40 Incredible Stroller hacks every parent MUST know

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best stroller hacks for baby and toddler

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say…

Looking after your kids is a full-time job and not an easy one!

Well, we are about to make your life that little bit easier, here’s how…

So, after tens of hours of research, I have put together a list of the best stroller hacks that EVERY parent should know!

These 40 awesome stroller hacks will hopefully make your life and your day-to-day routine a breeze. So, whatever the occasion, whether it’s the school run, traveling, or a trip to the park we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get started…

1. Hold extra shopping

If your stroller doesn’t have enough basket space then why not clip a carabiner (Amazon) on to the handlebars of your stroller to carry all those extra shopping bags.

This is a great little hack and extremely affordable. Be careful not to overload though as your stroller may tip over. To prevent this see our next awesome hack.

2. Prevent you stroller tipping

If you’re a shopaholic and you have too many bags then consider wrapping ankle weights around the legs of your stroller to prevent it tipping over.

This will help balance out the weight allowing you to shop till you drop! Ankle weights (Amazon) are another inexpensive hack that will make life that little bit easier.

3. Make extra cup and bottle holders

Storing drinks and baby milk in the basket always results in spillages, it’s happened to us all. So why not create your own drinks holder from a shoe organizer (Amazon).

Simply get a shoe organizer, cut it to your desired length then attach it to your stroller’s handlebars with some zip ties. You’ll then be able to carry multiple drinks upright while avoiding any spills! Perfect!

4. Use a bike lock

Whether your at the park, traveling or at Disneyland the last thing you want is your stroller to be stolen or taken by mistaken.

So, why not secure your stroller by using a bike lock (Amazon)? Easy to carry, pretty cheap and you can rest assured that your stroller will be there when you get back.

5. Make a sippy cup leash

Never loose another sippy cup ever again! I’ve lost count on how many times my little one has thrown his cup out of his stroller.

Next time you get a sippy cup, you have to get one with a leash, like this one from Amazon, a simple but genius must have for any parent.

6. Make use of colored tape

If your strollers handlebars are a little bit worse for wear then handlebar grip (Amazon) will work wonders. You will now have shiney new handlebars and improved grip.

The handlebar grip comes in all different colors which will also help you easily identify your stroller from the crowd, great for days out at the zoo or theme park.

7. Add a fan

Getting a clip on fan for your stoller is a great way to keep your little ones cool. Perfect if your going on vacation or exploring, you can simply attach overhead or onto the handlebars.

Make sure the fan has a cage small enough that your child’s fingers can’t get in and position it out of reach. This one from Amazon is a great option.

8. Get more stroller storage

If you’re struggling for storge space under your stroller, consider wrapping a large IKEA bag over your handlebars.

This is a great little hack to have up your sleeve, just be careful that your stroller doesn’t topple over, so consider attaching some ankle weights to balance out the weight.

9. Use color-coded stickers for assembly

Some strollers can be a little tricky to fold and unfold, I have had a few strollers like this over the years.

So, if you’re having trouble you should consider getting some color-coded stickers to help remind you of each and every step

10. Get a cooling pad

Strollers can be so hot and sticky for children, especially in the summer time, and even more so if your out most of the day exploring.

A cooling pad on your stroller’s seat will help keep them cool and comfortable. You can make your own DIY one here or buy one from Amazon here.

11. Use a bungee cord

Wrap a bungee cord (Amazon) around your vehicles headrest and baclrest to hold your stroller upright in your trunk.

This will not only keep your stroller secure but it will save space in your trunk allowing more room for groceries, shopping, and other necessities.

12. Use luggage tags

Another cost effective hack is to create your own identity tags or luggage tags to your stroller. You can get some great personalized ones from Amazon too.

So, next time you park your stroller up at the zoo or theme park you can rest assured your stroller won’t be taken by mistake.

13. Get more grip in winter

Get some zip ties (Amazon) around your stroller wheels to give you that extra grip in winter. The cheap stroller hack works a great especially in icey weather.

If you’re a jogger or own a jogging stroller then this hack would be great for you. You might even beat your personal best!

14. Hang your stroller up

If you’re looking to save some space in your house then consider getting a durable door hook to hang your stroller on.

This way you can keep your stroller out of the way saving space to store all your child’s toys!

15. Increase visibility at night

Your childs safety is paramount, therefore some simple reflective tape around your stroller will keep you and your child visible at night.

A simple but effective hack that could be a life-saver and it’s cheap too!

16. Keep your stroller dry

A stroller rain and weather shield makes rainy day walks a reality. Just make sure you get your waterproofs on!

Rain or wind your little one will be fully protected with thanks to a universal rain cover like this one on Amazon.

17. Use binder clips

If your strollers sun canopy isn’t long enough then your child is going to be in direct contact with the sun. So, you could place a breathable muslin blanket over the canopy and attach it using blinder clips or even a clothes peg!

Another cheap and effective stroller hack that protects your child from the sun.

18. Headrest for sleep time

These head support bands are a little gem, I just wish I knew about these with my first boy, I was forever propping his head up when asleep.

So, next time your little one falls asleep you can rest assured they’re having a nice sleep with no head flopping.

19. Use a pool noodle for added comfort

Use a pool noodle (Amazon) to make lifting your baby carrier in and out of your stroller a breeze. You can use it to aid lifting or covering poles on the stroller.

Simply get your pool noodle cut it to size then make a slit down the middle and wrap it around ur handles.

20. DIY Extendable handlebars

Adding extendable handlebars to your stroller is a great hack for tall parents.

Use a PVC pipe, some bike tape, some other materials and your all set. You can see the full how-to guide over at instructables.com.

21. Stroller safety lights

Stay safe at night with some stroller lights. Your children will love these cool stroller lights, not only will they keep you lit up at night but you’ll be able to change colors too.

A fun accessory for any stroller, you get yours off Amazon here.

22. Get a stroller snack tray

Sometimes when all else fails to entertain your little one, snacks and treats are the answer. My youngest doesn’t stop eating so a snack tray is a great addition for us.

The Skip Hop Snack tray off Amazon comes in the shape of a cute puppy and has hanging toys to play with.

23. Get a stroller costume

Why not dress up your stroller with a stroller costume? This is a fun way of getting your little one out and about if they dont like the stroller.

Here’s exactly how to make your own President costume via Pinterest or here’s a selection of costumes from Amazon.

24. Get a stroller flag

A stroller flag is a great way to easily identify your stroller from the crowd, perfect for those trips out.

You can pick a stroller flag up really cheap from Amazon. This one comes bundled with the American and an eagle flag.

25. Use dish soap for cleaning

Get your stroller looking like new again with dish soap and warm water then rinse off with the hose and leave to dry in the sun. However the real hack here is getting your little one to do it for you.

Why not tell them it’s their very own car wash? Clean stroller and happy kids, everyone wins!

26. Get a cell phone carrier

Make your very own stroller cell phone carrier. All you need are few  small pieces of colored fabric and some stitching.

You can check out the full how-to guide over at madetobeamomma.com.

27. Cell phone holder for parents

If you don’t fancy making your own cell phone holder (like me) then you can purchase one relatively cheap.

Simply attach it to your stroller’s handlebars, place your phone in and you’re all set. You now have hands-free on your stroller. No more rooting through bags and pockets to find your cell.

28. Get a baby tablet holder

The last thing you want to do is prevent your little one from seeing their surroundings when exploring.

However, sometimes the only savior is YouTube, we’ve all done it! So, a tablet holder (Amazon) for your stroller is a great hack every parent needs in their armor.

29. Attach a bottle sling

This brilliant little product is a life-saver when your on the go or you’ve got your hands full. Simply attach to your car seats handlebars or stroller canopy and let your little one feed themselves. You can get yours here.

I wouldn’t recommend this with a moving vehicle though and depending on age your child may need winding.

30. Convert to a longboard stroller

Who wouldn’t want to give this a go! You’ll get all those chores done in no time if you did decide to convert your stroller into a longboard.

You can find exactly how to create your very own over at weburbanist.com.

31. Keep the mud out of your house

A simple and cost effective way to keep mud out your house is to wrap shower caps around the wheels of your stroller.

Just remember to take the shower caps off outside your house!

32. DIY bottle holder

Keep all your drinks and baby bottles upright with this shoe organizer hack. This is great if your stroller does’t have any cup holders.

Simply put adhesive velcro on the backrest or wrap around your stroller’s handlebars.

33. Travel made easy

Traveling can be hard, especially if your doing long haul with kids. Simply tilt you stroller on a spare seat, but be sure to put something heavy on the handlebars to prevent it slipping.

This hack is particularly good if your stroller doesn’t have a reclining backrest. However, please be careful with this one!

34. Stroller hammock

Let your little one chill out in their very own hammock which attaches to your strollers handlebar arms.

This is great if you’re looking to convert your stroller to a double stroller. Put your baby in the stroller and your toddler in the hammock. Check out this hammock on Etsy.com.

35. Stroller skateboard

Your kids will love this one! Fly around by attaching a skateboard to the bottom of your strollers frame for them.

A great way to keep fit and have fun on your next stroller walk. Check out Pinterest for more inspiration!

36. Convert to a jogging stroller

If your handy and love some DIY then this conversion hack will be right up your street.

Follow this guide from instructables.com to convert your stroller into a jogging stroller or bike trailer.

37. Convert to a double stroller

Why not connect two lightweight stollers together to make a double stroller with these stroller connectors from Amazon.

Or why not try converting your stroller into a double as this clever mom did, see the full guide here.

38. Convert to a shopping basket

If your children have outgrown your stroller and you’re not planning on any more then converting your stroller into a shopping basket might be for you.

Strip down to the stroller frame then add a couple of baskets on, great for farmers markets or garage sales

39. Get a bike trailer

Keep yourself fit and whiz your precious cargo around in one of these affordable bike trailers.

They have great reviews on Amazon and can cater for between 1 and 3 passengers. I’d recommend the InStep Single Bike Trailer on Amazon.

40. Make a DIY buggy board

If there’s no compatible buggy boards for your stroller, then why not have a go at creating your own? Great if you have two children!

Here’s the full how-to guide to creating your very own DIY ride-along buggy board, check it out!

Things to conisder

Before you consider starting any of the above hacks, here are some handy things to think about before you get started.

Some of the points below mainly relate to the bigger stroller hacking projects, such as converting your stroller.

1. Safety

It goes without saying your child’s safety is paramount, so careful especially with stroller conversions.

2. Cost

Sometimes it’s more effort and money to create a hack, so price things up first, it may be cheaper to buy it.

3. Effort

Some stroller hacks are time-consuming, so consider your time vs effort. Parents time is priceless.

4. Longevity

Consider if your hack is really worth it and if your child will benefit from it for years down the line.

5. Reusable

Before hacking your stroller think about if your planning on more children in the future, what’s the impact?

6. Enjoyment

If you’re taking on a conversion hack you need to enjoy what you’re doing as a family project.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some popular questions that keep getting asked in and around the stroller and parent community.

Hopefully, I will answer some of your questions below: –

What is a stroller hack?

A stroller hack is something you can add or change to your stroller that makes your life and daily routine that little bit easier. For example, your stroller may not have enough storage room, so you might want to consider:

  • Hooks to add more bags
  • Add a shoe organizer to hold your bottles
  • Attach a large IKEA bag

Where can I store a stroller in a small apartment?

If you have an apartment you may not have the necessary storage space to put a stroller or a double stroller. Therefore you need to get a little creative!

Why not try some of the following?

  • Hang your stroller on the door with hooks
  • Store under the bed
  • Store in the trunk of your car
  • Use a bike lock to store in the hallway
  • Store on the balcony, if your apartment has one

What are the best stroller hacks?

This all depends on the age of your child and what your usage is. So you should think about things like:

  • What would make my life easier
  • What is my day to day activities
  • What problems am I facing
  • Am I going on vacation

A stroller hack is something where you can add or enhance your stroller to make your day to day life easier, so your choice of hack should reflect this. Some of the best and most popular stroller hacks include:

  • Adding hooks to your handlebars to carry more shopping
  • Using ankle weights on your strollers legs to prevent tipping
  • Fixing broken handlebars with stroller tape
  • Adding a fan to keep cool
  • Reflective tape to keep visible at night

So, overall it’s a personal preference, what might be the best hack for you might be useless for someone else. I’m sure there’s a hack to please everyone through our top 40 stroller hacks!

What’s your favorite stroller hack?

My personal favorite stroller hack and one we use a lot are the iPad and cell phone holders on the stroller. I try to keep usage to a minimum so they can enjoy the outdoors, but sometimes the only thing that works is YouTube and technology.

What are your top 5 stroller hacks?

My personal top 5 stroller hacks and these are hacks I use on a daily basis are:

  • Cell phone and tablet holders
  • A bike lock for my stroller
  • Reflective tape
  • Stroller hooks
  • Binder clips

They’re all pretty basic hacks but all serve me well with my daily routine and travels. Like I’ve mentioned previously it all depends on your routine and schedule. I am really rubbish at DIY so stroller conversion hacks would not be for me, but if your handy then you would love them!

What stroller hacks should I be careful of?

Personally, I think with all hacks you have to be extremely careful, they are called hacks for a reason. There has been no product testing and some of the conversion hacks could be dangerous. I would take caution with the following type of hacks:

  • Stroller conversion
  • Longboard or skateboard hacks
  • Adding a fan to your stroller
  • Adding extra bags and tipping your stroller

What stroller hacks are best for travel?

Traveling with kids can be hard at the best of times, so having some awesome hacks up your sleeve might make things a little easier for you. Here are some of my favorite travel hacks for your stroller:

  • Tablet and cell phone holder
  • Headrest for your car seat or stroller
  • Adding a fan
  • Getting a cool pad
  • Binder clips and breathable blanket for sun protection
  • Stroller flag to easier identify your stroller

What stroller hacks are best for a baby?

As with any hack, I would be very careful especially with babies. That said my favorite stroller hacks for babies include:

  • Cell phone and tablet holder
  • Color-coded stickers for unfolding and folding
  • Cooling pad if I’m somewhere hot
  • Binder clips
  • Shoe organizer for bottle storage

What stroller hacks are best for a toddler?

There are some great stroller hacks for toddlers, they will especially love the longboard and skateboard conversions, however once again use with caution! Here are some of the best stroller hacks for toddlers:

  • Longboard and skateboard conversion
  • Cell phone and tablet holder
  • Buggy board conversion
  • Reflective tape
  • Stroller bike lock
  • Slippy cup leash

What are parents saying?

Here’s a selection of some parents favorite hacks an what they love.

The stroller flag hack was a life saver at Disneyland, I was shocked at the hundreds of strollers parked up, but I was easily able to pick mine out. Stacey Stroller Flag
We travel a lot so one of our favourite stroller hacks is the binder clips to keep the sun out of my childs eyes. Rachel Binder Clips
I've not tried it yet, but I love the idea of converting my stroller to a longboard of skateboard. Danny Stroller conversion
At weekends I like to do a bit of shopping, so carrying all those bags can be tricky. However, with the stroller hooks I'm able to carry them with ease. Kim Stroller hooks

Final Thoughts

There you have it, that was my guide on the 40 best stroller hacks around. I hope you have found this guide a useful resource.

Once again, please be careful with whatever hack you choose, especially the stroller conversion hacks.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite hack is, or if I’ve missed any that you would like adding to the list!

Kelly Bullock