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Anantara Riverside Bangkok Hotel is nestled along the scenic west bank of the Chao Phraya River and offers an unparalleled retreat in the heart of Bangkok. This luxurious hotel boasts 281 guest rooms and 95 suites, providing the perfect vantage point for exploring the city’s vibrant charm.

Anantara Riverside stands as a beacon of luxury and tranquility amidst the dynamic energy of Bangkok, offering a serene escape where guests can immerse themselves in luxury and relaxation.

Join us as we explore how Anantara blends lavish comfort with an oasis of calm, creating an unforgettable sanctuary away from the city’s vibrant rhythm, yet still on its doorstep to explore at your leisure.

Getting to the Anantara

Prior to our arrival, we arranged our transfer with Anantara Riverside Bangkok Hotel. Upon our arrival, we were warmly greeted by a hotel representative, ensuring a seamless transition to our private transport. We were then escorted to a luxurious vehicle, setting the tone for our stay with an immediate sense of comfort and sophistication.

The journey to the hotel lasted approximately 40 minutes, and was both pleasant and efficient, providing a relaxing ride to our stay at the Anantara. The exceptional level of service from the outset exemplified the commitment to excellence that Anantara Riverside Bangkok Hotel is renowned for.

First Impressions

Upon our arrival at the Anantara, both boys were fast asleep after the long 17-hour journey. The staff extended a warm welcome and offered refreshments upon our arrival. The lobby, rich with Thai culture and ambiance, immediately assured us that we had arrived in Thailand. We were so excited about our stay and couldn’t wait to explore the hotel in the morning light. Recognizing the boys were exhausted the staff swiftly checked us in and escorted us to our suite.

Our Room

We were kindly upgraded to a Riverfront Suite, and “wow” is truly an understatement. Upon entering, we were immediately captivated by the suite’s grandeur. As we walked down the hallway, we were greeted by a charming family dining area, which we knew we would use right away by ordering room service.

Turning the corner, we discovered the living area, featuring three large windows and a balcony that provided a breathtaking view of the resort’s pool area and the river. The nighttime vista was stunning. The bedroom was equally impressive, with its spacious layout and another balcony overlooking the river.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

The suite was perfect for families, offering a bright and airy atmosphere during the day. The luxurious bed linen and comfortable mattress ensured that we all slept exceptionally well during our stay.

The room was equipped with all the standard amenities, including a safe, daily fresh water, toiletries, and fresh towels. Every detail of the suite contributed to an unforgettable experience, blending comfort and luxury seamlessly.

To my absolute delight, the bathroom boasted a huge, deep bathtub, something I desperately craved after our long journey. Additionally, the inclusion of vanity kits in the bathroom, complete with toothbrushes, was a thoughtful touch that underscored the resort’s attention to detail and guest comfort.

the george hotel mykonos reviews


We had the privilege of dining at several of the Anantara’s exceptional restaurants, and we can confidently say that the cuisine there ranks among the best we have ever experienced. Each meal was a delightful culinary journey, showcasing a diverse array of flavors and impeccable presentation.

As someone with dietary intolerances, I initially had concerns about finding suitable options in Bangkok. However, the Anantara staff went above and beyond to accommodate my dietary needs, ensuring a worry-free dining experience.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

The variety and quality of the food exceeded our expectations, and each restaurant offered a unique ambiance that added to the overall dining experience. From traditional Thai delicacies to international gourmet dishes, every meal was a testament to Anantara’s commitment to excellence in hospitality and cuisine. This attention to detail and dedication to guest satisfaction significantly enhanced our stay, leaving us thoroughly impressed and eager to return.

Room Service

On our first evening, after the long journey, we decided that hot baths and room service would be the best choice. I was delighted to find chicken and mashed potatoes on the menu, a comforting favorite I often seek when traveling. The dish exceeded my expectations in every way.

Our meals were delivered promptly. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal, as did the boys, who relished their fish and chips and mini burgers. My husband began his culinary exploration with a Pad Thai, which he declared to be exceptional.

The efficient service and high quality of the food set a wonderful tone for the remainder of our stay, providing the comfort and satisfaction we needed after our long journey.

Buffet Breakfast

The Riverside Restaurant offers a daily buffet breakfast, and being on the half-board package, we had the pleasure of indulging each morning. The setting by the riverside exudes a serene ambiance while remaining authentic to its Thai roots.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

To describe the selection of food at the Anantara Riverside as extensive is an understatement. My boys, who adore breakfast buffets, were thrilled by the vast array of options available. The numerous live cooking stations featured cuisine from around the world, ensuring that no detail was overlooked. Anantara takes exceptional care to accommodate guests with dietary intolerances. Each morning, I had the option of enjoying delicious gluten-free muffins and bread, which added a delightful touch to my breakfast experience. It is truly a pleasure to see a dedicated gluten-free section at the buffet, ensuring that everyone can indulge in a safe and satisfying breakfast. This thoughtful attention to dietary needs is a testament to Anantara’s commitment to guest satisfaction.

I was particularly pleased to discover a live cooking station dedicated to omelettes, which were expertly prepared to perfection each morning. The combination of diverse culinary offerings and the picturesque riverside setting made our breakfast experience truly exceptional.

Tiki Beach at Trader Vics

Every Sunday, Trader Vic’s hosts a Tiki Beach-themed brunch for guests, and the experience far exceeded our expectations. Upon arrival, we were immediately impressed by the stunning decor, which heightened our anticipation for what was to come. We were warmly welcomed with drinks and guided to our table, where we could order from the menu before exploring the buffet.

The buffet offered an astonishing selection of choices from every corner of the world. Just as I thought I had seen it all, a gracious server informed me that there were additional options available outside. The food was outstanding, with each dish more delicious than the last.

As we dined, we were entertained by tiki dancers and a live band, both of which added a fantastic element to the experience. Just when I thought I had experienced everything, trolleys laden with food arrived, featuring live cooking stations, including a build-your-own bowl station and an ice cream station where the ice cream was made right before our eyes.

The entire atmosphere was vibrant and exhilarating. Not knowing what to expect made the surprise even more delightful, creating a memorable start to our stay.


Directly across from the Anantara is Benehana, a teppanyaki restaurant where guests are treated to a personalized culinary experience with a chef cooking right before their eyes. This was a novel experience for us, and the boys were initially bewildered to see a chef with fresh ingredients awaiting our arrival.

Our chef was exceptional, engaging the boys by allowing them to participate in the cooking process, which they found absolutely thrilling. This hands-on involvement encouraged them to try new foods, despite their usual pickiness. To my delight—and slight dismay—my eldest son discovered a love for prawns!

Our meal featured an array of fresh meats, fish, rice, and various sides. Each dish was impeccably fresh and flavorful, leaving us reluctant for the experience to end. This unique dining encounter is something we will definitely seek out back in the UK, given how much the boys enjoyed it. The staff were all extremely helpful and excellent with the children, further enhancing the overall experience.

Brio The Italian

I must admit, Italian cuisine is often challenging for me due to my gluten and dairy intolerances. However, at Brio, the menu is clearly labeled, allowing me to choose and enjoy a delicious asparagus risotto—a dish I had never tried before but will certainly have again.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

For my boys, who adore Italian food, it was an easy choice: pizza. The restaurant features a stone oven that cooks the pizzas to perfection, and they enthusiastically declared them to be amazing. My husband opted for the fresh fish, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

The restaurant’s decor creates the illusion of being transported from Bangkok to Italy, with a sophisticated and elegantly designed ambiance that enhances the overall dining experience.

Riverside buffet

In the evening, the restaurant that hosts the breakfast buffet the Riverside terrace transforms into an ambient dining venue offering a diverse array of cuisines from around the world. The experience was nothing short of heavenly. I was particularly delighted with the mashed potatoes and filet steak, which were exceptional.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

For someone with dietary restrictions, being able to enjoy such high-quality food while traveling is significant, and the Anantara truly excels in catering to everyone’s needs. The extensive selection and superb quality of the dishes are among the main reasons we will undoubtedly continue to choose the Anantara chain for our future stays.

We were pleasantly surprised by the live entertainment that accompanied our dining experience at the Riverside. The evening featured an enchanting performance by Thai dancers, whose graceful movements and vibrant costumes captivated our attention. The highlight of the night, however, was an exhilarating fire show that left us in awe. The boys were particularly thrilled by this spectacular display, adding an extra layer of excitement to our memorable evening.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

Swimming Pool

The pool area at the Anantara is simply stunning, evoking the feel of a tropical oasis that offers a perfect escape for relaxation—if you can manage to find a moment amidst the excitement of two energetic children eager to swim all day. The setting provides a serene retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle, yet conveniently places it at your doorstep when desired.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the pool, and I was particularly impressed by the innovative arm band menu provided on our first day. It was a brilliant touch, offering peace of mind for parents like me who are cautious about their children’s swimming abilities. The availability of both children’s and adult arm bands was a thoughtful addition.

Each sunbed was equipped with a thick, luxurious cover, ensuring utmost comfort. Additionally, the tables were fitted with a button to summon bar staff, allowing for effortless drink orders without having to leave your lounger. The daily happy hour featured excellent deals on drinks, with margaritas being a personal favorite, while the boys delighted in delicious smoothies.

The overall experience at the pool area was exceptional, combining comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury that made our stay truly memorable.

Boat Shuttle Service

As the Anantara is situated along the river, it offers a complimentary shuttle boat service to two destinations: Sathorn Pier and Iconsiam. From these points, guests can easily travel further by boat to renowned sites such as the Grand Palace. The shuttles run frequently, departing on the hour throughout the day until 11 PM, ensuring a convenient return to the hotel.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the boat trips, finding them an adventure in their own right. It was particularly delightful to see the city illuminated at night from the river, adding a picturesque element to our experience. The service enhances the Anantara’s appeal, providing both practicality and a unique perspective of the city.


We found everyone at the Anantara to be exceptionally helpful, particularly when arranging a day tour of the temples. They recommended an outstanding driver who guided us to some of the most remarkable temples in Bangkok.

The pool staff were highly attentive, promptly preparing our sunbeds with fresh towels as soon as they saw us. I appreciated that they provided an armband menu when they noticed we had a child with us.

the george hotel mykonos reviews

Our rooms were meticulously cleaned each day and were impeccably spotless. It was always lovely coming back to a freshly made bed and turn-down service was greatly appreciated in the evening.

The restaurant staff were consistently warm and welcoming, always attentive to our needs, and especially considerate of our children. The service was consistently five-star.

Overall Experience

Upon discovering the Anantara Riverside, I immediately knew it was the ideal place for our stay, and I am thrilled with our choice. The riverside location was conveniently close to all the major attractions in Bangkok, allowing easy access via riverboat.

Returning each day to this stunning tropical resort, complete with a fantastic pool for the kids, was a delight. The culinary offerings were exceptional, featuring some of the finest cuisine we have ever experienced, with a wide variety of options each evening.

This resort is perfect for families seeking relaxation while still enjoying the vibrant sights of Bangkok. We will certainly return on our next trip to Thailand. Thank you, Anantara, for an unforgettable stay.

We were guests of the Anantara, however all opinions are my own.

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