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Read through our guide to the best kid-friendly places to visit in Hong Kong for your next family vacation! Starting from theme parks to beautiful beaches, you are sure to have an immersive experience. We can assure you that a holiday at the Asia’s World City can be a trip of amazement.

If you want to have a mixture of fun and education, Hong Kong will not disappoint you. There are edutainment centers present in the big and wonderful city. Strolling around to enjoy the city is easy and comfortable.

Depending on your mood, you can go for a chilled day to soak the sun or try some fun water sports. Else you can opt for sweet rides at amusement parks; the choice is yours. Here we present you with the best places to explore in Hong Kong with your kids.

Hong Kong Disneyland

hong kong kid friendly places disneyland

Experience the fun realm of Hong Kong Disneyland, an adventure packed family day out to remember!

  • Explore the seven distinct themed lands.
  • Enjoy the fun roller coasters
  • Remember to book tickets in advance!

The Hong Kong Disneyland is bound to be your kid’s favorite destination in the city. You might want to plan a whole day so you can enjoy it to its whole. Experience the seven themed lands which include Fantasyland, Adventureland, and more! Don’t forget to take a picture so that you can flaunt on Instagram later.

You can interact with many Disney characters gathering excitement from the kids. To wrap up the day, you can even choose to stay at the hotels in Disney land. In the morning you can have a fun start to the day with the characters.

The experience of the Hong Kong Disneyland is different than others with its distinct culture. Space Mountain is an excellent ride to experience. It’s better to book the tickets in advance online. This will help you avoid the big lines at the ticketing booths.

Visit Ocean Park

hong kong kid friendly places ocean park

Be prepared to be blown away at Ocean Park, from rollercoasters, dolphins to an aquarium! 

  • Explore the Grand Aquarium.
  • Ride the thrilling roller coasters and toy cars.
  • Witness amazing creatures like Pandas and Penguins.

The Ocean Park also holds its reputation for being one of the most fun places in Hong Kong. Be it the big aquarium, zoos, or the exciting amusement park; it will surely amaze you. It can stand to be a favorite day out for your kids.

The Grand Aquarium at the park features unique sea creatures like sharks and turtles. The Polar exhibit has walruses, penguins, and sea lions even and not to miss out on famous Pandas that your kids will adore.

You can even have a fun time as the Dolphin show followed by car rides along with huge rollercoasters. These are suitable even for the little ones. No wonder that Ocean Part is the top most popular destinations in Hong Kong.

Visit the Big Buddha

hong kong kid friendly places big buddah

Simply wow! Take in the extraordinary sight of the incredible Big Buddha!

  • Explore the peaceful vicinity with a monastery to experience.
  • Breathe in through the exceptional views of the landscapes.

The Big Buddha is present at the Lantau Island, and it comes to be a secure place to explore with kids. You can essentially spend the whole day exploring this famous landmark which can be a fun adventure. Experience the monastery along with the Big Buddha.

The drive to the location is also very exciting as the kids will love the cable car ride. The views along the way are just spectacular which will make you fall in love with the place.

Later in the evening, you can visit the Tai O Village. It is known to be the oldest fishing village of Hong Kong. Try the distinct seafood stalls along with a smooth boat ride. The kids will truly enjoy the stilted house alongside.

Star Ferry Ride

hong kong kid friendly places big buddah

Take a relaxing ride across the Harbour and admire the beauty of Hong Kong.

  • Take a short ferry ride.
  • Witness the beautiful views of the harbor.

The Star Ferry Hong Kong is an American boat which is like a football in shape. It takes journeys starting from the Central to the Kowloon or even the Wai Chain to Kowloon. This historic boat finishes the journey in a few minutes only.

The other rides in the Star Ferry are comparatively cheap, and you will love the exciting journey. A tip to note is you should avoid sitting on the lower deck so you can avoid the coal fumes. This would cost you some extra bucks, but it will be worth it.

This stands to be one of the world’s most photographed harbors. If you want to witness spectacular views, then opt for the Tsim Sha Tsui-Central route. Go for an evening ride or at dawn to capture the beautiful skyline along with the Victoria Peak.

Victoria Peak

hong kong kid friendly places victoria peak

Admire the breathtaking views of the Hong Kong skyline from Victoria Peak!

  • Breathe on the highest point of the city and absorb the view.
  • Arrive at the peak through the Peak Tram.

Since colonial times, the highest location on the island has been an attractive location to visit. The views you will witness here are one of the world’s most spectacular cityscapes. The view from the top is a sight to behold capturing Asia’s World City in all its glory, something the kids will remember for a lifetime.

If you choose to visit it during the day-time, you’ll get to see the gleaming skyscrapers. Along with that, your eyes will range from the Victoria Harbor and green hills in the New Territories. While in the evening you can encapsulate the shimmering city beneath you.

The peak tram comes to be another visual experience. You’ll get to see the skyscrapers slide through the windows as you arrive at the peak. At the peak, you can visit the Peak Cafe or even stroll around Madame Tussaud’s. This will surely be a treat for your eyes as well as your kids.

Essential travel gear

Here is some essential travel gear that we never travel without:

  • Water shoes: It’s important to protect your feet in the water, so I would recommend getting a pair of water shoes for everyone, especially the little ones. You will be able to run on the beach and even go swimming in the water with them.
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  • Toddler Backpack: Why not give your little one their own toddler backpack when traveling to keep all their toys in, our son has one and he loves the sense of responsibility. He also has a Ride on Suitcase which he loves flying around the airport in, provides hours of entertainment.
  • Backpack for back pain: With all the walking up hills, cobbled streets and hiking you will need a good backpack, one that will help ease the load on your back, here are the best backpacks for back pain, that will be perfect for walking around Santorini.
  • Bug spray: As you may know, I get bitten a lot on holiday, too much in fact. So, I never travel anywhere without some mosquito spray. I even have to wear it at home here in the UK when I take my dogs for a walk to protect against other bugs and horse flies.
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The Verdict

Hong Kong is a lot more than just a cosmopolitan city, and you are bound to enjoy its hidden gems. Even though you are traveling with kids, it does not limit you to savor the place to the fullest.

One thing is for sure that Hong Kong will surprise you with its charming aura. There are a countless number of things to explore in Asia’s World City. The unique locations promise you with an immense amount of adventure and fun.

If you’re looking for accommodation in Hong Kong then take a look at our Best Accommodation for Families in Hong Kong. All these hotels are child-friendly, situated in great locations and are affordable.

Kelly Bullock