Grand Anse Beach Grenada

Our Grenada Travel Guide will help you see the very best Grenada has to offer on a cruise day. We will show you the very best things to do in Grenada in one day.

Here we go…

Our first stop on our cruise was Grenada, the “spice Island” and we soon learnt why it was called this. The Spice Island is far less developed for tourism then most of the Caribbean islands.

We decided to not pre book a tour for this island as it was our first day and after a 9.5-hour flight with a 3 year old we thought it was best to take the day slow and adjust to the time difference.

Grenada cruise ship viewpoint

Island tour of Grenada in a Taxi

We docked in the islands capital St Georges and the moment we saw the island we fell in love. The colourful buildings were exactly what you’d imagine when you think about the Caribbean.

We were so excited to go and explore and thought we would have a little wonder round but as soon as we exited the terminal taxi drivers hounded us. We had planned on having a little walk but we were being offered island tours for as little as $40 for the 3 of us and we really couldn’t say no, the views on the drive alone was worth the $40!!

As we drove up the winding roads the views of the lush rainforests were amazing. We stopped to take pictures of the views and smell the spices including ginger, almond and nutmeg but the most amazing thing I smelt that day was the lemon grass, so fragrant! This was something Brody absolutely loved doing and had a little collection on his lap to take home to his Nan and Grandad. Grenada has to be one of the lushest Caribbean islands we have ever been to.

Lush mountains in Grenada

Annadale Waterfall

Our first stop was Annandale Waterfall. By the time we got there I was feeling very nauseous, I get car sickness very easily and with all the stunning views I forgot to watch the road hence the car sickness, so if you suffer from car sickness either watch the roads or sit in the front!!!

The entrance fee to the falls is $2pp, kids free. We chose this waterfall as it is easily assessable and with Brody’s little legs we didn’t want to do too much hiking in the heat although it was lovely and cool at the waterfall. The waterfall is small but unbelievably beautiful, we stood watching some men jump in from a ledge, Brody thought this was great.

Be aware that everyone is trying to earn money here from the man with the guitar to the lady’s selling spices to the men jumping into the water. We did buy 2 spice necklaces from the lovely ladies and I’m so glad we did, they smell divine!

Our cabin smelt amazing for the whole trip and 5 months on my downstairs bathroom smells just like the Caribbean. We were told to place them in water if the smell faded and it would make them smell again and true to their word it works!! I would love some more, make sure you get some, every time I walk into the bathroom the memories flood back!

Annadale Falls, waterfall in Grenada
Grenada waterfall

Boat trip to Grand Anse Beach

With me still not feeling very well from the winding roads we decided to do a quick stop at a view point of Carenage then head back to the ship. On the way back to the ship we noticed a sign saying, “water taxi” so decided to take a little trip over to Grand Anse Beach to relax.

The ride over was lovely and refreshing with the sea breeze and the beach was simply stunning, Can’t go wrong for $7pp. We got some beach beds, ordered a cocktail and took turns playing in the sea with Brody, pure bliss!

Grand Anse Beach Grenada beaches
Grand Anse Beach caribbean Grenada

Fort George

Fort George is Grenada’ oldest fort and is a short 5 minute walk from the cruise terminal. After an afternoon on the Beach Brody and I were way too tired so my husband ran up for some pictures and I’m so glad he did. The views are stunning, highly recommended.

Fort George viewpoint Grenada
Fort George viewpoint Grenada

Grenada Travel Tips

  • Don’t book an excursion beforehand, plan where you would like to go and haggle with taxi drivers. There are so many of them your sure to get a bargain like we did.

  • Make sure to stop on your travels and smell all the amazing spices, buy a spice necklace they are amazing and the fragrances lasts ages!

  • Get a water taxi to Grand Anse Beach for $7pp its stunning and great value

  • Stay hydrated and bring a bottle of water out with you.

Kelly Bullock