Mykonos is famous for its colorful little streets, but the beaches are just as beautiful on this stunning Greek island. Whether you are in Mykonos with kids, a romantic break or to party there’s a beach for everyone. There are over 20 beaches in Mykonos, but I have broken it down to my favorite 5 beaches from our travels around this stunning Greek island.

Top 5 beaches in mykonos for kids, toddlers and babies

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#1. Fokos Beach

Top 5 beaches in Mykonos - Fokos Beach

This gorgeous secluded sandy beach is situated to the North East of Mykonos, because it is away from all the touristy beaches, even in high season this untamed beach is calm and tranquil. There are no sunbeds or shaded areas on this beach so if you have little ones be sure to bring a beach canopy.

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon here and the beautiful little tavern was a welcome little haven from the blistering summer sun. The fresh home cooked food is delicious and the views from the open-air windows are breathtaking. Be sure to try the Greek salad.

The striking turquoise sea is calm mounting the golden sands of the rocky coastline. Not a beach to miss in my opinion.
The only way to reach the beach is by car or scooter passing the artificial lake Marathi, which is a pretty sight and provided the whole island with fresh water.

As this beach is off the beaten track you will find the drive down bumpy through the farmland, so take your time especially with a rental car. Just follow the signs from Ana Mero to Fokos.

Our recommended hotel: Marquise Residence

#2. Psarou Beach

Top 5 beaches in Mykonos - Psarou Beach

This is the beach people go to get noticed or if you’re like me, to people watch. It attracts all the celebrities with their mega yachts, and it’s all down to its emerald crystal-clear waters and stunning scenery.

Sunbeds are quite pricy on this beach costing no less than 25 euros and more the closer to the beach you get. The beach gets pretty busy in the summer and parking car be a problem so it’s probably best to take the local bus from Mykonos town. If you are staying in Platis Gialos it’s a 10-minute uphill walk, not recommended with kids. The beach is lined with restaurants, hotels and a mini supermarket and can be quite lively.

Our recommended hotel: Kensho Psarou

#3. Elia Beach

Top 5 beaches in Mykonos - Elia Beach

Elia beach is the longest sandy beach in Mykonos and is situated 10km from Mykonos town. It’s a great beach for families and has a few beach taverns and bars offering a relaxed atmosphere. There are plenty of sunbeds and a variety of water sports on offer from windsurfing to water skiing.

It is one of the quieter beaches on the Island and great for relaxing. This beach is reachable by car or public transport and takes around 10 minutes, but you can also take the water taxi from Platis Gialos.

To the far right of the beach is the gay area just look for a rainbow flag, clothing is also optional in this area. Elias beach is definitely one of the more beautiful beaches on the island and worth a visit.

Our recommended hotel: Royal Myconian

#4. Platis Gialos Beach

Top 5 beaches in Mykonos - Platis Gialos Beach

Platys Gialos is a relatively small beach in comparison to some beaches in Mykonos. Its littered with beach bars and elegant restaurants. Located 5km south of Mykonos town with easy access using public transport, it’s a great place to spend the day.

There is a water taxi from the beach that will take you to some other beaches such as Paradise and super paradise. There are plenty of boutique hotels in the area all within walking distance of the beach. We Stayed in Platys Gialos in peak season, I’d recommend getting up early if you want a sunbed by the water.

Our recommended hotel: The George Hotel

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#5. Ornos Beach

Top 5 beaches in Mykonos - Platis Gialos Beach

One of the more family-friendly beaches in Mykonos, this beach has beautiful turquoise waters and golden sands perfect for the little ones to play on. Situated close to Mykonos town and in front of a small fishing village, it can get overcrowded in the peak summer months.

There is a diving school on the beach for enthusiasts as well as water sports available for rent.  Ornos beach offers plenty of trendy places to dine and stay making it a great place to explore Mykonos.

Our recommended hotel: Mykonos Blanc


Mykonos is an absolutely beautiful island and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of traveling here with kids. There’s plenty to do here from exploring the Old Town, visiting the windmills to exploring the crystal clear beaches.

It’s hard to say exactly what are the best beaches in Mykonos, as there are so many dotted around the Island. There were lots of little beaches we visited that we don’t know the names of, as we just drove around and parked up if we saw something nice.

So, I would recommend renting a car for a few days and exploring the Island. On your travels, you will find so many n0ne touristy points of interest and deserted beaches and hidden gems that aren’t in the guide books.

That being said, I would highly rate these top 5 beaches in Mykonos that we visited, there’s a nice variety in there, from beaches with lots of restaurants, beaches with lots of activities to practically deserted beaches.

Kelly Bullock