If you are thinking about visiting Sorrento and are looking for gluten free dining then continue reading our review of The Grand Hotel Aminta Sorrento, It truly is one of the best places for catering for intolerance’s I have ever been. Not only that, The Grand Hotel Aminta has some of the most beautiful views of Sorrento you could imagine.

Anyway let’s get on with the review…

We decided to spend a few days in Sorrento on the way back from my sister’s wedding in France. Being wheat intolerant I wanted to have my food covered in Sorrento after having a very difficult time in Italy the previous year. I did a lot of research and found the stunning hotel Grand Aminta in Sorrento. They offered half board and gluten free. Their restaurant reviews were fantastic so I was beyond excited about our stay at the Grand Aminta.

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First Impressions

After a disastrous journey from the airport we couldn’t wait to arrive at our Hotel Grand Aminta. The views of Sorrento from the taxi (which we got from the train station) to the hotel were breath-taking to say the least. Hotel Grand Aminta is located on the hill side with the most spectacular views of Sorrento and Mount Vesuvius. When we pulled up to Hotel Grand Aminta we were all giddy about our stay, the place looked beautiful!

We were checked in quickly by the most helpful and friendly staff who explained all about the hotel and informed us of the complimentary bus service that takes you into Sorrento town. When I say bus, it was a comfortable air-conditioned coach with such lovely drivers who always gave our little man sweets and made an effort to speak to him every day.