Jellyfish Lake in Palau is certainly one for the bucket list. Jellyfish Lake hosts stingless golden mastigias and translucent moon jellyfish that migrate from one side of the lake to the other to follow the path of the sun. 

Jellyfish Lake Palau

The jellyfish enter the lake through a small passage that separates the lake from the ocean, they can’t go back through the passage so they end up trapped in the lake. Which is great for us tourists and travellers allowing us to swim with them and tick it off our bucket list.

As you approach the lake you can instantly see thousands of jellyfish. Don’t be scared though the jellyfish are perfectly safe to swim with, they are totally harmless and are not poisonous so they won’t sting you.

Where is jellyfish lake?

Palau is an archipelago of over 500 islands, part of the Micronesia region in the western Pacific Ocean. Consisting of more than 200 majestical limestone and volcanic islands.

Palau is world renowned for its snorkeling and scuba diving sites, blue waters and stunning beaches. Jellyfish lake is located on Eil Malk which is an uninhabited island near Koror

Swimming with Jellyfish - Jellyfish lake Palau

Things to do in Palau

  • Cover your body in Milky Way limestone clay. Most tours of the Rock Islands will stop here

  • Visit Ngardmau Falls waterfall, there are lots of tours that will visit here

  • Take a jungle safari on 4WD adventure exploring the incredible landscapes, villages and WWII relics

  • Kayak the Rock Islands at night to see bioluminescent organisms glow in the waters

When is the best time to go Jellyfish Lake?

Palau has an average temperature within the mid 80s and high humidity, making it a good place to visit all year round. The best time to visit is November to April or February to March where the chance of rainfall is lower.

Swimming with Jellyfish - Jellyfish lake Palau

How to get to Jellyfish Lake

The majority of excursions to Jellyfish Lake are from Koror, where Palau International Airport is located.

The main gateways to Palau are Guam, Manila (Philippines), Seoul (South Korea), Taipei (Taiwan) and Tokyo (Japan). Check out United Airlines who normally do direct flights.

The city center is a 20 minute taxi ride from the airport, although a lot of the hotels offer a shuttle bus service, both options are around $20-25.

How to get around Palau

You can travel around Koror Palau by car, taxi or shuttle bus. You can rent a car at the airport or at most hotel resorts. Renting a car has its downsides as there are no street signs or traffic lights, but if your up for an adventure then why not!

A taxi can easily be arranged and doesn’t break the bank at around only $8, fares are based on the destination you are going to. Most hotels and excursions offer shuttle buses so make sure you get in touch with them before arranging anything to see what they offer and how much it is.

Swimming with Jellyfish - Jellyfish lake Palau

Best places to eat in Palau

For such a small county and a relatively unknown location, Palau has a wide variety of food to suit the tastebuds of everyone, featuring Japanese, Korean, Filipino and American.

For a full list of the top 10 places to eat in Palau check out TripAdvisors top 10

Best places to stay in Palau

Here are a few hotels worth checking out, varying in price ranges:

  • Palau Pacific Resort

  • Palau Royal Resort

  • Aliiibamou Resorts Carolines

  • Palau Plantation Resort

Swimming with Jellyfish - Jellyfish lake Palau

Important Information when travelling to Palau

  • You will need to purchase a state rock island permit for $100 in order to scuba dive, kayak and swim in Jellyfish Lake. If your booking a tour they will usually inform you about what to do next.

  • There is a $50 per person departure tax which is to be paid in cash at the airport when you depart Palau

  • Be respectful when swimming in Jellyfish Lake, there are rules on the notice board as you walk to the lake

  • No scuba diving is allowed in Jellyfish lake in order to protect the jellyfish from bubbles getting trapped in the jellyfish’s bell.

Where is Palau located in the world?

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