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When it comes to luxury hotels in tropical destinations, I simply can’t resist their allure. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to explore a few incredible resorts, but my long-standing favourite has finally met its match and officially been decrowned by the Shangri-La Le Touessrok. 

If luxury, meticulous attention to detail, fun activities for kids, serenity, and delicious cuisine is what you strive to find in a holiday then this place is for you.

About Shangri-La Le Touessrok

Nestled in the pristine Trou d’Eau Douce Bay on the east coast of the island, Shangri-La Le Touessrok offers a blissful escape perfect for families. This lesser-known area of Mauritius offers a more secluded and untouched experience, allowing you to truly relax and unwind (this is where the kids club comes in very handy indeed)The one-hour journey from the airport is one of the most beautiful routes we have ever taken, with spectacular views that make the time fly by.

With 189 tastefully decorated rooms and 3 villas, Shangri-La Le Touessrok has something for everyone. Every detail has been meticulously thought out, ensuring a sense of elegance and comfort. Whether you choose a room with an ocean view or direct beach access, you really can’t go wrong

the george hotel mykonos reviews

The Shangri-La Le Touessrok’s incredible kids club is designed to keep the kids entertained and engaged with a range of fun and exciting activities. While the kids are busy making memories, us parents can relax and indulge in the resort’s luxurious offerings, knowing that our children are in very safe hands.

As if the resort itself wasn’t enough, the Shangri-La Le Touessrok boasts its very own private island, accessible exclusively to its guests. This secluded sanctuary is the definition of the word “paradise”

The Shangri-La is truly paradise on earth!

First Impressions

The Shangri La was our second stop during our time in Mauritius and one we were extremely excited about. We embarked on our journey from the west coast, arriving at this heavenly resort on the east coast around 2 pm. From the moment we laid eyes on the resort, we knew we were in for something extraordinary.

After being warmly greeted by the staff at the Shangri la we made our way through to the lobby, but wait, before we continue I must tell you about the fish!! As we approached the entrance of the Shangri-La, we were greeted by a lovely surprise—colorful fish surrounding the area.

My youngest couldn’t contain his excitement and even discovered his favourite fish among them. It became his cherished little mascot for the duration of our stay!!

As we checked in, we were treated like VIPs. Refreshments and cold towels were kindly offered, which was a much-needed respite from the tropical heat. And let me tell you, the lobby area was an oasis of elegance, with its bright atmosphere and breathtaking views over the water. We couldn’t wait to venture further into the hotel.

Our Room

A lovely member of the staff led us to our room, giving us a grand tour of everything the Shangri-La had to offer. Walking through the beautiful grounds, catching glimpses of the ocean along the way, we couldn’t help but feel our excitement grow.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

When we reached our Hibiscus junior suite, we were greeted with a pleasant surprise. As we entered, the soothing sound of “Somewhere over the rainbow” filled the room, courtesy of the Shangri-La’s new advert (seriously, check it out on their Instagram page!). The ambiance instantly transported us to a state of tranquility. With a connecting door to the master bedroom, we had the perfect setup.

But wait, there’s more! The beach was just a stone’s throw away, However, before we could explore and take in the view, our boys’ ecstatic screams interrupted us. Two enormous boxes sat on their beds, with ribbons and their names on them. Inside were delightful gifts generously provided by the kids club team. Needless to say, our boys were beyond thrilled!

Leaving the boys to explore their newfound gifts, we took a peek into our adjacent room. The king-sized bed offered a magnificent view of the beach, ideal for catching the sunrise each morning. The attention to detail was impeccable, with toothbrushes, toothpaste, aftersun lotion, and luxurious toiletries from L’Occitane.

But what truly impressed me was their thoughtfulness in providing insect repellent. For someone with severe allergies to bug bites, this was an absolute lifesaver. It may seem like a small thing to mention, but to me, it meant a lot.

The spacious bathroom featured a deep sunken bath, a double shower, and a separate toilet.

Situated in the heart of the resort, close to the main pool and restaurant, the Hibiscus junior suites are an ideal choice for families. You get the best of both worlds: convenience and luxury.

the george hotel mykonos reviews


At the magnificent Shangri-La, you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice when it comes to the exceptional dining options available. During our stay on a half-board basis, we had the pleasure of indulging in both breakfast and evening meals. Our first evening was truly wonderful as we sipped cocktails during golden hour at Republik bar and beach club while watching the sunset over Trou d’Eau Douce Bay. 

There are also special charcoal-fired barbecue grills evenings accompanied by live music, theme nights, and performances by local and international DJs. 

If you happen to have picky eaters at your party, fret not, for the Shangri-La has a universal kids’ menu that remains consistent across all their restaurants. The menu is extensive and provides choices to satisfy even the most discerning young palates. In my case, my boys can sometimes be quite selective and stick to their favorite combo of chicken, fries, and tomato sauce and that’s exactly what they had.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

Being on a half-board basis, which I highly recommend, allowed us to indulge in a delightful three-course dining experience. The Mediterranean cuisine we enjoyed was simply delicious. What made it even more special for me was the fact that I have certain dietary intolerances that I didn’t have to worry about. The menu offered plenty of options, and the attentive staff was always on hand to assist.

Breakfast at Le Bazar was an absolute treat, and it turned out to be a true highlight for my boys. They were absolutely fascinated by the concept of being able to go up for seconds (and thirds, and fourths…) and were completely spoiled for choice.

It was like they were in a sweet shop! When I asked them what their favourite thing about the holiday was, their response was, drumroll please, “the buffet!” And, naturally, the crepe station took the cake (or should I say crepe?), especially when slathered generously with Nutella. They better not get used to this as they will be having tea and toast when they get back home.

Breakfast Menu

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show—the breakfast itself. Picture a full English breakfast, prepared and served fresh every morning, sizzling bacon, perfectly fried eggs, juicy sausages, and all the trimmings that make a hearty breakfast complete.

As an English tea fanatic, I must confess that I’ve had my fair share of tea disappointments while traveling. The tea in Mauritius is an absolute revelation! 

As an English person, tea is practically in my DNA. So, you can imagine my sheer delight when I discovered that the tea in Mauritius surpassed all expectations. Finally, I could have my tea fix, even in a faraway tropical paradise.

Kushi Restaurant

We ventured into Kushi, a specialized Japanese restaurant. As a first-timer to Japanese cuisine, I was a bit nervous, but my worries quickly vanished.

Kushi offers an array of culinary delights. Their sushi bar is manned by a master sushi chef who skillfully creates tantalizing rolls right before your eyes. But that’s not all! They also serve shabu shabu, Kobe, and Wagyu beef, and an assortment of sake and cocktails. 

We decided to try the Japanese restaurant, Kushi, having never tried Japanese cuisine before I was slightly apprehensive, however, I need not have been. 

Kushi is a specialised Japanese restaurant with a sushi bar manned by a master sushi chef, as well as shabu shabu and signature kobe and wagyu beef menus, which are all accompanied by a wide variety of sake and cocktails. You can also enjoy a unique yakiniku experience that includes a built-in grill at each table, and a traditional Omakase set menu offering chef’s specials that change daily depending on fresh fish arrivals.

My husband took a courageous leap into the world of sushi and was pleasantly surprised, he absolutely loved it. As for me, I played it safe and opted for a chicken dish, which turned out to be one of the nicest meals I’ve ever had.

Now, let’s not forget about the boys and their daring taste buds. They fearlessly went for the ultimate classic: chicken and chips!

the george hotel mykonos reviews

Safran Restaurant

Safran, a sophisticated restaurant, combines the flavours of authentic Indian and Mauritian cuisines. With dishes served family-style in an open kitchen, it really is a fantastic place to eat with the family. The boys loved watching the talented chefs cook up a treat in the open kitchen.

Ilot Mangénie Private Island

So here’s a little secret for you: the Shangri-La has its very own private island exclusively for hotel guests! Can you believe it? Hop aboard the boat that departs every 20 minutes, and within a mere 10 minutes, you’ll find yourself transported to a secluded paradise. Brace yourselves, because this place is pure heaven on earth!

Bright and early, we set sail to seize the day on our exclusive island adventure. As we strolled down the jetty, crossing over the pristine, crystal-clear waters, we found ourselves stepping onto the powder-white sands of Ilot Mangénie. We decided to explore the island and came across, a hidden treasure, a swing that offered the most breathtaking view of the sparkling waters. Naturally, we had to give it a go!

We then made our way to the beach, ready to build some sandcastles, the best part? With only a handful of people around, it felt like our very own private paradise.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

After a refreshing swim and some quality time with the boys, our hungry bellies led us to the beach restaurant for some lunch. The friendly staff took care of our needs as we enjoyed a meal that perfectly captured the flavors of the island. 

The beach restaurant served an array of dishes with fresh seafood platters stealing the spotlight. My brave boys decided to do something brave. Can you guess what they tried? Brace yourself… OCTOPUS! Yes, you heard it right!

They surprised us all and proudly let the entire family know. As for me, I took a more familiar route and indulged in a delicious chicken and avocado salad that surpassed all expectations. Pairing it with a glass of ice-cold rose. Our lunch at the beach bar was an absolute delight. 

If you find yourself fortunate enough to be staying at the Shangri-La, you must spend the day on this paradise island.

Kids Club

After eagerly receiving their boxes from the kids club, our boys were thrilled to explore the exciting activities at the Shangri-La’s kids club. Greeted with warm smiles, we were welcomed into the club, where our youngest’s eyes lit up upon discovering a football in the outdoor area.

The kids club at the Shangri-La boasts an extensive program of activities, ensuring that children always have engaging and fun things to do. From cooking classes to fishing adventures on the dock, the range of activities offered is truly impressive.

Children between the ages of 4 and 11 have exclusive access to the club, but parents need not worry if their children are younger, as they can accompany them for playtime. Additionally, teenagers have their own dedicated clubhouse open from 9 am to 10 pm.

The best part? The kids club is complimentary, allowing parents to relish a few hours of peace while their children have an absolute blast. 

There’s an outdoor supervised pool, a play area, and a multitude of engaging activities for the little ones. While our youngest loves sports and enjoyed the outdoors, our eldest found joy in pursuing arts and crafts within the club’s premises.

One of the highlights for our boys was the fishing excursion at the dock. Considering their boundless energy, I was unsure of their reaction to the activity. To my pleasant surprise, both of them were completely engrossed in their quest to catch a fish. They managed to sit still for more than five minutes, which was quite an accomplishment!

Another activity that truly captivated our boys was the cooking class. Engaging with other children, they had the opportunity to create some cakes. The little chef outfits and hats provided added a charming touch to the experience.

Overall, the kids club at the Shangri-La exceeded our expectations, leaving our boys thoroughly entertained and engaged. From fishing adventures to culinary endeavors, the variety of activities offered catered to their diverse interests. The Shangri-La truly knows how to create a memorable experience for families.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

The Pool

Ah, the swimming pool, is a sanctuary of fun and relaxation, especially for families with children. At the Shangri-La, you’ll discover a pool that looks out to the beautiful beach area. With the most luxuriously comfortable beach beds, you’ll find yourself wanting to stay here all day.

As soon as you arrive a cooler box filled with ice-cold water greets you, and if you’re in need of something a little stronger fret not! Simply press the button on the umbrella, and voila! 

For those seeking a tranquil and serene experience, the Shangri-La boasts a stunning adults-only pool on the opposite side of the resort. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to experience this as we were having such a lovely time as a family together.

The Beach

The beach at the Shangri-La is a true haven of tranquility and beauty. Nestled in a peaceful cove, the calm and crystal-clear waters beacon you in.  Along the shoreline, you’ll find comfortable beach beds, generously spaced apart.

The vibrant pops of orange on the beach beds perfectly complement the stunning turquoise waters, creating a picturesque sight that will leave you in awe. It’s a beach that we will always remember as one of our favourites.

The boys were gifted a bucket and spade, so they could build sandcastles just outside our room. It was perfect for us as a family as we got to relax whilst the boys had fun together.

Despite its location on the east side of the island, the Shangri-La boasts breathtaking sunsets that are not to be missed. We enjoyed a drink on the beach whilst taking in the hues of the setting sun.

For those who are early birds, I highly recommend waking up for the sunrise. Trust me, it’s worth it! I found peace and serenity on the patio as I watched the sun rise over the beach. 

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Watersports & Activities

At the Shangri-La, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If you’re anything like me a few hours sunbathing is all I can take before I like to explore and engage in fun activities with the family.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

We embarked on a pedalo adventure to the resort’s little island and sand bank. It only took a short paddle to reach the island, where the boys had a blast playing their wave-jumping game. From the sandbank, we admired just how beautiful the resort truly is.

Back on the beach, the boys spotted paddle boards and couldn’t resist giving them a try. Surprisingly, they quickly became better than my husband, who had always wanted to try paddleboarding. The boys loved it and are already asking to do it again. Both the paddle boarding and pedalo were included in our stay.

There’s not just one, but two championship 18-hole golf courses right within the resort if you’re a keen golfer.


At the Shangri-La, the level of service is unparalleled, leaving a lasting impression on us as guests. The dedicated staff goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone receives exceptional care and attention. From the moment we arrived, we were welcomed with genuine warmth, bright smiles, and enthusiastic greetings at every turn.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

The staff at the Shangri-La are true hospitality professionals, always ready to assist with any request or query. No task is too big or too small for them. Their commitment to providing outstanding service shines through in every interaction, making us feel valued and well taken care of throughout our stay.

When it comes to creating memorable experiences, the staff at the Shangri-La are the epitome of excellence. Their genuine hospitality and willingness to go the extra mile truly sets them apart. 

Things to do

The Shangri la is located in a great spot to explore the island. Here I will list some of the amazing experiences you can do from the Shangri la: –

  1. Lle Aux Cerfs– Right next door to the Shangri la and is a stunning island situated off the east coast of Mauritius. With its pristine white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, and a wide range of restaurants, water sports, and land activities, it offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and exciting experiences. 

  2. Chateaux de Labourdonnais – Embark on a captivating journey through time at Chateaux de Labourdonnais, an elegant chateau located just  45 minutes drive away. This magnificent estate, rich in history and culture, offers a fascinating glimpse into Mauritius’ colonial heritage. 

  3. Le Vanille Nature Park – Le Vanille Nature Park, just a one-hour 15 minutes away is where you and your family can indulge in a unique experience of feeding tortoises. 

  4. Mahebourg – Venture to Mahebourg, only 50 minutes from the hotel. home to the largest lagoon in Mauritius, and prepare to be enchanted by its natural splendor.

  5. Black River Gorge National Park – Within a 1-hour 10-minute drive, you can explore the wonders of this expansive national park

  6. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens– Step into the enchanting world of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens, a haven of natural beauty and tranquility only 45 minutes from the hotel

  7. Château de Labourdonnais – Uncover the allure of Mauritius’ colonial heritage with a visit to the elegant Chateaux de Labourdonnais, located just 45 minutes away

Transportation and tours in Mauritius offer exceptional value for your money, allowing you to discover the island’s wonders without stretching your budget.

To make the most of our exploration, we decided to hire a driver at an affordable rate of just £70, providing us with eight hours of uninterrupted adventure.

However, if you prefer the freedom of driving yourself, car hire presents a cost-effective option to navigate Mauritius at your own pace. 

Contact Shangri-La Le Touessrok

Coastal Road, Trou d’Eau Douce, Mauritius

Phone number:  +230 402 7400


Overall Experience

Well, what can I say other than a huge thank you for an unforgettable experience Shangri-La. It has truly been one of the best hotel stays we have ever had. From the moment we arrived, we knew this place would leave a lasting stamp on our hearts.

The luxurious tranquil hotel offers a haven away from our busy lives and after moving house a few days before we came it was exactly what we all needed. The location on the island is perfect for exploring yet I wouldn’t blame anyone for not leaving the hotel.

There is so much on offer for the kids with the outstanding kids club with so many fun and engaging activities for the kids. The rooms were undeniably bright and luxurious with the most amazing views out to the beach. The staff were just fantastic and really went out of their way to make sure we had the best stay.

We will most definitely be back in the future to the Shangri la which caters so well for families. This is the place to come if you want a peaceful fun holiday with your family.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for an exceptional and unforgettable experience at Shangri-La. Without a doubt, it has been one of the most remarkable hotel stays we have ever had. From the moment of our arrival, we sensed that this place would leave an indelible mark on our hearts.

The luxurious and serene ambiance provided a haven from our bustling lives, offering the respite we needed after a recent house move. The hotel’s idyllic location on the island is perfect for exploration, although we wouldn’t fault anyone for simply wanting to indulge in the offerings within the hotel itself.

The remarkable facilities for children, including the outstanding kids club with its selection of engaging and enjoyable activities, ensured that our little ones were thoroughly entertained. The rooms were undeniably luxurious, offering breathtaking views of the beach.

The dedication and exceptional service from the staff went above and beyond to ensure our stay was nothing short of perfection.

We are already looking forward to returning to Shangri-La in the future, knowing that it caters so well to families. It is truly the ideal destination for a tranquil and fun-filled holiday with your loved ones.

Kelly Bullock