Pitons viewpoint beach

I think you’ll agree that St Lucia is a paradise island and one you must see if visiting the Caribbean. If your on a cruise day or simply just want to see as much as you can of the island in a day then look no further. We have the best guide on what to do in st lucia for a day.

St Lucia was always somewhere I wanted to visit. I remember seeing pictures as a child and thinking ” I’ll go there someday” well “someday” came and St Lucia didn’t disappoint.

With only a day to see the top attractions in St Lucia we narrowed it down to 3 places. We didn’t want to cram too much in with a young child and wanted to relax and enjoy what we were seeing. We used Christopher’s Taxi service for our full day tour of St Lucia and we cannot recommend them enough. It coat us $180 for the 3 of us for the day and the car was air conditioned and they had a cooler box full of drinks for us including their local beer “piton”

Pitons viewpoint St Lucia

Tel Paul Nature Trail

Our first stop was Tel Paul nature Trail. It’s located 10 minutes from Soufriere, in the southwest; this is a MUST if you are in St Lucia!! It took us 1 hour 30 to reach Tel Paul Nature trail which is quite a drive but the views on the way are beautiful and our driver was so informative the time soon flew by.

We paid $13.50 each for a guided tour up the mountain and I’m so glad we did. They say you learn something new everyday, well we learnt that pineapples grow on the ground and not in a tree! Maybe I’m just being blonde here but I’d have sworn pineapples grew on trees is it just me?!

The hike up isn’t difficult and we managed it easily with Brody, it takes about 45 minute to complete and the views of the 2 pitons is absolutely breathtaking, worth every step for the amazing pictures we got.

The tour guide let’s you take your time and don’t rush you, which was great as Paul likes to take hundreds of pictures to get the right one. There are bathrooms at the start of the hike, which is always handy to know when you have kids!! It’s something I always check before I go anywhere.

Tel Paul Pitons viewpoint
Tel Paul nature Trail Pitons viewpoint
Tel Paul nature Trail Pitons viewpoint - how to see st lucia in a day

St Lucia Sulphur Springs

We then headed to the Sulphur Springs, which is around a 6-minute drive from Tel Paul Nature Park.

Sulphur springs was an interesting visit, it’s the only “drive in” volcano in the WORLD so a must if you’re in St Lucia and a guided tour only costs £6.50pp!! Be prepared it stinks Like rotten eggs. If it doesn’t stink you need to evaluate as this means it’s going to erupt!!! So if you get there and can’t smell anything, one word… Run!!!

To put your mind at ease the last eruption was over 200 years ago and it is now dormant so nothing to worry about.

The mud baths at Sulphur Springs attract people from all over the world because it detoxifies the body and helps heal sun burn, arthritis, joint pain and eczema among other conditions. We didn’t do this as we wanted to relax on the beach before heading back to the ship.

St Lucia Sulphur Springs

Jalouise Beach St Lucia

We then headed to jalousie beach. It is a public beach but is on the grounds of the amazing Sugar Beach Resort. You have to go through the grounds to get to the beach and we were told we should eat or have a drink at the restaurant; this is how they let you use the beach even though it is a public beach!!

I have to say jalousie beach is one of the most picturesque beaches I’ve ever been on. Brody loved running up and down the beach and building sandcastles. It’s worth the visit for the stunning pictures you will get but If you can afford to stay here (starting at around £450 a night RO) I’d say go for it, the place was amazing! When I win the lottery we will be back.

We then drove straight back to the cruise port with a nice cold beer and a soft drink for Brody provided by Christopher’s taxi. Ill say it again use Christopher’s taxi service if you want a reliable friendly service.

how to see st lucia in a day from a cruise
Best beach in St Lucia for view of the Pitons
Best beach in St Lucia
how to see st lucia in a day

What do to in St Lucia for a day Checklist

  • Make sure you book before you arrive in St Lucia as tours get booked up quickly with all the different cruise ships.

  • Make sure you see the pitons, they are so iconic to St Lucia and it would be a shame to miss seeing them.

  • Decide where you want to see before you go and send your ideas to your tour group of choice.

  • Don’t cram too much in your day out, you don’t want to be rushed and not take in the beauty of each place.

Kelly Bullock