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Finding your perfect stroller or pram that is often a tough ask.

Affording one is often even tougher, especially brand new!

So, why not consider purchasing a used stroller or pram instead? There are some amazing bargains out there to be had at a fraction of the cost.

Take me for example, I spent well over $1,200 on an all singing and dancing Silver Cross Travel System, 3 years later I sold it for less than $300!

So, after hours of research and brain dumping, I have created the ultimate guide for everything you need to know when buying a used pram or stroller.

Let’s get started…

Things to consider when buying a used stroller

With each and every year that goes by the demand for second-hand baby gear increases, ranging from strollers, toys, baby gates, clothes and everything else imaginable.

I’m sure I speak for most parents when I say this… we have one big bedroom full of old baby gear that doesn’t even get used anymore!

It’s just sat there, doing nothing taking up space.

Therefore, parents like me will sell it for a fraction of the cost, whether it’s on eBay, Facebook, or where ever, we just want it gone.

So, if you’re looking for a used stroller there’s some incredible finds out there waiting to be yours.

Here’s my handy checklist to help you along your way (I guarantee it will help you).

What’s your stroller’s usage?

Before buying any stroller you should consider what your strollers primary function will be and don’t settle for the first stroller you find or the cheapest.
Try asking yourself some of the following questions: –
  • How often will you use your stroller?
  • Will you be using your stroller in winter (snow and ice)?
  • Do you travel and fly a lot?
  • Do you love running?
  • Are you planning on having more children?
  • Will your stroller be going over rough terrain?

Everyone will answer differently because everyone’s needs and daily routines are different. So, if you travel and fly regularly you should consider a lightweight stroller or if you love running then a jogging stroller would be perfect.

I love to plan ahead, we knew early on that we wanted two children, therefore we opted for a travel system that matched out routine and one we could use for every occasion further down the line.

If you just after a stroller for occasional use then you don’t need to break the bank just opt for a lightweight stroller. If you’re thinking of adding another stroller to your collection this handy guide provides some great ideas where to store your stroller.

Don’t break the bank

Just because a stroller is used doesn’t mean it’s not of good quality. In fact, you’ll find a lot of second-hand strollers have been well maintained or rarely used.

The only potential downside is if the model of the stroller you’re looking at has been discontinued or the company no longer exists.

Even if this is the case, with a little help from Google I’m sure you’ll be able to find the replacement parts, you can always try checking eBay, Facebook, or search for manufacturer repair centers.

So, there’s no need to break the bank if you find the right used stroller. You can find some really good quality strollers out there, just shop around and you’ll get one at a fraction of the price.

Take your time

Take your time to find the right stroller! It’s worth taking that little bit longer and getting the highest quality stroller for your money.

Compare strollers against each other, things like:

  • Cost / Postage
  • Quality
  • Wear and tear
  • Distance from you

Take your time viewing your stroller so you don’t miss anything and try to arrange a viewing in the daytime so you can examine in detail. Ask the seller questions like:

  • Is the stroller from a smoke-free house
  • Ask what soaps were used to clean the stroller
  • You could ask to take it for a test drive too

Be flexible

Sometimes you may not be able to find the exact stroller you want, so you need to be flexible and keep your options open.

You could hold off getting a similar stroller for weeks and weeks waiting for your perfect stroller never to arrive.

With that in mind, you need to compromise a little, although it may not have every feature on your wish list or it may be slightly higher in price, you should consider alternative strollers.

Also factor in the cost of gas and travel time too, in the long run, it probably balances itself out if you opt for a higher-priced stroller.

Do your research

Figure out what’s important to you and exactly what you’re looking for. Do you want a travel system? Or lightweight stroller for travel? Or you might want a stroller that can carry a toddler and a newborn?

Write all your requirements down, then start researching for strollers that best meet your checklist. I always use Amazon to read customer reviews!

Once you have found some strollers you like the look of, it’s now time to see if you can find them second-hand.

As mentioned in my previous point, be flexible if you can’t find the exact same stroller.

Know the going prices

When buying a used stroller it’s important to know your prices.

Always check what the going rates are for that stroller on other sites, compare against other listings too, this way you’ll know if the price is fair.

Consider the quality of the stroller and if it has any missing or damaged accessories, if this is the case then you should pay less.

Personally, I don’t mind paying a little bit more if the quality is better.

Generally used strollers’ prices are around 60% of the new price.

However, as mentioned previously it all depends on its quality, strollers in excellent condition will sell on the higher end of this percentage and vice-versa.

Read customer reviews

Head over to Amazon, find the stroller you’re looking at buying, and read the customer reviews. This will give you a good indication from other parents what the actual stroller is like.

You should find some really insightful reviews there to help you with your decision. If you can’t find any on Amazon try looking at other review websites or try doing a Google search for [stroller name + reviews].

It’s like anything we buy these days, we always read reviews before buying, like with holidays, I’m sure we all head over to TripAdvisor before booking a hotel. So do the same for your stroller.

Check for good feedback

Depending on where you are buying your stroller from always check the seller’s feedback and reviews. You can do this on sites such as eBay and Amazon.

If their feedback percentage isn’t great or the last few feedback submissions are bad I generally look for another seller.

The last thing you want is for your stroller to turn up damaged, missing parts or weeks late.

Often, you may find their aftercare and customer service is lacking too. I’d rather pay slightly more and purchase from a more reputable seller.

Try a new stroller first

If you have done all your research and you have your perfect stroller in mind then why not take it for a test drive?

Take a visit to your local baby store and check out the new version of the stroller you’re interested in, or the closest match.

This way you can get a feel for how easy it is to push, how easy it is to fold and collapse, and so on. You may find it too heavy or uncomfortable, but at least you’ll know this.

You may find another stroller in the shop that’s perfect, better than the one you had your heart set on.

At least now, you can take this information away and find the used equivalent.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy directly from the shop as you can find them a lot cheaper online, new or used, and you’ll still get all the same warranties, etc.

Check for recalls

I’d like to think or hope that fellow parents wouldn’t try to sell on something that is dangerous… but you never know, you can’t be too safe these days.

So you should always check and ask if the stroller has been recalled and the severity of the recall. If it was for a minor issue like a replacement part or a small repair then this should be fine.

Just check if it was actually made and fixed. If you’re not happy with anything you hear then don’t go through with the purchase. There are plenty more strollers out there.

Examine everything

At this point, you’re ready to buy your used stroller. If you’ve arranged a visit or a pick-up then get prepared to examine everything.

At this point, you should have taken the stroller for a test drive so you’ll know what to expect and how it functions.

Here are some things you should look out for:

  • Check for stains, marks, tears, and scuffs
  • Check the tires are pumped up, flat tires could mean a leak
  • Push the stroller around – are there strange noises?
  • Does it tilt or wobble?
  • Is the suspension working?
  • Are the brakes working as normal?

With all that in mind, remember to be reasonable though, you’re buying a used stroller after all and it won’t be perfect.

Most importantly if everything looks good to take it out for a test drive just before you buy.

Check the warranty

Whether buying new or used you should always check if the stroller is still in warranty.

This will cover the cost of any damages or repairs your stroller may need.

A lot of people forget about their warranty and never bother to use it when something does go wrong. It’s worth double checking this anyway, you never know you might be in luck.

A post you may like is our stroller hacks, there may be some great ideas in there to help fix or get around any issues with your stroller.

Ask about returns

When buying your used stroller through consignment stores, eBay and Amazon, and so on, the seller may offer a return policy if you’re unhappy with the stroller or change your mind.

This is something an individual off Facebook or friend may not offer, although it’s worth asking them anyway.

In the past when I have sold baby items through Facebook marketplace I always accept returns and I usually follow up a few days after to see if they’re happy with the item.

So, whether you’re buying locally, online, or from an individual always ask about their return policy and if they offer a refund.

What are friends for?

I’m lucky that all my close friends had children a little bit apart from each other. The gap is perfect between all our kids, which allows us to share expensive baby items around our group.

My best friend passed down her baby bed, bassinet, baby swing, and play mats, saving me a small fortune. Now, she’s having another baby just in time that my son will be too old for them and I’ll pass them back to her.

So, see if your group of friends want to do something similar. Saves cluttering your house up if you’re not going to use them and you’ll all save a lot of money!

How to buy a used stroller online

If you’re looking to buy your stroller online using sites such as eBay. So if you’ve got an eBay account, here are some handy tricks to help you secure the best deal: –

Search local / collection deals

If you’re familiar with eBay then you might have seen the ‘collection only’ option during checkout. A lot of sellers use this option to save themselves the hassle of shipping and postage costs.

However, use this option to your advantage as the seller straight away limits his market making it great news for you to grab a bargain, go under the asking price and send them an offer.

You can search for items within a given radius of your location or postcode and then refine the search results by ‘collect in person’ and ‘free postage’ in the advanced search options. This is a great way to find a deal locally and cut out the shipping costs.

If you are unable to pick up the stroller, consider getting a courier to do this for you, It’s surprisingly affordable. Or even better ask a friend to help you out!

Find items with typos in the title

Take advantage of sites such as BargainChecker.com or Goofbid.com to search for spelling mistakes on eBay for your desired stroller.

If you’re after a specific model of stroller it’s worth checking these sites to see if there are any results, as they will be less visible in eBay’s search results and therefore they will have less competition during the auction.

So chances are the seller won’t have many people watching or viewing their listing, so consider putting in a cheeky offer!

Beat competition at the last second

When you have found the perfect stroller you like, hold off bidding straight away. The earlier the bidding war begins, the more time there is for people to outbid each other and hike the price up.

What you should do is use a snipping tool like Goofbid.com or Gixen, these tools are awesome.

They will automatically place the bid for you at the last second, hopefully so late that you win your dream stroller and no one else has a chance to outbid you.

Get smart with your maximum bid

Get creative when setting your maximum bid. For example, if you’re willing to pay $100 for your stroller, chances are a lot of other people are too, meaning you stand less chance of winning.

Therefore, try setting your bid at $100.05, that extra 5 cents could be the difference between winning and losing the auction.

Always read the description

Sellers entering inaccurate headings and prices to their listings is pretty common on eBay, it happens more than you’d think.

Therefore, always double-check the listings is correct and read the description carefully. If your stroller is going for a crazy low price then check its the correct model, or it’s not an accessory your bidding on and check the quality of the stroller.

However, you can get lucky. If everything is looking good but the price is low, just buy it anyway, they might honor the deal, happy days!

Best places to buy a used stroller

When looking to purchase a used stroller, remember to shop around, compare all sites, and do your research, eBay isn’t the be-all and end-all.

There’s plenty of other places where you can find awesome deals including marketplaces, classified websites, blogs, forums, Facebook groups, and many more.

Here are some I recommend:

It can be easy to forget that eBay isn’t the only place you can go to, when it comes to buying second-hand items.

In fact, there are countless websites where you can buy cheap, pre-loved bits for your baby, including marketplaces, classified websites, and forums, as well as rival auction sites.

  • Facebook – create a ‘wanted’ post on your feed and join local groups
  • Amazon – can search for new and used
  • Gumtree – great for local deals
  • eBay – huge auction site with lots of listings
  • Netmums – popular forum with parents
  • Preloved – classified ads with great used deals
  • Craigslist – another classified ads site

Parents top tips for buying a used stroller

Here’s a selection of some recommended top tips from fellow parents for buying a used stroller.

Before buying new I always check with my friends for hand downs first, then if there's nothing going i look online, I usually get the best deals on Facebook marketplace Dan Check with friends first
If you don't ask you don't get, so wherever I get my stroller from I always try to get the price down and try my luck. Also shop around to find the best deal Sally Haggle and shop around
I always look for manufacturer refurbs because you're buying from a shop or the brand so you'll have some sort of warranty or return policy so you won't get stung if anything should go wrong. David Try a refurbished stroller
I've never gone wrong with eBay to be honest, but I always look on Facebook too. Try posting on your wall, maybe one of your 1000's of friends are selling one. Susan eBay and Facebook

Final Thoughts

There you have it, that was my top tips for buying a used stroller. I hope this guide will help you grab your dream stroller at a bargain price.

Just remember though, don’t always go for the cheapest stroller and always check the quality in depth. If I had to summarise I would say these are my top 5 tips when buying a second-hand stroller:

  1. Know your requirements
  2. Check the quality vs price
  3. Shop around, research and compare
  4. Try to arrange a swap system with friends
  5. I personally get the best deals on Facebook

Please let me know in the comments what your favorite tip is, or if I’ve missed any that you would like adding to the list! Thanks for reading.


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