Hello, I’m Kelly, Mum to my two beautiful boys Brody & Riley. We are a family of 4 from the UK who are completely addicted to travelling. Even when we are travelling we are planning our next getaway.

We want to show our boys the world and give them the greatest gift of experience in the hope that when they are older they will continue to travel and seek adventure. We believe travel teaches us so much and there’s no better way to travel than with your kids


Our aim is basically to inspire families to travel. We want to show people that traveling doesn’t have to stop once you’ve had kids. So many people told us “Once you’ve had kids, that’s it no more travel” … it actually really bugged me!

Why do people have that perception? So when we told people we were taking Brody to Dubai ( 7 hours 45-minute flight from the UK) Well you should have heard some of the comments: –

“Your taking a baby on a plane for that long… good luck” “

“It’s not really fair with time difference messing their routine”

“I don’t get why people take babies far away when they can stay close to home”

This just encouraged me to do it even more, prove them all wrong and travel the world. Thank god we did, we have had so many amazing holidays and Brody has learned so much from seeing different cultures and traditions, he has also learned some different languages along the way!


We are a family of 4 who love to travel. My name’s Kelly and my husband is Paul and together we have our gorgeous boys Brody and Riley.

We live in the lovely rainy northwest UK (so you can see why we like to travel) and I own a small pet care business whilst my husband is an IT geek.

My pregnancy with Brody was extremely difficult both physically and mentally. I developed SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) very early on in my pregnancy and was wheelchair bound by 25 weeks in unbelievable pain.

I went from being extremely active running my business walking 20 dogs a day, to siting at home alone clock watching waiting for my husband to come home so I didn’t go out of my mind with Boredom.

Wow do you have time to think when your sat there all day and I told myself that if I get to walk again and lead the life I used to I’m going to see the world!!  I didn’t completely get better but I am able to walk again, I just live with chronic pain. I kept my promise to myself and when Brody was 8 months old and I felt strong enough to travel we went back to one of my favourite places in the world, Dubai and this is where our Travels as a Family began.


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