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best stroller hacks for baby and toddler

I think we can all agree on one thing when it comes to kids and storage…

There simply isn’t enough room… for anything!

Especially with strollers and prams as most are big and bulky.

So, with that in mind, I have spent hours researching all the best places you can store your stroller and save some much-needed space in your home.

There are also some clever storage hacks in here that I think you’ll love!

Let’s get started…

1. Car trunk

where to store a stroller
If there’s not enough room in your house or you live in an apartment then why not store your stroller in the trunk of your vehicle?

You can get some bungee cords and wrap them around the head and backrest and store your stroller upright saving room in your vehicle too.

2. Hang on the door

where to store a stroller - hang on the door
You can purchase some large durable door hooks, then you hang your stroller from your door, saving floor space.

This is a great idea for the utility room, garage, or basement doors. Over time your door will become scratched and dirty though!

3. Stroller shed tent

where to store a stroller - stroller shed tent
A bike tent can be used for storing away your stroller. If you don’t want the stroller in the house then this is a great option.

Just be careful of rust and damage over time or if the tent breaks or leaks. Another thing to consider is thieves would find it easy to get into.

4. Under the stairs

where to store a stroller - under the stairs
Along with car trunk this is where my stroller goes. There isn’t a huge amount of space under our stairs, but plenty of room for our stroller.

It’s extremely handy as it’s downstairs near the front and back door so we can quickly get out and on our walks.

5. Use a Moses basket stroller

where to store a stroller - bassinet stroller
If you are really struggling for space, then why not consider buying a stroller with a bassinet.

This way you get the best of both worlds and you can keep it in their bedroom. Bed at night, stroller in the day.

6. Bike Shed

where to store a stroller - bike and stroller shed
A strong mental storage unit / shed will keep your stroller safe from both harsh weather and thieves.

Simply, open the door and wheel your stroller out, saving much-needed space in the house.

7. Garden Shed

where to store a stroller - garden shed
A lot of my friends store their stroller in their garden shed, a convinent way to keep it hidden and out of the house.

However, storing your stroller in the garden shed you may be subject to damp, mold, and insects! So, not for me this one!

8. In the garage

where to store a stroller - store in the garage
If your garage is big enough then this is the perfect place to store your stroller. You could even buy some hooks and hang your stroller on the wall.

I’ve got a bad back and not very strong, so wall mounting is not for me, however, the garage is a great option.

9. Get a foldable stroller

where to store a stroller - foldable stroller
One of our strollers is the BabyZen Yoyo, and it is simply amazing. If collpases and folds down to the size of a medium hangbag.

So, consider getting a smaller stroller, I can literally store this beauty anywhere and it doesn’t take up any room.

10. Use the baby room

where to store a stroller - baby room
Nobody wants a stroller sat in the middle of the front room or kitchen, so why not keep all the baby gear together in their room?

My son’s room isn’t really big enough for this, but if yours is this might be an option for consideration.

11. Conservatory

where to store a stroller - conservatory
With direct access to the garden a convervatory could be a great place to store your stroller as it’s not somewhere you spend a lot of time in.

Just be wary of weather conditions in summer (very hot) and winter (very cold).

12. Carport

where to store a stroller - carport
I wouldn’t use a carport for your strollers permant home, as your stroller with be subject to the seasonal weather conditions.

However, it’s a nice option to leave out for the day, it might be worth getting a bike lock for safety.

13. Front / back door

where to store a stroller - front and back door
Storing your stoller near the front or back door is more of a convenience option. Our hallway is pretty small so it would block getting in and out of the house.

If you have enough space, you could get some wall or door hooks too.

14. Greenhouse

where to store a stroller - greenhouse
If your greenhouse isn’t full or fruit and veg already then it might be a good place to store your stroller, allowing you more floor space in your house.

Keep in mind spiders might like to make your stroller their home along with other insects.

15. Nursery

where to store a stroller - nursery
Your nursery would be a great place to keep your stroller, especially if it’s big enough, and if it’s downstairs that’s an added bonus.

Your little one can go from playtime to walkies in no time.

16. Wardrobe

where to store a stroller - wardrobe
If your stroller is lightweight and foldable then why not store it in your wardrobe or downstairs storage cabinets.

Usually, stuff that gets put in the wardrobe never sees the light of day again, I would recommend keeping it at the front where it’s easily accessible.

17. Use a baby sling

where to store a stroller - baby sling
You may not have enough room for a stroller in your house, therefore why not consider a baby sling as an alternative then when they’re older move to a lightweight stroller.

This way you save some money and floor space at the same time.

18. Basement

where to store a stroller - hallway
Out of sight, out of mind. Keeping your stroller in the basement keeps your house nice and tidy.

However, it just means carrying up and down the stairs then through the house every day. This one might be for when you have guests around.

19. Hallway

where to store a stroller - hallway
If you trust your neighbors and live in an apartment then you could leave your stroller in the hallway outside your door.

If you are thinking about this option then you should consider getting a bike lock to keep it secure.

20. In the garden

where to store a stroller - stroller garden raincover
My final option and not one I’d use as a long term storage solution for your stroller is to buy a large stroller rain cover for outside.

Make sure you get a large cover that goes over the whole stroller to keep it completely dry.

Things to conisder

Here are some handy tips for you to consider to help you decide where best to store your stroller:

1. Security

Consider some security measures if you’re planning on leaving our stroller outdoors on in public.

2. Access

Don’t risk blocking doors, fire escapes, or access points, you can never be too safe especially with kids.

3. Stroller hacks

You can create simple and cost-effective storage solutions to help save space, such as door hooks.

4. Longevity

Will the chosen storage solution last? It might be best to get the best solution rather than the cheapest.

5. Location

Think carefully about where you will store your stroller especially outside or in a shed (mold etc).

Frequently asked questions

Here are some popular questions that keep getting asked in and around the stroller and parent community.

Hopefully, I will answer some of your questions below: –

Where can I store a double stroller?

If your doors are wide enough you may be able to hang your double stroller behind your door with a hook.

The most common size for an exterior doorway is approximately 36 inches, which all double strollers will fit through. Interior doorways range from 28 to 26 inches.

So make sure you measure your doors and your stroller to see if this is possible.

Other good places to store a double stroller include:

  • Outdoor container or plastic storage shed
  • Garage storage
  • Keep in the trunk of your car

Where can I store a stroller in a small apartment?

If you have an apartment you may not have the necessary storage space to put a stroller or a double stroller. Therefore you need to get a little creative!

Why not try some of the following?

  • Hang your stroller on the door with hooks
  • Store under the bed
  • Store in the trunk of your car
  • Use a bike lock to store in the hallway
  • Store on the balcony, if your apartment has one

Where is it best to store a stroller at my house?

There are many places you can store your stroller in your house to help you free up some of that all-important space.

My favorites include:

  • Under the stairs
  • Hang from doors with hooks
  • Garage
  • Utility room

Where can I store a stroller in my garden?

When storing your stroller in the garden you need to take into consideration the following:

  • Weather conditions
  • Correct ventilation
  • Method of storage
  • Security measures

With this in mind, I would recommend against storing your stroller in a shed or a greenhouse as your stroller may be subject to bugs and spiders. Another thing to consider is how secure your stroller will be left outside.

Therefore I would store your stroller in a hard plastic storage container with a strong safety lock.

What are parents saying?

Here’s a selection of some parent’s favorite hacks and what they love.

We live in an small house with 2 kids, so we have multiple strollers. I use a combination of the door hooks and leavingt them near the front door for ready for the school run. Karen Door hooks and front door
We have a plastic shed for all our strollers, keeps the mud out and our house nice and tidy. Mags Plastic storage shed
We leave everything in the car trunk, simply because it's out of the way and ready for my daily route in the morning. Sue Car trunk
I tend to keep mine in the garden in out bike tent, if I bring the stroller in the house it goes under the stairs. James Bike tent and under the stairs

Final Thoughts

So, that’s our 20 best stroller storage solutions that will provide you with more space in your home and hopefully provide you with more effective ways to store your stroller.

Overall, there are so many different ways to store your stroller but it all depends on your circumstances and preference, as a quick reminder before you go, you might want to consider the following: –

  • The size of your home
  • Your budget
  • Weather conditions
  • Security
  • How accessible you need your stroller
  • Are there any alternatives or hacks

I hope you have found this guide a useful resource!

Please let me know in the comments what your favorite location is for your stroller, or if I’ve missed any that you would like adding to the list!


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