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Koh Samui has been a dream destination of mine ever since I saw its captivating beauty in a travel magazine as a child. Therefore, it was essential to ensure our stay was exceptional for this much-anticipated trip.

When I discovered the Outrigger, I immediately knew it was the perfect choice for us. Its charming colonial-style architecture sets it apart from other hotels. Situated on Lamai Beach on the island’s eastern side, the Outrigger is an ideal base for exploring Koh Samui as a family. The resort is thoughtfully divided into two main areas: the Beach Side, featuring the beach, pool, and restaurant, and the Resort Side, which includes the reception, guest rooms, Coral Kids Club, games room, and breakfast buffet. Additionally, the resort offers laser tag – a fantastic activity, especially during the rainy season.

Join us as we delve into our wonderful stay at this extraordinary family resort in paradise!

First Impressions

After our delightful stay in Phi Phi, we arrived at the Outrigger and were immediately captivated by the resort’s stunning colonial architecture and elegant reception area. The staff greeted us warmly, promptly attended to our luggage, and escorted it to our room while we checked in and received an introduction to the resort’s amenities and layout. The check-in process was efficient, and we were provided with all the necessary information for a comfortable stay.

The Outrigger resort is uniquely divided into two sections. The beach and pool area are situated across the road from the rooms and reception. While this might seem inconvenient at first, it is seamlessly managed by the attentive staff stationed on both sides of the road to assist guests in crossing. These staff members were exceptionally friendly, especially to our children, making the short three-minute walk from reception to the pool a pleasant part of our daily routine.

We opted for the half-board package, which included both breakfast and dinner, and we highly recommend this option, particularly for families traveling with children. This arrangement added convenience and ease to our stay, allowing us to focus on enjoying the resort and exploring the beautiful surroundings without worrying about meal planning.

Our Room

We had the honor of staying in a Club Lamai Suite, and from the moment we walked in, we were blown away! The colonial decor was both welcoming and breathtakingly beautiful. Awaiting us was a fresh fruit platter, along with the most charming animal-shaped towels arranged on the bed. I was immediately inspired with countless ideas for decorating my new home!

The spacious, air-conditioned suite was thoughtfully designed with sliding doors separating the living area. The boys were delighted to find a sofa bed pulled out and made up for them, complete with their own TV. Meanwhile, we enjoyed the comfort of a grand queen-sized four-poster bed, also with our TV. The marble bathroom was a highlight, featuring a luxurious freestanding bathtub, a separate shower, and high-end toiletries. The bathroom’s design was exquisite, with shutters that could be closed for privacy or opened up to create a more open space.

Accommodating up to five people comfortably, the suite also boasted two beautiful French-style balconies that offered serene views of the landscaped gardens. The daily housekeeping service ensured that our suite was always immaculate, with water replenished regularly.

The suite also included a spacious dressing area equipped with a fridge, safe, and mini bar, adding to the convenience and comfort of our stay.

Voyager 47 club lounge

One of the many perks of staying in the Club Lamai Suite is the complimentary access to the exclusive Voyager 47 Club Lounge. This privilege is extended to all guests residing in the suites and club garden rooms, adding a touch of luxury to the experience. Each evening from 5:30 to 6:30, guests are invited to indulge in the chef’s tasting plates, accompanied by a selection of fine wines, cocktails, and soft drinks.

The Voyager 47 Club Lounge itself is a haven of tranquility, beautifully designed to provide a serene and relaxing atmosphere. One of the lounge’s charming features is its library, offering a curated collection of books. To our delight, my son, by complete coincidence, pulled out a book by my favorite author, making the experience even more special.

We embraced the opportunity to dress up each evening, enjoying some quality family time and delightful cocktails before heading down to the beach for dinner. This routine became a cherished part of our stay, adding an extra layer of enjoyment and relaxation. Access to the lounge truly enriched our experience, providing a sophisticated yet comfortable setting to unwind and create lasting memories.

Swimming pool and water slide

One of the primary reasons we chose the Outrigger was its impressive array of family-friendly amenities, particularly the water slide, which promised endless fun for our boys. Both of them are avid water enthusiasts and the presence of a water slide at the hotel, added an extra layer of excitement to their stay.

The resort features a large pool strategically located right by the beach, allowing guests to enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean while taking a refreshing dip. This picturesque setting is complemented by the convenience of ordering food and drinks directly to your sunbed from the Edgewater Restaurant.

While the beach offers a variety of water sports, we opted to spend our days by the pool. The allure of the water slide was simply irresistible to our boys, who spent countless hours sliding and splashing around. The vibrant and lively atmosphere of the pool area, coupled with the stunning beach backdrop, provided the perfect setting for our family to unwind and enjoy quality time together.

For those seeking a bit of peace and serenity, the resort also offers a stunning pool near Mala Kitchen. Surrounded by lush trees, this pool provides a tranquil and relaxing environment, perfect for unwinding and enjoying some quiet time. The setting is beautifully serene, offering a stark contrast to the more energetic beachside pools.

However, our stay at the serene pool was brief as the boys were eager to return to the water slides. The fun and excitement at the beachside pool proved too strong for them to resist. Despite the short visit, the tranquil pool near Mala Kitchen remains one of the most relaxing spots on the resort, ideal for those moments when you crave solitude and relaxation.


We opted for the half-board package, as we always find it more convenient with the boys. We arrived on a Saturday and were fortunate to discover it was BBQ night at the Edgewater Family Beach Club and Bar. A live band was playing upon our arrival, providing a lovely ambiance while we enjoyed the delicious BBQ buffet.

Due to our late arrival, we ate dinner quickly to catch the live fire show on the beach. Witnessing this event in Thailand had always been a dream of mine. The boys were absolutely fascinated, though a huge thunderstorm interrupted the show. Despite this, thunderstorms in Thailand are quite spectacular.

For the remainder of our stay, we had the pleasure of dining at the Edgewater Beach Club. The half-board package includes a two-course dinner each evening. I highly recommend the “Tom Kha Gai,” a coconut milk soup that became my favorite meal during our entire stay in Thailand. It was so delectable that I had it every night.

The setting at sunset was truly beautiful. Each evening, we would head down after enjoying canapés and drinks at Voyager 47, watch the light fade, and enjoy our meals.


Breakfast is served in Mala Kitchen, located on the resort side. The buffet restaurant offers a vast selection of breakfast options to suit everyone’s tastes. Guests can enjoy a variety of fresh pastries such as croissants, muffins, and pancakes, as well as made-to-order omelets, traditional Thai cuisine, and an array of fresh fruits.

My youngest son particularly enjoyed the experience of ordering his own eggs each morning. The attentive staff were always eager to assist him in bringing his meal back to the table, although we tried to help, he is quite independent.

The selection of fresh juices available was remarkable, with more options than I had ever seen before. This included a wide range of hot drinks and iced coffee. We all relished the opportunity to sample new and exotic juices that we had never tried previously.

The setting of Mala Kitchen adds to the dining experience, with its beautiful design allowing guests to enjoy the natural surroundings while savoring their breakfast. The ambiance, combined with the excellent service and extensive menu, made breakfast each day a delightful start to our mornings at the resort.

Things to do for kids

Trust me, your kids will never get bored at the Outrigger Resort. Upon our arrival, we were delighted to discover that the resort features a laser tag arena. Yes, a laser tag arena! This is a fantastic option, especially if you are traveling during the rainy season and encounter a bad weather day. The resort also boasts a kids’ club that offers daily activities, including movie nights in the evening. There is a wide range of activities throughout the day to keep the children engaged and entertained.

Adjacent to the kids’ club is a well-equipped games room, which quickly became a favorite spot for my boys. The room features a pool table, air hockey, and a ping pong table. On one particularly rainy day, this games room kept our boys entertained for hours, providing endless fun and laughter.
When the weather improved, my boys made the most of the water slide!!!

The combination of indoor and outdoor activities ensures that children have a memorable and enjoyable experience at the Outrigger Resort, regardless of the weather. The resort’s facilities and attentive staff create an environment where both parents and children can relax and have fun.


The staff at the Outrigger Resort consistently exceeded our expectations, ensuring that our stay was as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. No request was ever too much for them to handle. Whether we needed directions, advice on local attractions, or assistance with any other matter, we were always met with a warm and informative response. Their genuine willingness to help added a personal touch to our experience.

Our rooms were cleaned on a daily basis, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness throughout our stay. Whenever we required additional amenities or services, our requests were fulfilled promptly and efficiently. This level of attentiveness and commitment to guest satisfaction was truly commendable.

The restaurant staff were particularly outstanding. They were not only professional and courteous but also incredibly friendly, especially with our children. Each day, they made a special effort to engage with the kids, speaking to them and making them feel welcome.

Overall Experiance

The Outrigger Koh Samui Beach Resort masterfully combines sophistication and entertainment, creating an ideal haven for families seeking both luxury and fun. This exquisite resort provides a perfect blend of opulence and family-friendly amenities, ensuring a memorable stay for guests of all ages.

The resort boasts spacious and elegantly designed rooms, a veritable playground of activities and amenities, games room, engaging kids’ club, and specially designed children’s menus cater to younger guests. The highlight for many children is undoubtedly the fantastic water slide, which promises hours of exhilarating fun. Additionally, the resort’s location is perfect for exploring the beautiful island of Koh Samui, with many attractions and adventures just a short distance away.

Dining at the resort is a delightful experience, with restaurants offering a variety of cuisines to suit all palates. The staff’s attentiveness and friendly demeanor, especially towards children, enhance the dining experience, making every meal enjoyable for the whole family.

The Outrigger Koh Samui Beach Resort stands out as a premier destination for families seeking a luxurious getaway. Its exceptional blend of classy accommodations, diverse activities, and outstanding service make it a top choice for those visiting Koh Samui. If you are looking for a five-star resort that caters to families and offers a perfect mix of luxury and fun, look no further than the Outrigger Koh Samui Beach Resort.

We were guests of the Outrigger Hotel but please be assured all opinions are my own and completely truthful.

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