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Mauritius is a tropical paradise renowned for its stunning beaches whilst offering an idyllic setting for a memorable family holiday. The flight from the UK takes approximately 12 hours and although a long and tiring journey with kids, it’s one you will be glad you made. If you’re considering a visit to Mauritius, particularly the west coast, which boasts some of the world’s most beautiful shorelines in the world, then this blog post is for you. Allow me to introduce the Sofitel l’Imperial Resort and Spa.

About Sofitel l’Imperial

During our stay in Mauritius, we were lucky enough to stay at the impressive Sofitel l’Imperial, our first stop on this remarkable journey. This beautiful resort is located on the west coast of Mauritius, 4km from the resort of Flic n Flac, with its Asian-inspired architecture the resort feels like a tropical oasis.

The resort stood out from the rest due to its exquisite beachfront and impressive pool area ( it was absolutely huge), which proved to be an absolute must for our family. With its immaculate sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, it was a paradise we just had to see.

The resort boasts a kids club and a dedicated play area with a giant chess board, ensuring that children have plenty of engaging options during their stay. Our youngest was extremely excited to discover the football nets on the beach, an instant hit with him.

Regrettably, our family encountered an unforeseen setback during our trip as our eldest fell ill shortly after our flight, which significantly impacted his ability to fully enjoy the resort. His illness persisted for the initial three days of our stay, preventing him from fully participating and enjoying the experiences at the Sofitel, which was such a shame.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

L’Imperial Resort caters to families so well with its fabulous family suites. These thoughtfully designed rooms are specifically tailored to provide comfort, convenience, and ample space for families to relax. I’m not joking when I say the bathroom was as big as my living room, it was huge!!

Situated on the western side of the island, L’Imperial Resort enjoys an idyllic location that is an excellent starting point for experiencing the many wonderful experiences Mauritius has to offer, from the impressive beaches of Le Morne to feeding the turtles at La Vanille.

First Impressions

The Sofitel L’Imperial had captured our hearts from the very first step, we were instantly transported to a tropical haven that far exceeded our expectations. We were welcomed with warm smiles and refreshing hot towels, then we were escorted to the reception area where we witnessed the breathtaking grounds with the backdrop of the lush mountains of Mauritius.

As we continued through the lobby we were all blown away by the views out over the pool to the pristine beach. My husband and I looked at each other and in unison said “Wow” knowing that all the challenges of our journey had faded away in an instant. We had arrived in paradise, and every moment leading up to this had been completely worthwhile.

Whilst my eldest son yearned for the comfort of a bed, my youngest was filled with curiosity to further explore the resort, but seeing as we had just travelled 22 hours we decided to retreat to our room, and what a room it was!!

Our Room

Despite arriving before the official check-in time, the staff at Sofitel granted us access to our room which was massively appreciated. With our bags escorted to our suite, we were personally guided to our Prestige family suite, setting the stage for a truly remarkable stay.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

Stepping into the suite, a sense of belonging washed over me, I had discovered a home away from home. This feeling of comfort and relaxation is so important to me when I travel, and in an instant, I knew that the Sofitel would be the perfect place for my family.

Words fail to capture the sheer magnitude of the suite’s proportions. Adorned with dark wood accents and cool tones, the suite was warm and welcoming. The living room boasted a sofa bed for our boys, complete with their own television (which, needless to say, they were very happy about).

Moving on, the master bedroom led to a luxuriously spacious bathroom, featuring a double shower and a generously sized bathtub. This made me a very happy girl as I love a bath at the end of a day by the pool.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

Both the bedrooms and the living room opened up to an expansive balcony that was equipped with comfortable chairs and a day bed, providing the perfect place to unwind and admire the lush gardens, well when the boys were asleep!

the george hotel mykonos reviews


Sofitel L’Imperial boasts an impressive selection of five restaurants, each offering a distinct culinary experience. Our stay included the half-board package, which granted us the privilege of enjoying both breakfast and dinner as part of our accommodation.

My boys were absolutely thrilled with the buffet meals, they loved the freedom to choose their own meals. It was lovely to witness the way they helped each other.

Among the dining venues, the Ravinala buffet restaurant offered a different experience each night. We were fortunate to enjoy the French and Indian-themed evening. The live cooking stations, offering freshly prepared meats and accompaniments, added an extra touch of excitement to our dining experience.

With its picturesque poolside location, the restaurant at Sofitel L’Imperial provides an ideal setting for breakfast. Whether we fancied a healthy breakfast or wanted to indulge in some comfort food, there was something for everyone. We particularly enjoyed the refreshing fresh smoothies and freshly prepared omelets that are made to order. Meanwhile, my boys indulged in pancakes and freshly cut pineapple each morning. I’m really going to have to up my game with breakfast when we get home!!

the george hotel mykonos reviews

We also had the opportunity to enjoy a freshly prepared breakfast on the beach which was a delightful experience, listening to the waves as we indulged in fresh fruit and delicious pastries is a memory we won’t forget any time soon.

Our dining experience at Jacaranda, where authentic Mauritian cuisine takes center stage, was an absolute pleasure. This restaurant showcases the finest local ingredients, crafting dishes that pay homage to the island’s rich culinary heritage. We were treated to breathtaking views of the ocean whilst we dined.

The restaurant’s attention to detail and commitment to using high-quality local ingredients ensured that every dish was delicious.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

Indulging in a delicious three-course meal, our boys devoured the fresh fish and fries. Sofitel’s ability to cater to the needs of children truly impressed us. Recognizing that children often prefer familiar and comforting food, the Sofitel went above and beyond to create a menu that really catered to children.

Simple yet delicious dishes, such as locally sourced fish accompanied by fries (with a generous side of tomato sauce, of course), brought joy to our boys’ dining experience.

Our meals at Jacaranda surpassed all expectations, Each dish was bursting with flavors and artfully presented. As someone with dietary restrictions, I was thrilled to discover that the chefs at Jacaranda could effortlessly accommodate my needs, preparing freshly cooked meals that I wholeheartedly enjoyed.

My youngest son, known for his preference for simple food surprised us all by devouring my chicken bites. I found myself torn between gratitude and slight annoyance as Jacaranda succeeded in both encouraging my son to try new foods and having my starter devoured by him!

Tamassa restaurant, situated by the beach, offers a delightful experience featuring grilled meats, fish, and freshly prepared pizzas. This idyllic beachfront restaurant provides an impeccable setting to enjoy lunch, accompanied by a glass of wine or a cocktail.

I must commend Tamassa for their exceptional margarita cocktail, which most definitely was one of the best ive I have ever had.

The hanging chicken kabab was full of flavour and perfect for lunch. Meanwhile, my son devoured his pizza. With its beautiful location, it really was the perfect place to unwind by the beach, 

In addition to the remarkable dining options we experienced, the Sofitel also offers two other dining experiences Ming Court, a fusion of Chinese and Japanese cuisine, and the Teppanyaki restaurant. While we regrettably did not have the opportunity to indulge in these restaurants during our stay, our extraordinary experiences at the other restaurants left no doubt in our minds that they too would offer a truly spectacular dining experience.

Kids Club

Unfortunately due to my eldest’s illness, he was unable to partake in the activities offered at the Sofitel’s kids club. However, it is worth noting that the hotel provides an exceptional program tailored to children, with plenty of entertaining activities. Moreover, the dedicated kids’ play area, featuring a captivating giant chess board, kept my youngest entertained for hours, even though he had no idea how to actually play chess, he is 5 after all!

Sofitel provides an enjoyable experience for children with its fun play area and kids club. While circumstances prevented our eldest from partaking in the amenities, we are confident that he would have enjoyed both the kids club and play area with his brother. He did however get to enjoy the water sports on our last day at the Sofitel which leads me nicely to…

the george hotel mykonos reviews


On our final day, with my eldest child on the road to recovery, we seized the opportunity to try out the sports center activities. We all decided on a pedalo excursion, which allowed us to see the hotel against the beautiful mountainous backdrop. Despite the stormy weather, the absolute beauty of our surroundings blew us away, and witnessing my son smile and enjoy himself made us all so happy, very happy memories made.

Our stay at the Sofitel included non-motorized water sports. 

With the boys opting for a kayak adventure, the weather unexpectedly turned into glorious sunshine. As they paddled out I sat and relaxed watching them have the time of their lives. According to them, the views with the clear skies and sunshine were just beautiful.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

The Pool

Upon our arrival at the Sofitel, the pool area struck us straight away, and boy, were we in for a treat because this pool was absolutely huge!! Stretching alongside the white sandy beach it really does feel like paradise.

With ample space and plenty of sun beds/day beds, the pool area was the perfect place to relax and unwind. We opted for the shallower section of the pool with the boys, who just loved to dive into the deep end. 

Our days were spent relaxing by the pool, soaking up the sun, and enjoying quality time with our boys, and let’s not forget the lovely surprise of freshly prepared local coconuts. Now, here’s where the fun begins.

While the rest of us enjoyed the coconut my youngest, bless his taste buds, decided it wasn’t his cup of tea. After asking for one all day! Always the way isn’t it? I gladly claimed his share whilst he enjoyed a Fanta orange from the Tamassa beach bar, only a few steps from the pool area.


One of the compelling factors that drew us to the Sofitel was its beachfront location. Nestled along the picturesque west coast of the island, this renowned area is celebrated for its unspoiled sandy beaches, and Sofitel’s beach proved to be nothing short of paradise! 

Strolling along the shoreline, our toes dipped into the crystal clear waters as we looked around us in absolute awe at the mountains that surrounded the beach. 

With its prime beachfront position, the Sofitel is perfect for that tropical beach holiday, the hotel sits right on the beach, sparing us the need for lengthy walks to reach the ocean’s edge. What better way to enhance this beautiful setting than by indulging in a delectable cocktail at the beach bar?

The atmosphere was both vibrant and relaxing with the attentive staff ensuring our every need was met and those cocktails! The Margarita is a must! I have to say the beach was my favourite spot at the Sofitel, the views were just spectacular and I haven’t even mentioned the sunsets on this beach!! Unbelievable! With the hotel being located on the west of the island you get to witness the most spectacular sunsets each evening. My son who’s 9 even said it was one of the most beautiful things he’s ever seen.


From the very instant we set foot inside the Sofitel, we were met with warmth and genuine hospitality. The  smiles and genuine happiness from the staff immediately set the tone for our stay. At every turn, we were met with heartfelt greetings.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

With my son being sick I needed assistance in arranging a doctor for my him, the staff’s response was nothing short of remarkable. Their promptness and attentiveness in addressing my request were very much appreciated at a time when I was extremely worried about my son.  It is very evident that the Sofitel truly care for the well-being of their guests. 

Furthermore, their exceptional hospitality extended to our children, who were welcomed with genuine warmth. The staff’s remarkable ability to connect with young ones created an environment where our children felt cherished and valued.

Their remarkable assistance in arranging medical care for my son demonstrated their commitment to going the extra mile, while their genuine affection towards our children made our stay all the more memorable.

Things to do

The Sofitel L’Imperial boasts an exceptional location that allows you to explore some of the most fantastic attractions in Mauritius. Our initial plans included activities like swimming with dolphins and embarking on a day tour of the south. Unfortunately, with our son falling ill we had to postpone these adventures. 

Nevertheless, we were fortunate enough to make up for it later during our stay on the island.

Situated in close proximity to the Sofitel, are some amazing places you must see if you visit. Let me introduce you to some of the easily accessible destinations from the hotel,

  1. Le Morne Beach – Just a leisurely 45-minute drive away, this pristine stretch of sandy paradise with the famous Brabant Mountain in its backdrop is a must see
  2. Le Vanillie – A one-hour journey will transport you to indulge in feeding tortoises, my boys absolutely loved this trip!  
  3. Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth & Waterfall – A mere 45 minutes from the hotel lies this phenomenon, where you can witness all the different hues of the earth and see the spectacular waterfall.
  4. Black River Gorge National Park – Within a 45-minute drive, you can explore the wonders of this expansive national park
  5. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens – A scenic 50-minute journey will lead you to these splendid gardens
  6. Grand Basin – Just 45 minutes away, this sacred lake is nestled amidst its beautiful surroundings and again is a must see
  7. Chateaux de Labourdonnais – Within a one-hour drive, you’ll discover this elegant chateau, steeped in history and culture,  offering a glimpse into Mauritius’ colonial heritage.

Transportation and tours in Mauritius are reasonably priced, ensuring that you can explore the island without breaking the bank. We opted to hire a driver for £70, providing us with eight hours of exploration. However, if you feel confident driving around Mauritius, car hire is a more affordable alternative.

The Sofitel L’Imperial’s location provides an ideal starting point to embark on some wonderful adventures and discover the attractions that Mauritius has to offer. Though our initial plans were disrupted, we were able to seize the opportunity to explore the island during our stay, allowing us to create the most amazing memories and witness the island’s beauty firsthand. With convenient transportation options and reasonably priced tours, I’d encourages everyone to get out and see the island.

Contact Sofitel Imperial Flic en Flac

Wolmar, MU, Flic en Flac 90517, Mauritius

Phone number: +230 453 8700


Overall Experience

From the moment we stepped foot in the luxurious Sofitel until the moment we left, our time here was nothing short of fantastic.

The hotel staff were professional, attentive, and exceeded our expectations. From the warm smiles at check-in to personalised dining recommendations, their dedication to exceptional service was fantastic.

The rooms were warm and welcoming, equipped with plush furnishings, modern amenities, and breathtaking views of the gardens. 

Moreover, the hotel’s prime location allowed us to relax and unwind whilst being in the perfect location to explore the island. 

In conclusion, our time at the Sofitel Imperial was one we won’t forget anytime soon, we have made lasting memories as a family and would highly recommend staying here if you ever get the opportunity to visit Mauritius.

Kelly Bullock