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Embarking on a springtime adventure can sometimes feel like a gamble, especially when it comes to picking the perfect destination. Yet, nestled along the stunning coast of Crete, Kalyves Beach Resort proved to be an unexpected gem. With temperatures ranging from 23 to 29 degrees Celsius (while we were there) and blissfully devoid of crowds, it emerged as the ideal springtime sanctuary for soaking up the sun.

But what truly sets Kalyves Beach Resort apart is its universal appeal, catering to both families and couples alike. Whether you’re seeking adventures with the little ones or a romantic retreat for two, this resort offers the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement.

Join us as we delve into the world of Kalyves Beach Resort and why it’s perfect for that springtime getaway.

About Kalyves Beach Hotel

Situated in the charming village of Kalyves, alongside the river Xydas in Chania, lies Kalyves Beach Resort. Just a short 30-minute drive from Chania Airport, its convenient location makes it easily accessible for travelers seeking a peaceful getaway.

At the resort, guests are welcomed by three inviting swimming pools, including an indoor heated pool perfect for cooler spring days or escaping the summer heat.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

Kalyves Beach Resort provides guests with a range of board basis options, including the convenient all-inclusive package, which proves particularly advantageous for families with children. However, we’ll delve deeper into this aspect later on.

With its blend of comfortable accommodations and leisure facilities, Kalyves Beach Resort is the ideal destination for families and couples alike.

First Impressions

Upon our late-night arrival, we made prior arrangements for a taxi transfer with GT Travels, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey to the hotel. As we stepped through the doors, we were met with a warm welcome from the hotel staff, who efficiently facilitated our check-in process. Their hospitality was particularly appreciated, given the late hour and the presence of our children.

With our check-in completed swiftly, the staff provided us with our all-inclusive wristbands, allowing us to fully enjoy the amenities and offerings of the resort during our stay. Our children excitedly noted the presence of not one, but two outdoor swimming pools, eagerly looking forward to taking a dip the following day.

Continuing to our room via the lift, we noticed the towering palm trees stretching towards the ceiling which were truly unique, creating a tropical oasis within the hotel’s interior.

Our Room

Travelling as a family of four can often present logistical challenges, particularly when it comes to finding suitable accommodations. However, Kalyves Beach Resort has thoughtfully addressed this concern with their interconnecting rooms, offering both space and proximity for families. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with a thoughtful gesture—a refreshing basket of fresh fruit and a bottle of Greek rosé wine, a welcome treat after a day of travel.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

Stepping into our rooms, we were greeted by a bright and tastefully decorated space, offering glimpses (albeit nighttime ones) of the pool, beach bar, and ocean beyond. Anticipation for the morning’s view filled us with excitement. Each room boasts a comfortable double bed, with one also featuring a sofa bed—a thoughtful provision for families with children.

The rooms were equipped with all the modern amenities one could desire, including a coffee machine, a stocked fridge with cold beverages and alcoholic drinks, air conditioning, satellite TV, a hairdryer, and a safety deposit box. Additionally, the inclusion of vanity kits in the bathroom, complete with toothbrushes, was a thoughtful touch that underscored the resort’s attention to detail and guest comfort.


We decided to indulge in the all-inclusive package, a wise choice given the appetites of our children, who seem to require snacks at every hour of the day! Now, onto the crucial details: the all-inclusive offering includes local beer, wine, and a selection of five cocktails (as promised, the essential information), along with freshly squeezed juices and soft drinks. When booking or checking in, you have the option to ether opt for standard all-inclusive or upgrade to VIP all-inclusive. By upgrading, you gain access to additional amenities and exclusive offers not available with the regular package for example premium branded alcohol.

Throughout the day, an array of snacks is readily available alongside the breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets. The breakfast spread boasted an extensive variety of options, catering to all preferences—including my own dietary considerations—with ease. The freshly prepared pancakes and freshly squeezed orange juice were particular favorites among our children.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

We were pleasantly surprised by the exceptional quality of the food; truth be told, our expectations were exceeded. Our lunch presented an impressive selection of Greek delicacies, alongside options suitable options for young kids. I must admit, however, that my sons loved the opportunity to sample many of the Greek dishes, with a particular fondness for the stuffed vine leaves and tzatziki.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

Dinner, served from 7 pm to 9 pm, afforded us the opportunity to dine along the riverside each evening, listening to the gentle lapping of waves from the nearby beach. Given the early-April chill in the air, I would recommend bringing along a cardigan for added comfort during evening meals.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

Kids activities, Entertainment and Pools

Kalyves Beach Hotel is great for family fun, with plenty of activities to keep kids entertained. With three pools to splash in, a playground right on the beach, and an arcade for indoor excitement, our children were never bored.

They were too shy to join in at the kids disco in the evening, but found the Greek dancing night hilarious when Dad got up to try Greek dancing, they couldn’t stop giggling at his moves. My stomach was actually hurting from laughing so much, he’s so un coordinated!!

From daytime fun to evening entertainment, Kalyves Beach Hotel made sure our kids had a blast throughout our stay.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

There are not just one, but two outdoor pools, As if that weren’t enough, there’s also an indoor pool, ensuring guests can enjoy a dip regardless of the weather outside.

The pools are situated in two separate buildings surrounding the pools are  rows of comfortable sunbeds, complete with umbrellas to provide respite from the sun if needed.

The Spa

During our stay at Kalyves we visited the Aegeo Spa as a family and enjoyed their amenities together. While the boys enjoyed the jacuzzi, I took advantage of the sauna, finding it particularly beneficial for my joints.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

Following a challenging day with my joint pain, the sauna provided a welcomed respite before my “Aloe Shine” massage with Niki. As the boys entertained themselves in the adjacent indoor pool, I continued to unwind in the jacuzzi.

Niki’s massage was exceptionally relaxing, enhanced by the soothing properties of aloe vera, especially after prolonged sun exposure.

This experience offered a rare opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation, which I seldom have with the children. I highly recommend a visit to the Aegeo Spa at Kalyves for a relaxing experience.


From the moment we arrived at Kalyves Beach Resort, we felt welcomed and cared for by the attentive staff. They greeted us with genuine smiles and made sure every aspect of our stay was comfortable and enjoyable.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

Throughout our time at the resort, the staff went out of their way to help us, whether it was providing tips for exploring the area or ensuring our room was clean and inviting. They made us feel like valued guests, and their friendly demeanor made our stay feel like home.

As we said goodbye to Kalyves Beach Resort, we left with gratitude for the wonderful hospitality we received.

Kiani Beach Resort

We had the pleasure of visiting Kalyves sister hotel Kiani Beach Resort located just 5 minutes away. This 5-star, all-inclusive hotel has endless activities to keep the kids entertained. The 2 pools at the hotel are huge and our kids enjoyed the poolside entertainment.

Having visited in early April at the beginning of the season it was amazing to see snow on the top of the mountains whilst sunbathing in 27 degree heat! The views here are beautiful and I’d recommend coming in April for an Easter getaway.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

The beach and pool areas have plenty of comfy sunbeds, which I appreciated, especially with my bad back. There are two sides to the hotel separated by a small quiet road so the resort is quite large with plenty to do. They also have a well-stocked mini market with lots of fun swim aids for kids so you don’t need to bring any with you.

The all-inclusive is ideal for the kids. The buffet offers a wide variety of delicious food that caters to everyone’s tastes. I must say, the meals were always tasty and the kids loved being able to serve themselves. There are also drinks on tap including soft drinks, wine, and beer.

The children’s waterpark area is exceptionally well-designed for young ones, much to the delight of my boys who thoroughly enjoyed it. Additionally, at 5 pm, there are bouncy castles set up for the kids to enjoy before dinner. My youngest ( and my husband who still thinks he’s a child) had great fun playing football on the grass area.

The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful, always going above and beyond to assist us when we needed help. The entertainment team was fantastic and although I didn’t take part in the water aerobics it did look fun.

In the evening we dined at the rooftop terrace which had only just opened. The views from the terrace are absolutely beautiful.  From the moment we arrived, the attentive staff impressed us, guiding us through each course with descriptions and recommendations. The restaurant offers four set menus, each showcasing the flavors of Greek cuisine: “A Taste of Greece,” “A Taste of the Aegean – Seafood Menu,” “Traditional Cretan Menu,” and “Vegetarian Menu.”

My husband opted for the “Taste of the Aegean” menu, which was five courses. The grilled prawns were a standout for him, full of flavor, while the seabream main course was beautifully cooked. I, on the other hand, enjoyed the “Taste of Greece” menu, I opted for the Beef fillet as my main dish, and it was cooked to absolute perfection, tender and juicy. The Risotto starter was also a big hit with my youngest eating most of it!!

With prices ranging from 30 to 35 euros per person, the menus offer exceptional value for the quality and variety of dishes. Even my kids enjoyed their meals and they are fussy eaters! The restaurant’s rooftop location provided a beautiful backdrop for our dining experience as the sunset. The Rooftop Terrace exceeded our expectations with its delicious food, attentive service, and perfect setting. Highly recommend it for that special treat on holiday.

the george hotel mykonos reviews


Embarking on our journey to Crete, we were determined to explore as much as possible. Opting for an organized excursion with Let’s Create, we set off for the renowned Elafonisa beach, famed for its unique pink sand.

Despite the three-hour journey from our pick-up point, our anticipation only grew as we arrived at the beach around 10:30 am, greeted by the an almost deserted shoreline. Our tour guide, Agnes, informed us that during the summer months, the beach sees a staggering influx of 7,000 visitors a day. Yet here we were, a group of just 15, having it all to ourselves—an exclusive experience we would cherish forever.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

The crystalline waters of Elafonisa beckoned were pristine, while the soft, pink-hued sands beneath our feet confirmed the beach’s reputation as a true natural wonder. Visiting Crete in the spring or autumn is a wise choice, offering the chance to see this stunning beach without the crowds.

Our return journey we stopped at a charming taverna in the traditional Greek village of Elos—a perfect end to our day of exploration. The traditional cretan food was absolutely delicious and with wine being £3.50 for 50cl I was very happy indeed.

the george hotel mykonos reviews


Our day trip to Chania was a journey through the heart of Crete’s rich history and vibrant culture, a tapestry woven with colorful cobbled streets and some of the finest Greek restaurants in the region.

As we wandered through the bustling streets of this ancient city, every corner seemed to reveal a new discovery—a hidden courtyard adorned with blooming bougainvillea, a quaint artisan shop brimming with handmade treasures, or a lively taverna beckoning with the promise of authentic culinary delights.

We had the pleasure of dining at Tamam restaurant and if you visit Chania you must try this restaurant.

We set off to explore further, making our way to the iconic Chania Lighthouse that stands proudly at the entrance to the Venetian harbor.

Drawing closer, we marveled at the intricate architecture and rich history of this ancient landmark.

Car Hire with Kalives Travel

Our journey through the ancient wonders of Crete began with a scenic drive, courtesy of a car hired from Kalives Travel who offer a great range of vehicles click here for a special discount. We set off towards the ancient ruins of Aptera, eager to uncover the secrets of this storied site.

As we arrived, we were greeted by a stunning sight—the towering White Mountains against the bright blue sky, with snow-capped peaks and colorful spring flowers. It was a moment that truly showcased Crete’s beauty and charm in the springtime.

Exploring the remnants of this ancient city, the boys were fascinated by the history that surrounded them, eagerly recounting tales of bygone civilizations as we made our way through the archaeological site.

We then embarked on the next leg of our journey—a short drive to the serene shores of Lake Kournas. As we approached the lake, we were greeted by a sight that took our breath away—the lake’s crystal-clear turquoise water! Just wow!

Eager to explore, the boys spotted the pedalos and wasted no time in setting out on the lake, searching for the turtles that inhabit the lake. Although we weren’t lucky enough to see any turtles the experience of the lake was a memory we would treasure forever.

After our time on the lake, we settled in at Korissia restaurant, where we indulged in some more delicious Greek food, (You just can’t beat greek food)

Check out Kalives Travel for your car hire! Highly recommended.

Contact Kalyves Beach Hotel

Chania, Kalyves, Apokoronas, 73003, Crete, Greece

Phone number:  +30 28250 31285 31881


Overall Experience

Our stay at Kalyves Beach Hotel was nothing short of perfect. From the moment we arrived, we were embraced by the warm hospitality of the staff.

The resort’s amenities, from the inviting pools and pristine beaches to the dining options and entertainment, ensured that every moment was filled with fun and relaxation.

As we reluctantly bid farewell we left with cherished memories and a longing to return. Thank you so much Kalyves Beach Hotel.

We were guests on a PR stay at Kalyves Hotel but all opinions are our own and truthful.