stroller friendly hikes in san diego

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If you’re looking for some great family-friendly walks and hikes in San Diego then look no further.

After hours of research, I’ve compiled the 10 best walks and hikes for you and your little ones.

There’s everything from stunning coastal walks where you can watch seals to 8-mile hikes in a jogging stroller (we recommend the BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller).

You’ll find a stroller adventure for any occasion in this list, so…

Let’s get started…

Our top strollers for San Diego

The difficulty level of stroller hikes in San Diego range from easy to medium. Hikes such as Torrey Pines State Reserve would require a sturdy jogging stroller, the rest of the walks a decent lightweight stroller will do the job.

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Torrey Pines State Reserve

This reserve spans over 2,000 acres with a whopping eight miles of trails overlooking the beautiful Pacific ocean. So there’s a wide selection of different trails you and your little one can choose from.

You can pick up a trail map from the visitor center and you can even join one of the free nature walks at 10 am and 2 pm.

There’s plenty of things to keep your little one occupied along the way, from the flowers and the natures to the relaxing sound of the ocean waves.

On a clear winters day, there’s even a chance to catch a glimpse of the migrating whales.

Although the trails are mostly flat, the terrain is rough in some areas, so I’d recommend a good jogging stroller for this trail.

Overall, this is a beautiful walk or hike depending on the route you take for a stroller, one which I’m sure everyone will enjoy.


  • Over 2,000 acres and 8 miles of trails
  • Free nature walks at 10 am and 2 pm
  • Watch the migrating whales in winter
  • A jogging stroller is recommended for this trail

Mission Bay Park Trails

There’s always plenty of activities on this trail, so if they get bored in the stroller there will always be something happening to keep them entertained.

You’ve got the beach right next to you and there’s lots of green space on this trail and is perfect to bring a picnic along.

There’s also a playground, BBQ area, volleyball and a whole host of other activities.

If you make it all the way to the end of the walkway at De Anza Cover and back you will have accumulated around 7 miles.

Overall, this is a great stroller walk with plenty of miles to walk with plenty of shady places to stop and rest along the way. This scenic stroller walk is not for the faint-hearted though if you plan on doing the full route.


  • Lots of activities and things to do
  • Lots of green space for a picnic
  • Playground area for the kids
  • Over 7 miles of trails for your leisure
  • The beach is right next to you

Mission Beach Oceanfront

You’ll find lots of parents keeping fit with their strollers at the Broadwalk. So, if you’ve got a jogging stroller then the boardwalk is the perfect place for a refreshing and exciting stroller walk.

The paved walkway stretches along the scenic oceanfront where you’ll find a wide selection of inviting restaurants and funky shops, or at low-tide head down to the beach and build some sandcastles.

You can easily clock up well over 6 miles on this walk and the walkway is nice and flat so it’s suitable for most strollers.

You’ll never get bored on Mission Bay, there’s always something happening, making it a great hike with your stroller or a great day out for the family.


  • Keep fit with a jogging stroller on the Broadwalk
  • Lots of things to do along the Broadwalk
  • A nice 6 miles walk or so, with a flat surface
  • The beach is right next to you

Liberty Station & Shelter Island

Take a nice leisurely 3 mile walk around Liberty Station while visiting the Arts District then make your way over to the picturesque harbor.

Once you reach the harbor you will find a nice selection of inviting restaurants and beautiful scenery where you can watch all the boats and cruise ships come into the port.

You will also find a lovely park with lots of swing and slides for the kids to play on and have a picnic. This isn’t as long as the other hikes and trails, but it is just as beautiful.


  • A lovely scenic 3-mile walk
  • Visit the arts district and the harbor
  • There’s a park with lots of swings and slides
  • The harbor is beautiful!

Citiva Park

Civita Park is a newly formed community park located in Mission Valley, which hosts a community garden, picnic areas, basketball court, a separate dog park and water fountains for the kids to play in.

This park doesn’t have miles and miles worth of hikes and walks, however, you can easily spend half or full day here and not get bored. There are lots going on for the kids and there are also tons of benches in case you need a rest.

The walk itself is easy on flat ground, so any stroller will be perfectly suitable here. A nice relaxing park, easy to get around with plenty to do, this park will only get better and better!


  • Loads of green space for picnics
  • Water fountains for the kids to play in
  • Boasts a community garden
  • There’s a separate dog park

Balboa Park

The lush grounds, gardens, and forests of Balboa Park are where culture meets nature making it an incredible place to take your little one out in the stroller. You’ll be in awe of the stunning Spanish Colonial revived to mid-century modern style buildings.

This gem has more than 17 museums to explore, so there’s something for everyone from dinosaurs to space travel. This can be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry there’s a handy app you can download that will guide you around.

Overall, Balboa Park like stepping back in time, this beautiful historic park is an ideal choice to take your child out in the stroller. It’s easy to get around, no rough terrain and it’s suitable for all strollers.


  • Amazing culture and architecture
  • Over 17 museums to explore
  • No rough terrain, suitable for all strollers
  • A handy app you can download to guide you around

Ellen Browning Scripps Park

In the heart of La Jolla, you’ll find the beautiful Scripps Park the home of the Lorax Tree which Dr. Seuss made famous.

The park offers a huge grassy area your children can play on and there’s a coastal sidewalk which you can walk around taking in the marvelous shoreline of La Jolla. You’ll also witness the seals playing in the sea.

This family-friendly park is a great park for a nice walk with the stroller, taking a picnic and letting the kids run around and play. There’s also a delightful selection of restaurants all within walking distance.

So, if you fancy a nice relaxing stroll walking along the coastline taking in the fresh air and listening to the waves then La Jolla park is one of the best around. Everything is nice and flat here so you’ll have no problems getting around with your stroller, even on the grass!


  • Huge grassy area for the kids to run around
  • Flat coastal sidewalk looking at the ocean
  • Home of the Lorax Tree which Dr. Seuss made famous.
  • Restaurants all within walking distance
  • Lots of seals in the ocean to look at

Old Town Historic Park

Take a step back in time and see how the first settlers of San Diego lived at the Old Town Historic Park.

It’s a great place for the kids and has lots of shops, restaurants, and craft vendors to explore.

The park is well spaced out so it doesn’t feel or get overcrowded making it perfect if you’ve got your stroller.

The park is also easy to walk around with your stroller as the surface is nice and flat. There are also lots of benches and public restrooms for your little one.


  • See how the first settlers of San Diego lived
  • Not over-crowded and plenty of room for the stroller
  • Lots of benches to sit on
  • Lots of public toilets available
  • Good selection of restaurants and shops

Safari Park

The San Diego Safari Park is over 2,000 acres and has a huge selection of different animals the kids will love.

If you pushing your stroller around this enormous park I would recommend wearing some good walking shoes. However, If you don’t fancy walking the park offers a bus tour around the park.

If you don’t fancy bringing your own stroller you can actually rent one from the park. The sidewalks are a little small for a stroller especially if it’s crowded, but generally, there’s plenty of room for your stroller.

Overall, this family-friendly park is amazing, with so many animals to see, the kids will be entertained all day long.


  • Over 2,000 acres
  • A huge selection of different animals
  • You can rent a stroller from the park
  • The park is huge so bring some walking shoes
  • If busy the sidewalks can be a little narrow

San Diego Zoo

Then San Diego Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the world and is located in the beautiful Balboa Park.

This family-friendly zoo is home to a large variety of different species from all around the world.

The great thing about San Diego Zoo is you’re allowed to bring in your own food and drink, so be sure to bring your water bottle and refill it around the park with thanks to their cold water fountains.

There aren’t many trams running through the grounds if you get tired, so be prepared for a fair amount of walking up and down. I’d recommend a lightweight stroller and some good walking/hiking shoes.


  • One of the largest zoos in the world
  • You can bring your own food and drink in
  • Great selection of animals and species
  • Large park with lots of walking so bring some hiking shoes
  • Could be more trams running if you get tired

Final Thoughts

There you have it, that was our 10 best stroller hikes and walks in San Diego.

As previously mentioned I’d recommend an BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller or an GB Pockit Stroller as the terrain on all these walks are of an easy to medium difficulty.

My personal favorites are the stunning Torrey Pines State Reserve and Balboa Park.

Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite or if I’ve missed any from the list.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

Kelly Bullock