Yes, you read that right, you can be swimming with pigs in the Bahamas Exuma.

Pig Island is an uninhabited island located in Exuma, Bahamas. It is inhabited by around 20 feral pigs that live on the island and love to swim in the sea and greet tourists.

The swimming pigs have made quite a storm on the internet, celebrities, footballers, the world’s rich and famous have travelled around the world to see the swimming pigs at Exuma. The swimming pigs attract thousands of visitors each year, all wanting to get that pig selfie and complete one of the most sort after bucket lists.

How did the pigs end up on Exuma?

There are a few theory’s about how the swimming pigs ended up at Exuma, they range from:

  • The pigs were dropped off by some sailors who intended to come back to cook and eat the pigs but never returned. (Thank god!)

  • The pigs survived a ship wreck and swam to pig island

  • The swimming pigs escaped a nearby Islet farm.

  • The pigs were all part of a plan to get more tourists to the are so were planted there.

swimming pigs on pig island at Exuma pig beach

Whatever the reason they are now all fed by locals and tourists and live a happy life swimming in the Caribbean ocean and snoozing on the powder white sands, lucky pigs hey!

Where is pig island?

“Pig Beach” or “Pig Island” (as the locals call it) is located on Big Major Cay, 82 miles southeast of Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas.

Pig Beach is one of over 365 Islands in Exuma and is just north of Staneil Cay. The island is completely uninhabited by humans and there are around 20 pigs and piglets that are not at all native to the island.

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When is the best time to go see the pigs at Exuma?

Most tours to Pig Island run between 9am and sunset. Try to get to the island as early as possible to avoid over crowding, you will find the later you go the pigs are all full up and will probably want to rest rather than swim.

It is recommended that you avoid hurricane season as the pigs are taken off the island and to safe shelter.

swimming pigs on pig island at Exuma pig beach

How to get to Exuma Bahamas?

You can easily get to Great Exuma Island International Airport via direct flights from Nassau, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and more. There are several flights from Nassau to Exuma daily.

If you are travelling from the U.K. you can fly direct from London otherwise you can do a multi-center holiday where you can connect in Miami then fly on to Nassau where you can get your flight to Exuma.

The best way to get to Exuma if you are wishing to visit the swimming pigs is to get an internal flight to Staniel Cay, Black Point, or Farmer’s Cay. Click here for more information.

From Nassau you can pretty much fly to anywhere in the Bahamas, simply key in your dates from Nassau to ‘Everywhere’ on Sky Scanner and book the flights.

You can take daily tours from Nassau and great Exuma to Pig Island, but it will be a lot of travelling by boat.

How do you get to Pig Island?

The only way to reach Pig Beach is by boat, so you’ll either have to charter one or take a guided tour.

A popular tour company in the area is 4C’s Adventures, which offers a full-day tour that includes visiting the pigs, swimming with nurse sharks, meeting iguanas, a sandbar picnic, and snorkeling in the famous Thunderball Grotto (a scenic spot that has been in two James Bond films), for $160 per person.

If you’re willing to venture out on your own, you can rent a boat from for as little as $250 for a full day (or include a guide for an additional fee).

You may also want to weigh your options with your hotel. At nearby Fowl Cay Resort, daily boat rentals are included in the price of your stay (as is an orientation for novice skippers).

swimming pigs on pig island at Exuma pig beach

How to get to Pig Island from Exuma

The only way to reach Pig beach is by boat so a tour to the island is probably the best bet. From Great Exuma 4C’s Adventures offer a guided tour to the island. On the way your tour guide will fill you in with lots of information about the local islands as you sail through the Exuma Cays.

The tour includes swimming with the pigs on Pig Beach, swimming with sharks at Compass bay, feeding the iguanas at White Leaf Cay, snorkelling at thunder ball Grotto and a picnic on the mile long sandbar. Now doesn’t that sound like an amazing day out!! The day trips costs $160pp.

How to get to Pig Island from Nassau offer a full all-inclusive day trip to Pig island from Nassau for $388pp. They are fully licensed and insured and have even won the certificate of excellence from trip advisor. However they do not allow children under 12 years on the tour.

Nassau isn’t too close to Exuma so you can take a flight from Nassau to George Town from £75pp one way then take a boat ride over. A night’s stay in a local hotel would probably be advisable.

Exuma Cays tour offer a full day tour from 9am-5pm for $200pp. There are lots of stops on the way including the grotto used in James Bond’s Thunder ball, compass cay to swim with nurse sharks and iguana island.

swimming pigs on pig island at Exuma pig beach

How to get to Pig Island from Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay Vacations offer a short boat ride to pig island for $45pp. Hotels on the island will all do tours to Pig Island.

However you could do it in style and  rent a boat from $250 from Staniel Cay Rentals.

Can you feed the pigs?

Yes, you can for now. There has been talk that there could be new regulations put in place around feeding the pigs.

If you do feed the pigs be sure to feed them fruits and vegetables and not crisps or chocolate. Im’m sure your tour guide will advice you on this or even provide the food for you.

Try to feed the pigs away from the sand in the sea to avoid sand ingestion. I’m sure the pigs would appreciate some fresh water just as much as food. The water supply is limited on the island.

swimming pigs on pig island at Exuma pig beach

What other things can I do at Exuma?

There is more to Exuma than just the swimming pigs, such as:

  • Visit Compass Cay to swim with Nurse Sharks

  • Visit Bitter Guana Cay to see the endangered Exuma Island Iguanas

  • Cocoplum Beach is known for its sand dollars – little sand bank islands that appear in low tide

  • Visit Little Farmer’s Cay to swim and feed sea turtles

  • Snorkel at some amazing locations like the Thunderball Grotto and The Aquarium.

Watch the video below which highlights some of the things you can do:

Where is best to stay at Exuma?

Staniel Cay is minutes from Pig Island and is more accessible than most options as it is so close to the airport.

A popular stay is at Staniel Cay Yacht Club’s private bungalows, prices starting at around $180 per night. These colourful bungalows sit above the marina where you can watch nurse sharks and an array of colourful fish swim directly below you. Even better, sit back on your private porch, sip a cocktail, relax and watch the sunset.

Another couple of options worth considering is Isles Inn at around $130 per night and you get free use of the golf cart to get around.

Finally there is Embrace Resort featuring 7 themed villas and the only spa, fitness center on the island, along with a luxurious poolside cabana and an upscale restaurant.

staniel cay bungalows exuma bahamas

Watch the swimming pigs in action

One last video – I can’t get enough of these pigs! I hope this post has been helpful and you have enjoyed it please like, share an follow us!

Exuma Travel Guide Book

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