on days out when he’s got tired and wanted a rest with his little brother. It is on the more expensive side, but I really believe you get what you pay for and with this, you are paying for quality and durability.


I did have a look at other buggy boards, but nothing came close to the Babyzen board. It seems to have far more space for feet than most and you can see straight away it’s extremely sturdy and strong when clipped into place. I like that it has two wheels for balance and the seat is made well and comfortable (well so my son keeps telling me) That’s one thing I have found with Babyzen is the high quality of their products.

Where to Buy?

Baby Zen Yoyo+ Board

BABYZEN YOYO Board - Safe for Children Up to 44 Pounds - Requires YOYO2 Frame (Sold Separately)

The Babyzen Yoyo+ Board (Amazon) Well my son is very happy with his board and if he’s happy I’m happy. We’ve enjoyed many a day out now with the Babyzen Yoyo+ and board and it really has come in handy when he has gotten tired. It is defiantly coming on all our travels and I don’t need to worry about carrying it as it’s all so compact and small.

The Babyzen Yoyo board is perfect for getting through airports quickly and especially on your travels, as their little legs get tired easily when exploring. Simply let your child jump on and have a fun ride then carry on exploring.

It’s lightweight, portable and made from high-quality materials so it’s guaranteed to last. It’s so easy to set up with a single click connection and you’re ready to go. I’d recommend anyone with a baby and a toddler to invest in the Babyzen yoyo+ and board you won’t regret it trust me!


  • Only need one hand to insert and remove
  • Easy to click on and off
  • 2 years warranty
  • Removable seat
  • Built in suspension
  • Anti-slip system
  • Strap for storage / carrying


  • Can be tricky to push with a child on at first, much easier to walk to the side.
Kelly Bullock