is bermuda in the caribbean | bermuda vs caribbean guide

When we were looking for a family vacation, firstly we wanted to go somewhere warm, with us living in England we don’t get to sunbathe much. Then we wanted unique beaches, turquoise blue sea, stunning scenery, wonderful hotels, and great food. Then Bermuda popped up.

The pictures looked amazing, it had everything we wanted from a holiday and loads of stuff for the kids too, it looked perfect, we were sold.

Without really looking where we jetting off to, we just presumed we were off for a lovely vacation in the Caribbean.

Were we correct? Let’s find out. So, is Bermuda located in the Caribbean? Here’s the answer:

Although many people think Bermuda is located in the Caribbean, Bermuda is actually not in the Caribbean at all. In fact, Bermuda is located in the North Atlantic sea approximately 900 miles away from the Caribbean.

Let’s take a closer look and find out everything you need to know about Bermuda’s location and how it compares to the Caribbean in more detail…

Where is Bermuda located?

is bermuda in the caribbean | bermuda vs caribbean guide

Bermuda is a British overseas territory that is actually located in the North Atlantic Ocean around 600 miles East of mainland USA and over 900 miles North of the Caribbean. So to answer the question many people ask “is Bermuda in the Caribbean”?

No, Bermuda is not actually in the Caribbean. In fact, it is actually a lot closer to the USA than it is the Caribbean. The nearest landmass to Bermuda is Cape Hatteras, North Carolina which is around 640 miles.

When you actually look at a map of where Bermuda is you will see how isolated the island really is. Its exact coordinates are 32°18’N64°47’W just in case you intend to sail there thinking it’s in the Caribbean!!

How far is Bermuda from the Caribbean?

is bermuda in the caribbean | bermuda vs caribbean guide

Roughly, Bermuda is 900 miles or 1827km away from the Caribbean and is actually 1 hour ahead in time difference which puts it into perspective just how far away they are from each other.

It would take you around 3 hours 30 minutes (including 1 stopover) to get from Bermuda to the Caribbean, or to think of it another way it would be the distance between Florida and New York City!! So you see that’s quite a long way away from each other.

You can actually cruise to Bermuda from North America and spend a few days docked in Bermuda however I’d recommend staying longer as this island has so much to offer for people of all ages.

Why do people associate Bermuda with the Caribbean?

is bermuda in the caribbean | bermuda vs caribbean guide

It all started with the marketing of the Island as it is often put in the same category as similar islands within the Caribbean.

When we see the powder white (or even pink) sand beaches and turquoise sea we automatically think it must be in the Caribbean as it looks just like a Caribbean island when in fact it’s well over 900 miles away!

Just to confuse people, even more, Bermuda is actually an associate member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) which is an organization of 15 nations and dependencies that was set up in 1973 to enable economic integration among its members so that benefits are equally shared and to coordinate foreign policy.

What Sea is Bermuda actually in?

is bermuda in the caribbean | bermuda vs caribbean guide

Bermuda is the only landmass in the Sargasso Sea which is located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a region within the Bermuda Triangle but unlike other seas, it has no land boundaries and is surrounded by four currents composing an Ocean Gyre.

It is known for its calm waters and crystal clear blue waters. It is said that the water is so clear you can actually see down to 50 meters! I have to say the colors of the sea in Bermuda were quite breathtaking and just as beautiful as any in the Caribbean.

How is Bermuda different from the Caribbean?

is bermuda in the caribbean | bermuda vs caribbean guide

Having been to over 15 Caribbean islands and Bermuda I think it’s safe to say most islands are different and unique in their own way. That said the main difference for me from the Caribbean was the British influence.

As Bermuda is a British overseas territory you will notice a lot of British ways of life. I myself am from Britain so I noticed a lot of British traits on the island that you don’t see in the Caribbean, for example, British red phone boxes, British pubs, driving on the right side of the road.

The climate of Bermuda is definitely less humid than the Caribbean making it more comfortable to lie out in or wander about during the day, we went in October and it wasn’t in the slightest bit humid.

If you are flying from the UK the flight time is much more favorable then the Caribbean at only 7 hours instead of 10 hours or from North America (New York or Boston) flights are a short hop on hop off at only 2 hours!! So Bermuda is much closer than the Caribbean.

Is Bermuda an island?

is bermuda in the caribbean | bermuda vs caribbean guide

Technically Bermuda is an archipelago of 7 main islands and 170 islets and rocks with the main 8 islands being connected by bridges! Again something I didn’t know until reaching as I always thought it was one big island, although most of them are uninhabited.

The archipelago is 22 miles long and 1 mile wide, however, the main island itself is 14 miles long and 1 mile wide with its capital being Hamilton which I’m sure you’ve all heard of.

Is Bermuda in the West Indies?

is bermuda in the caribbean | bermuda vs caribbean guide

Although Bermuda is not a geographical part of the west indies it does have a lot of sea-borne history and cultural ties with some of the islands that are part of the west indies, therefore it is most often included in the definition of the region “West Indies”.

You can actually see and read more about the connection of the West Indies and Bermuda at the National Museum of Bermuda where they have exhibits on display. It celebrates the important political, cultural, and family ties between Bermuda and the Caribbean and is definitely worth a visit if you are on the island.

Nowadays Bermuda and the Caribbean compete for their largest industry income, tourism yet they still have their ties from their ancestors.

Does Bermuda have a monsoon season like the Caribbean?

is bermuda in the caribbean | bermuda vs caribbean guide

In a nutshell, No Bermuda does not have a monsoon season like the Caribbean because it is located 900 miles away, however, it does have some months that are wetter than others.

The Caribbeans monsoon season starts early June to mid-September so it may be worth noting this if you can’t decide between the Caribbean or Bermuda during these summer months. Humidity can be high throughout the summer months in Bermuda just like the Caribbean but Bermuda has the bonus of no monsoon season.

Where has better beaches Bermuda or the Caribbean?

is bermuda in the caribbean | bermuda vs caribbean guide

This is a hard one as I have been to so many amazing beaches in the Caribbean but Bermuda has to be the most memorable place for beaches in my eyes. Why? The pink sand contrasting against the bright turquoise sea and rugged coastline.

Absolutely unbelievable! Yes, you did read that correct, PINK sand beaches. Horseshoe Bay located in the parish of Southampton has the most spectacular pink sand beach.

The pink sand is the result of millions of microscopic red sea organisms (foraminifera) that die and the shells fall to the ocean floor, then they’re are washed ashore by the continued tide.

The red particles then get mixed in with the sand to give off the pink hue. I was sure pictures had been edited to give off the pink tones until I walked along horseshoe bay and picked up a handful of the glistening pink sand, it really is pink!

Is Bermuda expensive to visit compared to the Caribbean?

is bermuda in the caribbean | bermuda vs caribbean guide

I have to say I found Bermuda a lot more expensive than the Caribbean. Food, in particular, was extremely pricey, you would pay £15 ($20) for a KFC meal in hamilton whereas you can pick up cheap eats around Caribbean islands for a fraction of the cost.

I did find the food to be outstanding in Bermuda, yes you pay a lot but the quality is fantastic. Taxi prices were probably around the same in the Caribbean compared to Bermuda and Bermuda really could have hiked their prices and gotten away with it as you cannot rent cars on the island.

The same with bus tickets. I’d say they were around the same cost. In terms of getting to Bermuda compared to the Caribbean, it was the same cost for us but less to travel and just as beautiful.

Final thoughts…

If you are looking at vacationing in the Caribbean and fancy Bermuda but are put off by the fact Bermuda isn’t actually in the Caribbean, don’t be. Bermuda has some of the nicest beaches I’ve ever been to.

We’ve been to places like the Maldives, Seychelles Mauritius and Bermuda tops the beaches for me. The amazing pink sand and turquoise waters are truly breathtaking.

Bermuda is also a lot shorter flying time then the Caribbean and has a fantastic climate all year round unlike the Caribbean with the monsoon season.

When we visited Bermuda we stayed at the Fairmont Southampton and Grotto Bay Beach hotel and we can’t recommend either highly enough. We wanted to see all of Bermuda so stayed in two different parishes and would recommend doing the same if you go.

Grotto Bay offers a fantastic all-inclusive package and the food is outstanding. The delicious a la carte meals were something I’ll always remember.

So if you are considering the Caribbean please also think about Bermuda, trust me you won’t regret it!

Kelly Bullock