Map of airport WIFI passwords from around the world

This awesome Airport wifi passwords map is a game changer for travelling and waiting around in airports!

We have all been there before sat in the airport not being able access the WIFI or having to pay a fortune to use your data abroad. This can be a struggle especially with young children trying to keep them entertained, it’s hard!

The interactive map is at the bottom of this post…

airport wifi passwords map

However, now thanks to Anil Pola a travel blogger and computer security engineer these passwords have now been revealed on a handy map from airports around the world.

So next time you are sat in airports like Manchester, JFK, Charles de Gaulle Airport and many more, simply check out this map and find the WIFI password! Say goodbye to data roaming and over charging!

The map is regularly updated and provides passwords and locations hundreds of airport logins from around the world. Enjoy!

Kelly Bullock